Caption Competition 201: Limbering up for the season

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For our last Caption Competition of the year we’re rewinding back to the beginning of the Formula 1 season and a somewhat unusual scene involving the Ferrari drivers and Lewis Hamilton.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

Caption Competition

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32 comments on “Caption Competition 201: Limbering up for the season”

  1. Hands up if you think you’re in with a chance of winning the title!

  2. “From here they appear to be tied, but I will go in for a closer look.”

    1. @jackysteeg This one is automatically funnier because I hear it in a Toto Wolff voice…

  3. With all this porpoising i really have to give it extra to release my gas…

  4. Not an official entry for caption comp, but if I remember correctly they were competing to see who was the most flexible. Lewis won I think, he could grip his shoes.

    1. I grip my shoes every time I pick them up …. that’s easy! ;P

  5. When I tap you on the shoulder you will wake up and remember nothing.

  6. Okay Charles, the win is yours!

  7. “No Carlos, I meant how flexible is your car’s bottom…”

  8. I can’t believe this!
    They’ve given me reds on my left and yellows on my right!

  9. Need to be flexible for Ferrari’s strategies.

  10. All the time I have to pick the gravel from my shoes when I end my race in turn 1.

  11. Lewis: No way man! An inch from your toes isn’t touching your toes.

  12. “They said that if I wanted to drive for Red Bull I would have to do this.”

  13. Charles: That’s not what I meant when I asked you to give me a tow…

  14. Leap-frog anyone?

  15. Rumours that one of the Ferrari drivers was a robot gained traction when Carlos powered down during a press conference.

  16. Hamilton: “Carlos, I see you’re ready for the teams next strategy call”

    1. Ok this is hilarious and the winner, but unfortunately will probably not be picked

  17. Boxer clad Lewis is perplexed as once again Ferrari botches team orders by sending their drivers out with tight Italian chinos for the toe touching contest.

  18. Carlos preparing for his meeting with the teams strategists.

    1. I was thinking so hard about the same message but couldn’t really find a way to leave the “f-word” and “b_tthole” out of the sentence. You got my vote, sir!

  19. As he got ready to lose his shirt Lewis realised that this game of strip-challenge with the youngsters had not been a wise idea.

  20. Lewis: Hold that position!!!! Let me get the paddle:
    Carlos: YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS?????????????

  21. Carlos, the slowest of the three, was ready for his punishment.

  22. CS: Ah!
    LH: Yeah, it’s the suit. I took off mine and switched to my “freewear”.
    CL: No, it’s his stomach. Carlos has been suffering from acute flatulance the entire weekend (and now he is doing this. God save us in this stuffy room!)

  23. Having got on top of Flexi wings the drivers thought it was absurd for the FIA to now go after drivers too…

    1. Like it. Maybe not phrased as well as possible, but hey, my lack of success in the caption comp hardly makes me a good judge. Nonetheless my fave so far.

  24. Sainz is once again flexing about his abilities

  25. Carlos before visiting a smooth operator.

  26. Carlos, Charles and Lewis, discuss the FIA’s new stiffness requirements with Floor Flexibility

  27. Ferrari’s new seat belt system didn’t work as planned.

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