Nico Hulkenberg, Haas, Yas Marina, 2022 post-season test

Hulkenberg felt some “human degradation” on first day back in F1 with Haas

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In the round-up: Nico Hulkenberg admitted to “a bit of human degradation” after a long day in the cockpit during Formula 1’s post-season test at Yas Marina Circuit.

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Haas’s Hulkenberg’s has “human degradation” on return to F1 cockpit

Yesterday’s nine-hour test marked the first time Hulkenberg had driven an F1 car since August as he prepares to return to the championship with Haas next year. Although he lost over an hour of running due to power unit problems, he completed 110 laps, slightly less than twice the distance of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

“It was a good day of work, good running, collected many impressions and a lot of data – which was the target. We successfully went through our programme,” said the 35-year-old, who has started 181 races. “Today was about learning the tyres for 2023, learning their characteristics. With these test days you have a bit more time to try stuff. I’m satisfied and happy with the day.”

Hulkenberg admitted he was tiring towards the end of the day. “There was a bit of human degradation towards the end of the day but I coped better than expected to be honest, so that’s good. There’s now three months of hardcore preparation to get ready.”

Gasly impressed by first taste of Alpine’s F1 car

Pierre Gasly, Alpine, Yas Marina, 2022 post-season test
Gasly said he could see why Alpine took fourth in championship
After spending a year driving a car he could only get into the points six times, Pierre Gasly was impressed by the machine that finished fourth in the constructors’ championship after his first test for Alpine yesterday.

“It was a fantastic feeling to drive the A522 for the first time, and, I must say, it’s an impressive car,” Gasly said.

“The objectives for me today were all about getting used to my new surroundings, working closely with the engineers and, generally, building up my learning in the car and getting an understanding for its characteristics. We completed many laps – as per our plan – and I’m already very excited to fully embed myself in the team.”

More feedback from drivers on Pirelli’s 2023 prototypes

Sergio Perez said Pirelli’s new tyres for 2023 have delivered on the manufacturer’s goal of improving front-end grip.

“The new compounds still tend to be quite close, as they were this season, but the front is a little bit stronger than the 2022 versions,” he said after a morning spent driving with the tyres.

“We are working with the tyres in very hot conditions here and everything is still early days, so we still have a lot to learn and analyse. It will be interesting to see how they perform in cooler temperatures, which would reflect race temperatures better.”

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Comment of the day

It has been reported that Gasly’s trainer Pyry Salmela will remain at AlphaTauri for 2023 rather than follow his driver to Alpine. That’s been a surprise to some.

I thought Pyry Salmela would move to Alpine with Gasly, but apparently, he’ll continue at AlphaTauri and become Nyck de Vries’ trainer instead. Trainers generally stay with the same drivers through their team changes, so unusual.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Nina Wood and Karthikeyan!

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  • Born today in 1954: Ross Brawn, who took Benetton, Ferrari and his own Brawn GP team to championship success, then became F1’s head of motorsport

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  1. About China, I would be very surprised if they will have the GP, unless they do a bubble like in the rest of the world in 2021.
    I am currently in China, once you enter the Country you have a mandatory 8 days hotel quarantine. In Beijing you need to be tested everyday or your QR code, that you need to enter in any building, will turn yellow and you won’t be able to go anywhere. All shopping malls, restaurants and public places are closed. Many cities are in lockdown.
    If you visit Shanghai from any other city of China you can’t go in shopping malls, restaurants and other public places for 5 days.
    I hope it will get better, but April in not far

    1. Yeah, I think there is little chance that they will open up enough to be able to host the F1 race by April @turch17

    2. Fascinating insight.
      Looks like China is prepping for a zombie virus or something as such.

      1. No, nothing to do with the virus, it’s just about controlling everyone’s movement. You are constantly scanning you phone to to enter a building, so they keep track of where you go.
        Beijing, a city of 20+ million people, has 1500 cases a day and they shut down the city. And mind you, they test everyone everyday, so a 1500 cases is nothing.

    3. Seems an utterly absurd overreaction to something that ranges from at best a non-issue in many people, a cold in most people and a bad flu for a tiny minority. And that was two years ago, it’s even milder now!

      Wonder if its more down to China feeling ultra responsible and going above and beyond and/or international sanctions putting pressure on them to overly monitor their country.

  2. Good luck mate, I spent 25 years full-time living in China, went to HK in 2017, finally came home in May. As long has Winnie the Pooh is in power the COVID rules will stay and run the country in to the ground. Get out while you can.

    1. Thank you! I live in HK too. I am here on a business trip, I really needed to come here but I have never felt less enthusiastic about a business trip. I can’t imagine what it can be to live here with all this situation .

  3. Yet another Chinese GP cancellation has been an open secret since the race calendar release.
    Trying to hold the event in April was a mistake from the get-go.

    Very impressive by De Vries.

    I didn’t expect COTD & I haven’t seen any reports, but still surprising & unusual.
    I wonder who’ll become Gasly’s new trainer.

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