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Renault will do what it takes to get Alpine to the top – Gasly

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In the round-up: Gasly talks about Alpine’s Formula 1 potential as he joins the team for 2023.

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Gasly sees “huge potential” at Alpine

Pierre Gasly says Alpine was the best available move for him and sees “huge potential” in the Renault-owned team. Speaking to Auto Motor und Sport, the team’s new driver said he wanted assurances of Renault’s backing for the team from its CEO Luca de Meo, plus Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi and team principal Otmar Szafnauer.

“Of course I was informed about the project and the plans for the next few years,” said Gasly. “By Otmar, by Laurent and Luca de Meo. I wanted to know how much Renault is behind this project.”

He is satisfied Renault is “fully behind” the team. “They want Alpine to fight for the top spots. They will do whatever it takes to get to the top.”

Andretti completes Indy Nxt line-up

Andretti Autosport has added James Roe Jnr to their Indy Nxt line-up for 2023, meaning they have a complete roster of four cars.

The Irishman raced in the series last year and came 12th in the standings, and before that was a race-winner in Formula Regional Americas and USF Pro 2000. His team mates this year will be USFP2000 champion Louis Foster, W Series champion Jamie Chadwick and Hunter McElrea.

“I’m incredibly excited to be joining Andretti for the 2023 Indy Nxt season,” said Roe. “To join a global team as successful as Andretti and align myself with their iconic brand is a massive moment for my career, both on and off the racetrack.

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Comment of the day

F1 is doubling the amount of sprint races on the calendar for 2023, but the Saturday races remain a controversial inclusion in the world championship and their purpose is still brought into question after two years.

I think the problem with the sprint format is it’s no longer about whether it ‘improves the show’ or not, it’s the fact those who pushed it in the first place have been so disingenuous and are refusing to listen to any form of criticism.

If it’s a money grab then it’s an incredibly short-sighted one as it will never capture the interest of casual fans who only watch the main race where the cars, teams and drivers can fully stretch out their skill, technical and strategic abilities which sprint races don’t allow.

I don’t think the “better then a practice session” argument is particularly good, especially as it shows how poor sprint races are in having to be compared to practice sessions to look ‘good’.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Fukobayashi, Yeezy918, F1Alleycat, Fudge Kobayashi and Yezy918!

On this day in motorsport

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7 comments on “Renault will do what it takes to get Alpine to the top – Gasly”

  1. Perhaps Pierre should look at the departing drivers rather than asking the team.

    Renault/Alpines progress hasn’t been exactly stellar.

    1. I think Gasly knows very well what he’s getting in to (he’s certainly been in F1 long enough to see it) – it’s just that he couldn’t stay where he was, and this was the best available option.
      Much the same as when Ricciardo made the move a few years ago…

    2. @dbradock Gasly’s comment is both a positive message to the team and an implicit way to put pressure on Renault. Of the big manufacturer teams (Honda/Mercedes/Renault) the latter’s Alpine team is doing by far the worst. It’s (often) even behind specialized sportscar manufacturers like McLaren and Ferrari.

      And even if Alpine keeps fighting for 4th or 5th in the constructor’s championship, its drivers will still be paid millions to race cars they love to drive. Either way, it’s a win for them.

  2. As a fan having attended races without sprints, attending Silverstone 2021 weekend with the sprint race made for an enjoyable addition to the weekend. Mostly because qualifying on Friday gave each day a competitive session.
    However when I’m at home watching on TV I don’t really care whether there is a sprint or not.

  3. Sorry for Gasly, but that is very unlikely going to happen. With the risk of stereotyping I feel they should really be vigilant towards their internal culture, which may not produce what they expect.

  4. They signed you, so I think they (Renault) are well aware that this is still a transitional period; which may never end.

  5. That Aston M at Alonsos Museum looks like it already was hit on the rear.. looks strange from this viewpoint.

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