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Perez says Gasly ‘would have had a penalty in normal conditions’ for delaying him

2022 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Sergio Perez believes Pierre Gasly held him up badly enough during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to deserve a penalty.

The Red Bull driver shook his fist at his rival as he lapped the AlphaTauri while pursuing Charles Leclerc for second place. Perez began the lap 2.8 seconds behind Leclerc and crossed the finishing line two laps later 1.3 seconds behind his rival.

Gasly was in a fight for position with Alexander Albon at the time. Perez initially tried to put him a lap down at turn six, but had to wait behind the AlphaTauri and pass it on the next straight before turn nine.

Perez said he came close to hitting his rival from Red Bull’s junior team when he first tried to lap Gasly.

“Certainly I lost a bit, probably a second or so, or probably more,” said Perez. “It was clearly blue flags, but he was in a fight and it’s pretty hard to give up the position.

“I think he was thinking to go for the move. But I just ended up being there and I thought he left the door open. I went for it and luckily I could brake at the last minute, otherwise there would have been contact.”

Gasly is already on 10 penalty points, two away from an automatic ban, and Perez suspects he would have been given another penalty had it not been the last race of the season.

“I think in normal conditions that would certainly be a penalty for Pierre,” he said. “But it’s the last race, I’m just happy to go home than discuss anything. It’s how it goes sometimes so nothing really more to add.”

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2022 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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11 comments on “Perez says Gasly ‘would have had a penalty in normal conditions’ for delaying him”

  1. There were boatloads of drivers almost completely ignoring blue flags in the latter stages of the race. We saw it with Hamilton, Perez and I think earlier Leclerc as well being held up.

    1. Indeed, obviously Perez does not know that Leclerc got a lot of traffic as well.

      1. Yep. Leclerc lost 1.5 seconds when Magnussen suddenly slowed in front of him just when the yellows came out for the Mick-Nick accident. I think Magnussen was anticipating a VSC/SC.

  2. Perez started 2nd and finished third. Max showed that a one stopper was possible with that car.
    What is he still complaining about?

  3. I feel Redbull should have made it clear to Gasly to not get in the way.. but overall: Leclerc was faster and a better driver than Perez only because of a lot of bad luck and screw ups by Ferrari did Perez have a shot today and he missed.

    1. I think that should be an illegal order, but unfortunately it isn’t.

      No one should be able to control two teams on the grid.

    2. From the team’s point of view, that would have been best. From the sport’s though, it’s just one more reason why Red Bull shouldn’t have four cars. Especially when the FIA is turning away new entries.

      It’s not great but perhaps inevitable that teams and drivers with certain connections get ever so slightly involved, but outright team orders between supposedly independent outfits, like when Mercedes told Force India to move Ocon out of the way in Monaco 2018, are even worse.

      1. It didn’t happen because Gasly was there and blocked Perez. I agree no orders or favours between teams. In the case of a backmarker they should be told to get out of the way no matter what or who is behind just move out of the way

  4. I think he knows that he lost the chance to fight for the 2nd place in that battle with Lewis

  5. I found it kinda funny that two ex-Red Bull number-2 drivers were delaying the current Red Bull number-2 driver, which possibly deprived him of second place.

    1. Gasly to Alpine with Ocon as team mate. What could possibly go wrong? Even more than the Mercedes pairing once Lewis finds out he will be Vettel and George will be Leclerc.

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