AlphaTauri to unveil 2023 livery in New York City

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AlphaTauri will reveal their new livery for the 2023 season in an unveiling in New York City in the United States, the team have announced.

The Red Bull junior team confirmed that they will hold a livery reveal in the financial capital of the United States on Saturday 11th February. In a post on social media, the team confirmed the date of the unveiling, but marked the event as a “livery launch”, suggesting the team’s 2023 chassis would be officially made public at a later date.

The team shared no details about the livery launch event or if it would be a public event that fans could attend. AlphaTauri are the third team to announce a launch date for the 2023 car or livery, after Aston Martin and Ferrari. Yesterday, Mercedes posted a video teaser of their W14 being fired up for the first time.

AlphaTauri’s announcement appears to confirm that their 2023 car will be designated ‘AT04′, continuing the convention of all their cars since being rebranded to AlphaTauri in 2020.

The 2023 season will see Yuki Tsunoda race with the team for a third season and will be joined by rookie Nyck de Vries. After winning the 2019 Formula 2 championship and the 2021 Formula E world championship, De Vries competed in one race with Williams this season in Monza as a stand in for the unwell Alexander Albon. De Vries finished ninth on his debut to secure two points.

AlphaTauri endured a disappointing season in 2023, finishing ninth place in the constructors’ championship – a fall of three places from their 2021 position of sixth.

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2023 F1 season

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7 comments on “AlphaTauri to unveil 2023 livery in New York City”

  1. Plenty of money sloshing around the system to ship a car to America.

    Greta will be horrified at the indulgence!

  2. Surprising location choice, but as always, the first pre-season test day is when all cars will truly get seen for the first time, so the only relevant day.
    BTW, I like that still refers to AT as RB’s ‘junior’ team rather than B or 2nd team, or even sister team a la Horner.

  3. I expect livery launches to really be livery launches and not showing last years car with a few color changes. If they want to do it I expect it to be like BAR did it in 1999. If not then launch the whole car in one go.

    1. Yes they should be honest about it. If they’re not going to show the car they’ll turn up with in the first test then don’t call it a car launch.

      1. You’re in luck, because they specifically called it a “Livery launch” and stated the 2023 chassis will be available later. They are honest about it.

  4. Location-wise, could Alpha Tauri (the fashion brand) be opening a store in New York and the livery launch is a synergistic tie in?

  5. The AlphaTauri looks the same every year, so what can a 2023 livery reveal actually… well, reveal?

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