Red Bull to launch RB19 in New York on February 3rd

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Red Bull have announced their car for the 2023 Formula 1 season, the RB19, will be unveiled to the world in New York on February 3rd.

Red Bull will be the first of the energy drink’s two teams to launch in the American city, with junior team AlphaTauri also launching in New York on February 11th. The team announced it will be unveiling a “new car” on the date, as opposed to last year when the team originally revealed its 2022 livery on a showcar before the actual RB18 was first seen publicly during a filming run.

The successor to the double title-winning RB18 car from 2022 will be Red Bull’s 19th chassis since joining F1 in 2005 and will make its race debut in the Bahrain Grand Prix on 5th March.

The RB19 will be powered by a ‘Honda RBPT’ engine, with the branding reflecting former engine supplier Honda’s continued support of Red Bull’s new in-house powertrain division.

It will be the second season of such an arrangement, with last year’s car using a Red Bull RBPTH001 power unit but with Honda’s logos still present on the car throughout the season. The 2023 season is also the second year of F1’s current cycle of technical regulations.

Driving the RB19 will be reigning world champion Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, entering their third year as Red Bull team mates, and reserve driver duties will be shared between Daniel Ricciardo, who has joined from McLaren, Super Formula-bound Red Bull junior Liam Lawson and Formula 2 racer Zane Maloney.

Red Bull’s chief technical officer Adrian Newey has led the design of the new car, and it supported by a team of people including chief designer Craig Skinner and technical director Pierre Wache.

With a record-length 23-event season facing teams this year, Perez and Verstappen have the opportunity with the RB19 to surpass the record-breaking statistics achieved with its predecessor.

Red Bull won 17 grands prix in 2022, with the record for wins in a season held by Mercedes with 19, and went on a winning spree of nine races in a row (with McLaren’s long-standing record being 11 consecutive wins). By making the podium in the first 19 grands prix of 2023, Red Bull would surpass their personal best podium run, and 28 podium trophies in a year is another 2022 benchmark they will be aiming to beat.

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  • 8 comments on “Red Bull to launch RB19 in New York on February 3rd”

    1. Very environment- and sustainability-friendly decision! F1 can’t have V10s, but teams ship their cars to the other side of the world, producing tons of greenhouse gases, just to launch it and ship it back to Europe/Asia.

      In launching F1s first-ever sustainability strategy, with an ambitious target to be a net zero carbon sport by 2030, we recognise the critical role that all organisations must play in tackling this global issue.

      I simply love hypocrisy and virtue signalling.

    2. Yeah no way are they showing their actual car there.

    3. Given the history, I find myself doubting everything they announce. But as any ‘car’ they show will be just that – a show – it doesn’t matter much.

    4. Don’t show your hand until the day of the game.

      1. I would place my bet on 24th of November 2023

    5. Why don’t they just say that it’s a press launch and have done with it?
      It’s nothing more than publicity for the sponsors – same as with all the teams.

      Less “look what we’ve made” and more “look whose sponsorship made this team possible”.

    6. Interesting to see the negative reaction here compared with the mercedes “launch”.

      1. Andy (@andyfromsandy)
        14th January 2023, 15:22

        I’m ready to be corrected with another negative but how can the writer say the car will sport a RBPT engine when it is manufactured and supplied by Honda from Japan?

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