Ferrari’s Beganovic wins FRMEC thriller as last-lap confusion costs Mini

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In the round-up: Ferrari academy driver Dino Beganovic won the opening round of the Formula Regional Middle East Championship in Dubai yesterday after confusion over the finish of the race.

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In brief

Ferrari’s Beganovic wins FRMEC thriller as last-lap confusion costs Mini

Ferrari academy driver Dino Beganovic won the opening round of the Formula Regional Middle East Championship in Dubai yesterday after confusion over the finish of the race appeared to cost Gabriele Mini a chance at victory.

Beganovic had been locked into a tense battle with Hitech driver Mini on the penultimate lap, as time expired, TV graphics displayed in error that the race was on the final lap. As the pair battled at the end of the lap, Mini tried to squeeze Beganovic to the pit wall on the run to the line, only for both drivers to be shown a board by marshals indicating they had one more lap remaining.

Mini appeared to back off while Beganovic took the lead and completed the final lap to win. Matias Zagazeta finished second and Taylor Barnard third after starting 27th on the grid. Mercedes junior driver Andrea Kimi Antonelli took fourth, while Mini fell down to sixth by the end of the race.

Verstappen starts fourth in Virtual Le Mans

Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen will start fourth on the grid for the Virtual Le Mans 24 Hours race today after his number one Team Redline team were unable to take pole position in hyperpole.

Verstappen’s car – shared with team mates Luke Browning, Jeffrey Rietveld and Diogo Pinto – were almost four tenths of a second slower than the pole winning Porsche Coanda number 20 of Laurin Heinrich, Ayhancan Güven, Joshua Rogers and Mitchell deJong and a tenth slower than their fellow Team Redline team mates of car number two in third.

The 24 hour endurance race, held on the rFactor 2 platform, will start today at 1pm GMT.

Ugochukwu starts F4 season with victory

McLaren junior driver Ugo Ugochukwu kicked off his racing season with victory in the first race of the UAE F4 series in Dubai.

Ugochukwu converted pole position to beat Valerio Rinicella by two seconds, with James Wharton completing the podium in third. In his first ever car race, Ferrari academy driver Tuukka Taponen took the fastest lap on his way to finishing ninth after starting third on the grid.

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Comment of the day

Williams’ announcement that they will hire Mercedes strategist James Vowles as their new team principal surprised many, including @bernasaurus

I read the headline twice, I didn’t see that coming at all. I think it makes a lot of sense though, he’s probably quite a coup for Williams. I’ve no idea what he’s like as a person, he seems to sit in the shadows a bit. But when he does crop up, I’ve always been impressed. I don’t know if he knows how to run an F1 team, but his resume would suggest that he might actually be a brilliant choice.

F1 is full of odd appointments and dismissals, but this makes a lot of sense to me. He might think ‘Well you can’t do worse than last’. And if Dorilton are actually keen to properly invest, it ticks plenty of boxes.

The challenges he must have come across between BAR / Honda, Making Brawn a thing with no budget, or anything really….. to the dominance of Merc. He’s seen a bit. I might be wrong, but I think Williams have done well here.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Nick, Koolkieren and Alexandre Araujo!

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  • 12 comments on “Ferrari’s Beganovic wins FRMEC thriller as last-lap confusion costs Mini”

    1. Pit-wall squeezers are losers. Mini by name…

      1. Can’t help but agree. It’s a stupid tactic.

        1. @bullfrog @eurobrun The way the commentator says ‘Gabriele Mini’ makes me wish I was called ‘Gabriele Mini’, it sounds fun to say.

          But pushing people into pit walls – there is being ‘determined’ and being ‘desperate’ and doing that isn’t on. The ‘leaving a car width rule’ doesn’t apply there. When people talk of Schumacher pushing the limits, they might say Rascasse 06′, but I think Barrichello / Hungary / pit wall 10′ was worse.

    2. Awful news about Jenny. Hope she makes a full recovery.

      “James, it’s George” from George’s own twitter account says to me that he is not normally in control of it, his management is.

      I hate the multiple variations on the name FREC. The FIA did a number by making the F3 name exclusively for only the F1 supporting series. F3 Europe, F3 Asia, F3 Oceania, etc would have been much nicer. F4 feeding into FREC into F3 makes no sense, it’s almost like a F3.5.

      1. “James, it’s George”

        I think this is meant to be a play on how Vowles typically announces himself over the radio 😉

    3. I hope you have a speedy and full recovery, Jennie Gow!!

    4. Dino, he has really been on fire for a while, very impressive!

    5. Jenny Gow, the voice of the pit lane, such a lovely personality, here’s hoping for a full recovery

    6. Hope Jenny can make a full recovery.

      Far too many young people are having heart attacks and strokes these days and I just can’t understand why…

    7. Are Mini and Antonelli next italians to race in F1?

    8. Argh, I knew I should have gone down to the Autodrome to watch the F4….missed a cracker there.

      For context…I live 10 mins up the road from it.

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