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Mercedes had to overcome “tension” during 2022 recovery – Russell

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In the round-up: Mercedes driver George Russell says the team faced “tension” as they fought to recover from a disappointing start to the season and return to the front of the grid.

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Mercedes had to overcome “tension” during 2022 recovery – Russell

Mercedes driver George Russell says the team faced “tension” as they fought to recover from a disappointing start to the season and return to the front of the grid.

The reigning constructors’ champions started the season behind rivals Red Bull and Ferrari as they struggled with porpoising on their car. The team eventually recovered to take a single victory, with Russell, at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Speaking on the High Performance Podcast, Russell said that Mercedes’ efforts to return to the front of the field had led to tense conversations within the team.

“I think for sure the dynamic would have been slightly different had we arrived at the first race and had the fastest car on the grid,” Russell said.

“There’s been a huge amount of late nights, throughout this season, a lot of tension at times between drivers, teams, designers with regards to ‘are we on the right track? Do we need to be doing something different? Do we need to be more drastic?’. And these were very difficult conversations, but we came away from them growing closer together.

“We’ve got such great leadership within Mercedes that we are now all pushing in one direction. I truly believe this experience we’ve been through this year will lead to more long term success.”

Verstappen loses Le Mans Virtual podium after pass by Mercedes’ Baldwin

Double Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen just missed out on a podium place in the latest round of the
Le Mans Virtual Series simracing championship, finishing fourth for Team Redline.

Verstappen was running third during the final stint of the 500 Miles of Sebring esports event with Redline team mates Jeffrey Rietveld and Maximilian Benecke when he was caught and overtaken by Mercedes AMG driver James Baldwin. Verstappen finished just under two seconds behind Baldwin at the chequered flag, with the race won by Porsche Coanda drivers Mack Bakkum, Laurin Heinrich and Joshua Rogers.

German F4 championship will not run in 2023

The German Formula 4 championship will not be held in 2023, the ADAC has confirmed, after dwindling entried over recent seasons.

The German ADAC, who have organised the championship announced that it “will not be accepting entries for ADAC Formula 4 for the 2023 season”. Instead, the ADAC will run a team in the French Formula 4 championship next year.

Previous champions of the German F4 series include Juri Vips, Theo Pourchaire, Johnny Edgar and Ollie Bearman. This year’s series title was claimed by Mercedes junior Andrea Kimi Antonelli.

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With Canadian businessman Calvin Lo exploring the possibility of setting up a new Formula 1, reader AlanD thinks a new team with strong financial backing would benefit the sport in more ways than one…

I think it would be great if we had a genuinely new team, and one which was quickly competitive. If Lo can prop up the finances in the formative years, it should mean the team is less dependent upon the whims of sponsors. Another team would help the engine manufacturers too, by giving them another customer.

When F1 was struggling to find people to build engines a few years back, extra teams would have been a problem, but now we have Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull Honda, and Renault, and it seems reasonable that each engine builder could be required to support up to three teams. What I would like to see though is that the regs mandate a fixed price per engine that engine builders have to stick to when supplying third parties.

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Happy birthday to Noel and Sw6569!

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  • Born on this day in 1957: Raul Boesel, who raced in F1 for two years with March and Ligier, enjoyed a longer spell in IndyCar racing, and later became a DJ.

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10 comments on “Mercedes had to overcome “tension” during 2022 recovery – Russell”

  1. What Mercedes recovery? They finished the season where they started, a distant third.

    1. @proesterchen

      Yes, lets conveniently ignore the metric which validates the article, and find one that contradicts it.

      1. You mean the metric that every other team was balancing also?

        Some would argue that given the number and status/experience of Mercedes’ staff, they should have done a lot better.

        1. One could also argue that with their vast wealth of knowledge and expertise that McLaren and Williams should never have fallen from their lofty perches.

  2. So the UK has Formula Ford, GB4, British F4, GB3, BTCC, British GT…and Germany has nothing. Even DTM is a shadow of its past.

  3. No virtual Masi to hand out another virtual win?

    1. No virtual Masi to hand out another virtual win?

      Feature only available on advanced licence, paywall may require cost cap breach. :)

  4. Patrick Tambay has passed away today. He may rest in peace.

  5. That Bottas transformation had me in stitches 🤣🤣🤣

    For the non-Aussies, his “new style” is “bogan”. I’ll allow you to investigate further.

  6. It was visibly overcome around Mexico/Brasil. The team breathes more positivism from that moment on. The scripted PR appearances became more constructive and less defensive. Good to see as they have been fueling the toxicity, together with Horner and Marko, for way too long and possibly also noticed it didnt help keeping their focus on the job at hand. Welcome back Mercedes. Lets hope they keep it up and behave themselves.

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