Fernando Alonso, Aston Martin, Yas Marina, 2022 post-season test

First pictures: Drivers join new teams as Abu Dhabi test begins

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Fernando Alonso had his first run as an Aston Martin driver and several of his rivals appeared at new teams as post-season testing began at the Yas Marina circuit.

Aston Martin are running their car in a largely unstickered livery for Alonso, who is wearing plain overalls. He did the same when he first left the Enstone-based Renault team (now Alpine) and had his first test for McLaren at the end of 2006.

Other drivers having their first F1 tests in new environments today are Oscar Piastri, driving for McLaren, and Pierre Gasly at Alpine.

All 10 teams are in action at the track which held last weekend’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

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4 comments on “First pictures: Drivers join new teams as Abu Dhabi test begins”

  1. I thought Pyry Salmela would move to Alpine with Gasly, but apparently, he’ll continue at AT & become De Vries’ trainer instead. Trainers generally stay with the same drivers through their team changes, so unusual.

    1. Not surprised at all. Have you ever listened to Gasly whine? Even when he’s not whining he’s got to be one of the dimmest guys on the grid. Maybe that’s why he seems so invisible when it comes to non-post race interviews.

    2. I’m surprised as well. Seems like Salmeda is paid by RB and not Gasly.

  2. That blank Aston looks awesome. I forgot how much sponsorship logos ruin the lines of cars.

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