Drivers shocked by death of motorsport “hero” Ken Block in snowmobile accident

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Drivers across the motorsport world have shared their shock at the sudden death of rallying star Ken Block yesterday.

Block’s inventive and expertly-crafted displays of precision, high-speed drifting and outrageous stunts won him a huge following. He translated his skills into motor racing, competing in the World Rally Championship and World Rallycross Championship.

His death yesterday in a snowmobile accident has prompted a stunned reaction from racers.

“In shock at the passing of Ken Block,” said Formula 1 world champion Jenson Button on social media. “Such a talent that did so much for our sport. He was a true visionary with his own unique style and infectious smile.

“Our sport lost one of the best today but more importantly a great man. Sending love and hugs to the Block family.”

Button’s fellow world champion Fernando Alonso called Block a “legend of our sport.”

The 55-year-old’s death was confirmed by his company Hoonigan Industries. “It’s with our deepest regrets that we can confirm that Ken Block passed away in a snowmobile accident today,” it said in a statement.

“Ken was a visionary, a pioneer and an icon. And most importantly, a father and husband. He will be incredibly missed. Please respect the family’s privacy at this time while they grieve.”

IndyCar driver Conor Daly said Block was “my hero” and “the reason a Subaru was my first car.”

“I waited in line many times just to have a chance to interact and get a picture with him,” said Daly. “One of the coolest dudes of all time. So sad, RIP.”

Daly’s fellow IndyCar driver JR Hildebrand said “Ken showed us that the most incredible things happen when you do it your own way.

“For me, the most inspiring thinker and doer of this generation across automotive, motorsport, and media. Iconoclastic, in every sense. Today we lost a legend. Rest easy, KB43.”

Two of F1’s newest drivers, Oscar Piastri and Logan Sargeant, said Block’s celebrated Gymkhana videos had been an inspiration to them when they were growing up.

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  • 12 comments on “Drivers shocked by death of motorsport “hero” Ken Block in snowmobile accident”

    1. Man.. I remember that video where he’s drifting a Ford Shelby all across London. I’ve watched the Gymkhana files and thought he was massively entertaining and talented.

      A real loss to Motorsport. He brought a different appeal and entertainment value to the sport and the fans. Condolences to his loved ones.

    2. Today we lost a great ambassador to motorsport; actually when saying that, that is just one of the good things that could be said about Ken Block; he was a lot more than just that. Ken Block had insatiable passion and rose to the occasion in so many different and creative ways, he brought many smiles and contributed greatly to society and not just in motorsport.

      He was an inspiration and example that we all should shoot for and inspire to, He set a very high bar.

      Rest In Peace Ken Block, you will be missed

    3. I saw him driving WRC Focus back in early 2010s. It was clear who jumped furthest over that jump. Always flat out..

      1. @qeki Same. I first became aware of him through WRC at that time.

    4. Rest in Peace

    5. The reason why i bought this car: seeing him treat it like so, and her respond this way, i was won over, and wasn’t disappointed.
      Ken’s spirit won’t rest easy on my RS! :)

      1. underwhelming video. He was capable of way more than that

    6. I first become aware of him thanks to Top Gear in the airfield episode with James may. The jump he did involving his Subaru, the plane and Ricky Carmichael driving his motocross who himself I used to follow thanks to the Championship Motocross PS1 game combined with the excellent Top Gear cinematography have produced one of the best ever Top Gear moments. A cool guy that did it with his own style. RIP Ken Block.

    7. A tragic loss of a genuine motorsport great.

      Like a number great drivers before, another life ended by a freak accident.

      RIP Ken Block.

    8. Tragic Loss.

    9. One of the best known motosport guys in the world, its especially obvious now, even the regular newspapers report about this. Such a said thing to happen, seemed like a genuine good guy, and with lots of crazy ideas.

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