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Yuki Tsunoda and Pierre Gasly are no longer team mates, but the pair had one of the best relationships of any partnership on the grid through their two years together.

But what were the two trying to say about each other during this bit of pre-weekend fun in Austin? Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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25 comments on “Caption Competition 202: Arrow Tauri”

  1. The plan for Lap 1 third corner

    1. Simple, yet effective! Good one

  2. The subliminal marketing campaign about the Red Bull B team’s impending rebrand to Arrows begins…

  3. AlphaTauri drivers’ plan to prank Zak Brown fell short when it transpired that what they thought to be Arrow McLaren SP merchandise were in fact road signs.

  4. It’s the shape of “The Gas Man’s” septic tank. He nicknamed himself that BTW (lol). He and Ocon are going to be a source of great comedy next season. The three stooges with Pierre, Esteban and Laurent.

  5. Alpha Tauri recipe for getting their drivers closer: first identify the gap, then close it despite the struggle to get Yuki closer to Pierre.

  6. So which one of you Alpha Tauri drivers wants to have supper with Helmut Marko while he is in town?

    1. Brilliant, you should win it hands down !

  7. Which on of you took a dump in Hamilton’s toilet?

  8. Alpha Tauri drivers pointing towards the one they believe to be the worst driver on the grid.

  9. “Pierre’s rounded and somewhat plump arrow contrasted poorly against Yuki’s sharp and purposeful offering.”
    said the team psychologist ….. to howls of laughter.

  10. They should add turn signals to our cars!

  11. Alpha Tauri’s contingency planning for letting the other driver by ended in disaster.

  12. “I’m With Stupid.”

  13. …”Driver available…will include overstated resume on request…”

  14. Coventry Climax
    7th January 2023, 19:55

    “OK, who let it fly? Gasman? Fumoda?

  15. “I thought I was buying a classic F1 chassis from 25 years ago. Turns out it was a huge misunderstanding, and now I have 1,996 more of these back in my apartment.”

  16. In hindsight, Verstappen wished he’d paid more attention to the photo he’d been handed of Alpha Tauri’s team tactics talk before the British Grand Prix.

  17. Which driver between you is most likely to be driving for Alpha Tauri next year.

  18. Officials arrive to formally advise Gasly he has accrued the requisite number of penalty points to earn a one race ban.
    Mr. Gasly ?

  19. Christian spoke to both drivers…
    ‘Checo is ill, who wants to step in and partner Max?’

  20. Yuki will be the one left here next year, am I right?

  21. Who had a more rubbish 2022 season?

  22. What would happen if a japanese and a french would drive on the motorway.

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