‘Bad losers’ accuse Verstappen of winning 2021 title due to cost cap breach – Perez

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In the round-up: Sergio Perez says rivals accusing Max Verstappen of winning the world championship due to Red Bull’s budget cap breach are “bad losers”.

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Other teams ‘bad losers’ over cost cap breach

Verstappen claimed his second consecutive drivers championship victory earlier this year. But subsequently Red Bull was found to have exceeded last year’s $145 million budget cap by $2.1m. The team was fined $7 million and had its aerodynamic development allocation cut.

However Perez insists Verstappen does not owe his success to Red Bull overspending. Speaking before yesterday’s Brazilian Grand Prix, Perez told The Telegraph that Red Bull “didn’t get any performance benefit” and “Max didn’t win the championship last year” due to the team overspending. “So for other teams to take advantage of that, and try to make Red Bull look bad, it’s really unfair. And it shows they can be bad losers.”

Alpine “feeling more secure” – Ocon

Alpine will go into the final race of 2022 “feeling a bit more secure” in their fight with McLaren for fourth place in the championship after the points haul they took in Brazil, says Esteban Ocon.

Esteban Ocon, Alpine, Interlagos, 2022
Alpine rebounded after their disastrous Saturday
“I think we did everything perfect today in terms of extracting the maximum that we had in our hands,” he said. Ocon finished eighth from 16th on the grid while team mate Fernando Alonso gained 12 places to finish fifth.

“It’s a great day for the team, 14 points. The three-stop strategy was the one to take today obviously, as Fernando benefited, but on the two-stop we did everything we could and overall to get 14 points it’s huge over McLaren and we can be very happy.”

Norris expected few points before retirement

Despite running as high as third early in the Brazilian Grand Prix, Lando Norris believes he was on course for a low-order points finish at best before retiring with a technical problem.

“We were just very slow, simple as that,” he said. “I doubt we would have finished in the points in the end of the race. Maybe we would have finished 10th, possibly. But we obviously didn’t even end the race so it was a bit of a shame.”

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Comment of the day

LB hails Formula 1’s newest grand prix winner:

Congratulations to George! Hopefully the first of many, he’s been brilliant this year! Great to see Mercedes come good at the end, hoping next season we may be on for a good year.

I do hate how much the grid has separated out this year though, only Lando Norris has got a podium this year outside the top three teams, that’s really not good enough.
LB (@burden93)

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Sridhar!

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34 comments on “‘Bad losers’ accuse Verstappen of winning 2021 title due to cost cap breach – Perez”

  1. Funny. Carefully quoting from the article:

    “Max didn’t win the championship last year” due to the team overspending.

    And I wonder how he feels after that race? MV is a “Bad winner”

    1. Ha, he’d probably say it was due to his helps as his teammate @biker56!

  2. Red Bull overspent the budget cap and didn’t gain any advantage? Apparently, Red Bull just spent more money to buy the exact same stuff as other teams. Who does that? Keep selling but we’re not buying.

    1. Of course, that means that if they spent the same as other teams, they would have been at a disadvantage.
      Red Bull: (Budget + Extra) = Other Teams: (Budget)
      So for the system to be fair next year:
      Red Bull: (New Budget) = Other Teams: (New Budget – Red Bulls overspend)
      Red Bull stays within the cap but is still equal to other teams as the other teams must spend less.

      1. That’s true, however the overspending is so minor that it’s not gonna make any difference if the title isn’t close, such as happened in 2022.

        1. Well if you had followed the discussion, you would have known that RB spend just as much money as other teams. Only differences is that they did not let their people eat outside the Circuit (which does not fall under BC) and were wrong with how to set the Tax return. Also the payment of people on sick leave or even already on “garden Leave” were added. Other teams were more clever and better in their bookings and were to place them. So yes official they were overspending, but not if you compare it to other teams. Next year they will also put the cost different and problem solved.

          1. @erit I hear the Brooklyn Bridge is up for sale, you seem like a good prospective buyer. Just take everything the seller says at face value and you should make out fine.

  3. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
    14th November 2022, 2:58

    This has gotten completely absurd. Not only has Red Bull gotten away with overspending, now we’re all accused of being bad sports and they are taking down names starting with Ted Kravitz.

    This is what happens when you allow a team to break the rules. They feel invincible and will break all the rules now. Why? Cause what can you do to them? Beg for another 7 million? They may boycott the FIA next time.

    1. Nothing but the usual toxicity from them.

    2. @freelittlebirds Ted Kravitz shouldn’t be on tv anyway.

      1. Ted Kravitz shouldn’t be on tv anyway.

        I’ve seen bits of that stuff on the net.
        Ted is perfect car-crash TV:
        You know what he’s going to do next, you know it will make you cringe in expectation and wince on the delivery, but you just can’t help taking a peek.

      2. Actually @peartree I’d say Ted is the ONLY sky presenter that SHOULD be on TV

        the rest are just boring AF

        1. @the-edge there is a word to describe people like Ted but I can’t use it.
          There is a reason Ted never got out of the box. If only Ted cared to be as brazen about the teams or drivers he cares about.

    3. Good idea, let’s boycot FIA and take the 2 teams out of the competition. Then we can all watch Lewis get his 8/9/10 title without competition from other teams. Fer will never get to such a level that they can really compete with Merc, and other teams are there just to eat the scraps.

  4. That’s right. People complaining that Max won due to budget cap are sore losers. But people complaining that he won two championships due to one’s help is a what??

  5. That’s only part of the reason, Checo.

    The full reason is 3 part:
    1- Lenient stewarding towards Max all season
    2- Red Bull overspending on the cost cap
    3- Michael Masi changing the rules to gift Max an unearned, undeserved win and championship.

    So shush, wingman.

    1. You’re just proving Checo’s point. Log off.

      1. He’s entitled to his opinion, one which many happen to agree with.

        Be polite.

    2. Undeserved win ok, undeserved championship no way (2021).

      1. No championship without that win.

        Or, penalise all of his earlier indiscretions and have no ‘decider’.

        1. Penalize Hamilton for all his indiscretions as well, and we’re probably back even, again.

  6. Am I going mad or has there been no ‘Rate the Race’ post for the main Brazilian GP? I cannot see one?

    1. That’s not an either-or question.

    2. Indeed, came unusually late.

  7. In “Grand Prix”, Jean Pierre said “There is no terrible way to win, there is only winning.”
    Sounds like Checo agrees – the World Championships were ‘theirs’, doesn’t matter how they were won.

  8. Finally, some light on the mysterious AR pit stop investigation.

    I couldn’t agree more with William Alatalo on both points.

    COTD is right. The grid has separated, but I also hope for a tighter battle at the front next season.

  9. “‘Bad losers’ accuse Verstappen of winning 2021 title due to cost cap breach – Perez”

    Correction, he won the 2022 title with the help of the cost cap breach.

    He won the 2021 title because of breaches of the regulations by race control in the final round.

    1. I suppose hamilton cutting the track 29 times the first race was just fine.

      1. Well clearly yes, otherwise he would have been penalised

        1. as we all know for Sir Lewis the rules are different as for the other 19 drivers.

        2. What, the HIA’s pet a meaningful penalty? You haven’t watched F1 for the last 16 years

  10. It’s the bad winners that get up my nose the most.

  11. Funny that… because I thought the sign of a bad looser was to deliberately crash your car

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