Hanoi Street Circuit, Vietnam, 2020

Vietnam’s abandoned F1 circuit finally hosts first racing action

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In the round-up: The Hanoi Street Circuit, which was built to host the Vietnam Grand Prix in 2020 before the event was cancelled, finally hosted its first races yesterday

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Vietnam’s abandoned F1 circuit hosts first racing action

The Hanoi circuit was intended to be a 5.6-kilometre circuit that ran through a mixture of city streets and a permanent sequence of corners in the final sector. However, the inaugural race in 2020 was cancelled due to the pandemic and then failed to return to the calendar following a series of problems, including the arrest of Hanoi People’s Committee chairman Duc Chung, who was closely involved in the running of the race.

Construction of the permanent section of the track was completed but remained unused. That is until Honda Vietnam hosted its Honda Thanks Day new year’s celebration event at the venue yesterday. A series of motorcycle races were held around an abridged version of the circuit, with the first corner cutting across to the S-bends in what would have made up the third sector of the grand prix circuit.

Ekstrom leads Loeb as Dakar Rally begins

Former DTM champion Mattias Ekstrom will have first pick of his starting position for the opening main stage of the 2023 Dakar Rally after setting the fastest time for the car category in the prologue stage in Saudi Arabia yesterday.

Ekstrom was fastest in the 13km prologue, a second faster than nine-time world rally champion Sebastien Loeb. Reigning World Rally Raid champion and 2022 Dakar winner Nasser Al-Attiyah was fourth-fastest, with Carlos Sainz Snr taking sixth place in the stage.

The first actual stage will take place today with a 367km loop which passes the city of Yanbu.

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Comment of the day

With McLaren CEO Zak Brown stating that the team will be targeting fourth place in the constructors’ championship this year, Leroy (@g-funk) believes that’s a realistic goal for McLaren to aim for in modern Formula 1…

In modern F1 it is near impossible to go from fifth to first without a major change in technical regulations to reset the field. Because we just had that and McLaren didn’t take full advantage of it, they will have to make incremental improvements to their position and hope teams above them head down the wrong developmental path. Moving from fifth to third would be the absolute best they could hope for next year if Merc don’t come with a better package or Ferrari continue their end of season performances. But the likelihood of both happening are very slim.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Dsob and Michael Hu!

On this day in motorsport

  • 55 years ago today Jim Clark scored what turned out to be the final victory of his Formula 1 career in the season-opening race at Kyalami, leading a one-two for Lotus with new team mate Graham Hill. He died before the next race, held four months later.

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9 comments on “Vietnam’s abandoned F1 circuit finally hosts first racing action”

  1. Any longer term plans for that Hanoi circuit? Looks like it has potential, racing wise…

    1. @gabf1 Not to my knowledge.

    2. I played in on F1 2020 I think. Utter garbage to drive on because of the roundabouts.

  2. Good to see some action there. I wonder who might have the fastest lap and by which time?

    1. @qeki Irrelevant, as lap times weren’t recorded anyway, or at least not via the official circuit-racing means.

  3. My initial reaction was that ‘abandoned’ meant the circuit wouldn’t get any use, but at least the permanent portions got some in the end.

    Getting on top of reliability is entirely plausible, but operational is another matter & indeed, an IF.

    P4 is realistically possible itself, but I reckon Alpine will remain ahead & perhaps even AM could overhaul them through their developments & Alonso’s arrival.

  4. Regarding DC’s comments I’ve have horrible Deja Vu to the first Red Bull era. I think he’s right that the grid will tighter up ; Ferrari will be less impacted by the cost cap development and Mercedes seem to understand the issues caused at the start of the season.

    With that said, we had a small mid season rule change and ended up with the number 1 Red Bull driver dominate the second half of what should’ve been a close Ferrari/Red Bull championship, just like 2013. The era was also characterised by an aero dominate Red Bull with a clear number one versus a silver Mercedes powered car with 2 Brits. Ferrari are in the hunt with a driver in Leclerc who has seised the initiative even if the team were reluctant to give him it.

    There are a couple of points to reflect on: firstly , is F1 too similar and secondly, what tactics can be used to stop Red Bull. Merc had a great split strategy in 2019/20 but you need it to be one-on-one for that to work. Ferrari need the 2010 team with the start of 2022 car I fear.

  5. I think it’s pointless to speculate until we burn Rubber in 2023. Because every single team will think they have the next great car, and right up to the first three Chequered Flags, they will still think it – reality takes a while to sink in for the other nine teams.
    We have no option but to wait and see hopefully without too many bad feelings between the teams.

  6. Happy New Year to all F1 and Race Fans everywhere – no matter which team you support.

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