FIA confirms starting times for races on shortened, 23-round 2023 calendar

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The FIA has confirmed the starting times for all 23 races on the 2023 Formula 1 calendar.

The 2023 schedule includes one new race in Las Vegas. Uniquely, this event will run from Thursday to Saturday, with all sessions taking place under lights after sunset.

The first practice session on the Las Vegas Street Circuit will begin at 6:30pm local time on Thursday 16th November, which will by 2:30am on the following Friday for viewers in the UK. As previously announced the race will start at 10pm local time on Saturday night, 6am on Sunday morning in the UK.

With the return of the Qatar Grand Prix, six rounds on the 2023 calendar will be held at night. These are joined by the Bahrain, Saudi Arabian, Singapore and Abu Dhabi grands prix.

The Brazilian Grand Prix will begin one hour earlier than it did last year. Other than that the start times of the existing rounds on the championship are unchanged.

As previously confirmed the rounds at Baku, Red Bull Ring, Spa-Francorchamps, Losail, Circuit of the Americas and Interlagos will be sprint events.

2023 F1 race starting times

EventTrackDateRace start time (local)Race start time (UK)
Bahrain Grand PrixBahrain International Circuit5 March18:0015:00
Saudi Arabian Grand PrixJeddah Corniche Circuit19 March20:0017:00
Australian Grand PrixAlbert Park2 April15:0006:00
Azerbaijan Grand PrixBaku City Circuit30 April15:0012:00
Miami Grand PrixMiami International Autodrome7 May15:3020:30
Emilia-Romagna Grand PrixImola21 May15:0014:00
Monaco Grand PrixMonaco28 May15:0014:00
Spanish Grand PrixCircuit de Catalunya4 June15:0014:00
Canadian Grand PrixCircuit Gilles Villeneuve18 June14:0019:00
Austrian Grand PrixRed Bull Ring2 July15:0014:00
British Grand PrixSilverstone9 July15:0015:00
Hungarian Grand PrixHungaroring23 July15:0014:00
Belgian Grand PrixSpa-Francorchamps30 July15:0014:00
Dutch Grand PrixZandvoort27 August15:0014:00
Italian Grand PrixMonza3 September15:0014:00
Singapore Grand PrixSingapore17 September20:0013:00
Japanese Grand PrixSuzuka24 September14:0006:00
Qatar Grand PrixLosail International Circuit8 October17:0015:00
United States Grand PrixCircuit of the Americas22 October14:0020:00
Mexican Grand PrixAutodromo Hermanos Rodriguez29 October14:0020:00
Brazilian Grand PrixInterlagos5 November14:0017:00
Las Vegas Grand PrixLas Vegas Street Circuit18 November22:0006:00
Abu Dhabi Grand PrixYas Marina26 November17:0013:00

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8 comments on “FIA confirms starting times for races on shortened, 23-round 2023 calendar”

  1. I didn’t expect next season’s provisional session timings to come out in mid-December as this year’s timings came in February (unusually late release) & these have usually come in January.
    Therefore, less than four weeks after the previous season’s end is unusually early.
    So Sao Paulo GP has returned to 14:00 local after only a single season with 15:00 that gave nearly 3h30min lead time to sunset, but oh well, I don’t mind.
    However, I don’t get why Miami GP gets treated differently from other events by having a race start time half past the hour rather than on the hour, which is pointless.
    15:00 should be okay, if not even 14:00, like with other non-floodlit NA locations.
    I wish FIA & or FOM were more transparent by providing a simple straight answer to unclear matters, as not everything is clear-cut obvious from the outside.
    I’m happy that at least the Qatar GP will start 13 mins before the sunset, which means Abu Dhabi GP like sky color change, except for about 20 min less.

  2. Are they definitely not replacing the Chinese GP with another circuit then?

    1. Or FIa is only letting the auction to go on among the venues vying for replacing China.

      1. Both of you(?!), no. This is because COVID-19 is back of humanity of Chinese Lockdown. You shouldn’t know look a News of China next time for Safety and Climate change, see. That’s why it happened again since. I’ve seen it last month it happening to let Chinese people down. And don’t expect to judge me (!). The FiA motorsport (late) now will be heard of this.

  3. The Miami time is going to cause some confusion, but it’s great that F1 publishes this list.

    Other series could learn from this, especially the WEC which seems to go out of its way to obfuscate information about its events on its dated and maze-like website.

    1. @MichaelN No more confusion than this year, but still pointless to have one half-past start time while all others have an on-the-hour start time.
      Every location should be fully aligned on this front as they were pre-2021 (also in those seasons with 10-past start times)

  4. They actually released the time for all F1 sessions and I am very disappointed that the last on-track action of the day in Montreal (probably others) on Friday and Saturday is F1…
    For those attending the race, it makes leaving the circuit much more difficult than previous years when there were support races after the F1 free practice and qualifying sessions, so some people left after F1 and others stayed.

    1. Then wait for an hour or two

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