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Williams team principal Capito and technical director Demaison step down

2022 F1 season

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Williams have announced that team principal Jost Capito and technical director Francois-Xavier “FX” Demaison are both stepping down from their positions.

Capito led Williams since the multiple world championship-winning team was purchased by Dorilton Capital in 2020. Over two full seasons in 2021 and 2022, Williams finished eighth and last in the constructors’ championship, respectively.

Williams confirmed that both Capito and Demaison will leave their posts during the off-season. Capito, a former Volkswagen director of motorsport, had been set to retire before accepting an offer to join Williams first as CEO, then as team principal from June of 2021.

Dorilton Capital chairman Matthew Savage thanked both Capito and Demaison for their work with the team over the last two season.

“We would like to thank Jost for his hard work and dedication as we embarked on a major transformation process to begin the journey of reviving Williams Racing,” said Savage.

Francois-Xavier Demaison, Williams Technical Director, Interlagos, 2022
Capito brought Demaison to Williams
“We’re grateful that Jost postponed his planned retirement to take on this challenge and now he will pass the reins on for the next part of this staged process. We would also like to thank FX for his contribution and wish him all the best for his future as he moves on.”

Capito said that he will “look forward to watching the team as it continues on its path to future success.”

“It has been a huge privilege to lead Williams Racing for the last two seasons and to lay the foundations for the turnaround of this great team,” Capito said.

Capito is the second team principal to step down since the end of the season. Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto offered his resignation at the end of the month following Ferrari’s disappointing end to the 2022 season, where the team’s championship challenge faded and rivals Red Bull claimed both world championship titles.

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9 comments on “Williams team principal Capito and technical director Demaison step down”

  1. Are they going to Ferrari or Sauber (Alfa) in advance to the arrival of Audi?! Curious..

  2. I just learned today capital chairman is savage

    1. @qeki is it actually that much of a surprise or “savage”? At 64, Capito was one of the oldest team principals and, before signing for Williams, he was already beginning to wind down his activities at the VW Group amid reports that he was planning to retire from the motorsport sector in 2023, which is when he would turn 65.

      It is therefore being reported that the original contract between Capito and Williams was only for two years (i.e. it was going to expire this month), with the indication being that the short length was because Capito was close to his original planned retirement date. Whilst the public announcement is only being made now, it has been reported that Williams had already agreed with Capito that they wouldn’t extend his contract about six months ago – so, this is a move that seems to have been planned out for some time and isn’t a snap decision by the team.

      Basically, it looks like Williams have decided that it’s easier to simply let Capito’s contract reach it’s planned expiry date and replace him now, rather than going through the process of negotiating a 12 month extension and then having to replace Capito in 2023 when he would probably have retired anyway.

      1. Looks very probable, Williams even put a reference to Capito’s planned retirement in their press statement. But why remove Demaison as well? Are they not happy with his work? Or whomever they intend to hire as Capito’s replacement put forward a condition that he can bring his own candidate for technical director with him, so Demaison had to go?

      2. I was more refering to his surname

  3. Wild theory here, but with all of the noise Calvin Lo is making about establishing a new F1 team perhaps he sold his sizable position in Williams/Dorilton to Porsche and they are bringing in staff of their choice. Although still VWAG linked (less so recently) current Porsche management has always perceived Capito as an Audi/VW man.

  4. Hopefully contingency plans have been in place for quite a while. Williams can’t afford any setbacks.

  5. The plot thickens!!!! Audi Media Center has announced –
    Andreas Seidl will be Sauber Group CEO, effective 01.01.23!!!!!!!

    …is Jost retiring, or, on gardening leave????
    Clearly, expecting Freddie to poach some 2022 Sauber squad to Ferrari, so ’23 will be a transition year in preparation for ‘OOOO’, who are currently throwing some serious Euros at setting-up their F1 division.

  6. So soon after their respective arrivals.

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