Shwartzman and Giovinazzi to share Ferrari F1 reserve driver duties

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In the round-up: Antonio Giovinazzi and Robert Shwartzman will both share reserve driver duties at Ferrari for this year’s Formula 1 season.

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Giovinazzi and Shwartzman to share reserve driver duties at Ferrari

Ferrari confirmed that former Alfa Romeo and long-time Ferrari-affiliated driver Giovinazzi will again act as the teams F1 reserve driver in 2023 alongside former academy driver Shwartzman.

Giovinazzi will race for Ferrari in their new 499P hypercar in this year’s World Endurance Championship, while Shwartzman will compete in the GT World Challenge Europe GT3 series. At least one of the pair will be present for each grand prix this season.

Shwartzman completed two free practice runs for Ferrari at Circuit of the Americas and Abu Dhabi and completed 116 laps in the post-season test day at the Yas Marina circuit.

De Vries sued over sponsorship loan

AlphaTauri driver Nyck de Vries faces legal action by a former sponsor over a loan of €250,000, according to reports in the Dutch media.

De Vries is being taken to court by investor Jeroen Schothorst, whose company loaned him €250,000 to race in Formula 2, on the condition it would be repaid with interest if De Vries reached Formula 1 in 2022. While De Vries was not a full-time race driver in 2022, he did race for Williams as a substitute in the Italian Grand Prix and had multiple practice runs for the team plus rivals Mercedes and Aston Martin.

“We invested in De Vries’ career at a crucial moment and when nobody else wanted to do it anymore,” Schothorst said in a statement. “We now have different opinions on the interpretation of the agreement we entered into with each other at the time.”.

De Telegraaf reported that De Vries’ camp proposed to repay the loan in addition to interest, but that the offer was rejected.

Pedersen’s IndyCar livery revealed

Benjamin Pedersen’s IndyCar livery for 2023
IndyCar rookie Benjamin Pedersen will race as number 88 and use this livery on his Foyt car during the 2023 season. Official pre-season testing will begin at The Thermal Club on February 2nd.

Andretti F1 team a “long-term project”

Mario Andretti says his son’s team is prepared to make a long-term commitment to Formula 1 if it is granted permission to enter the sport.

“It’s a long-term project,” the 1978 world champion told Auto Motor und Sport. Look at our history. Everyone can see what motorsport means for our family. That’s our life.

“We weren’t in any series just for a short time to make a profit. We’ve already invested a great deal and hired engineers just waiting for things to get going. If they didn’t believe in us, they would have walked away long ago.”

The Andretti Group announced earlier this month it intends to submit an entry with the support of General Motors brand Cadillac. GM wants to become a “real player” in F1, says Andretti.

“GM is a proud company. They have good know-how in many technical areas and they didn’t just stumble into this project. They spent five months examining every aspect and if they weren’t fully convinced, they would not [apply].”

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Comment of the day

Sauber junior Theo Pourchaire has been confirmed for a third season of Formula 2 with ART for this season, but @qeki is concerned over where opportunities for a move into F1 could come from…

He has age in his side but in the end where he could find a seat? Sauber when Bottas retires or Zhou dropping the ball. Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes no. Alpine maybe if Ocon and Gasly won’t work together but then Theo is also french.. Mclaren if Piastri fails. Allpha Tauri why not if De Vries or Tsunoda can’t get the car working. Haas maybe if Magnussen decides to retire. Williams a possibility.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Cathal, Explosiva, Qazuhb, The_Sigman, Charlie and Fikri!

On this day in motorsport

Prost fell from sixth to ninth in the championship as the AP01 scored just one point all year
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15 comments on “Shwartzman and Giovinazzi to share Ferrari F1 reserve driver duties”

  1. Of course, they’d want the F1 entry to become a long-term project. It’s just the opportunity to pay everyone involved a tidy profit from borrowing against the value of said entry would take momentary priority.

    1. @proesterchen Did a member of the Andretti family do something to you as you seem ridiculously against them getting a spot on the grid.

      I’d much rather see a team like Andretti on the grid, A team founded and run by people with a long history and passion for the sport over a big manufacturer run by a board that has no history, passion or knowledge of the sport who see F1 as a marketing exercise and will pull out as soon as the board grows tired of spending the money.

      1. +1. Yep, wondering the same thing, seems really weird.

      2. If there’s a negative take to be had, this poster will post it. Take that for what it is.

      3. you seem ridiculously against them getting a spot on the grid.

        I am against handing out hundreds of millions of dollars in value to any investment group that has done diddly-squad for Formula 1, regardless of the name of the person fronting it.

        And yes, that explicitly excepts some car makers if they chose to try and enter Formula 1 as a works effort.

  2. Reserve driver role will become redundant over time (especially for Gio), considering the low likelihood of either racing in F1 full-time.

    De Vries’ case is weird.

    Re COTD: Realistically, only Team Hinwill, although Audi’s influence from next year might affect by Mick got a chance instead.
    I highly doubt about Mclaren & AT in any case, while Haas & Williams have different medium to long-term plans, especially the latter, & even Alpine woiuldn’t be a given, even if Ocon-Gasly failed & as a result, separated after only a single season.

    1. Just a disagreement. I guess Will couldn’t get the full picture due to it being a Dutch source.

      Basically, De Vries was loaned 250.000 Euro in 2018 by a real estate mogul, the deal was for it to be loaned at 3% yearly interest and to be repaid only if he became a F1 driver by the 2022 season. It also included a payment of half his F1 income (I guess only for the years up to and including 2022, or just a single year, the article is not clear on the specifics). The dispute is, of course, on the specifics of what constitutes being an “F1 driver.” Technically he drove a race, so the mogul says the deal is on. De Vries and his team say he didn’t have a full-time drive so it doesn’t count that he subbed for a race. De Vries’s camp then offered to pay back the 250.000 along with 192.000 that was already paid over the past years (assuming that’s the interest + half of his income made in F1 as a Mercedes test driver and/or the money he got for the one-off race), the mogul declined and now it’s going before a judge in a “Kort Geding” (fast-track judgement by a judge, not a full trial unless the judge rules that he cannot judge on this).

      So tl;dr it’s a disagreement about wording and nothing major, they’ll sort it out.

      Famously, Robert Doornbos also had a disagreement over money with a real estate mogul (Harry Muermans), as did Jos Verstappen (also Muermans). Unfortunately, as you can tell, these people generally don’t have the best reputations and are best avoided. This is why motorsport is such a terrible sport to get into, unless you come from wealth, you’re constantly having to look for money from shady people and make deals with them just to get a shot at F1.

    2. With the lack of seats in F1 i think it would be a good idea to have more practice sessions dedicated to reserve drivers only. That would make the role much more important and not only talented drivers sitting on a bench, they would get actual F1 experience instead.

      1. @maisch I agree & test/reserve driver role was more useful back in the days of unlimited testing.

    3. De Vries case is very wierd as he wasn’t in 2022 but I think the Judge are going de Vries way as he offered to pay the loan with interest back but was refused. If he think he gets millions by sueing de Vries he don’t the Dutch jurisdiction very well.

      1. as [Nyck de Vries] offered to pay the loan with interest back but was refused

        Depending on the terms of the loan, that might be a pittance compared to the piece of Nyck’s future earnings his investor might be due.

    4. We haven’t seen the contract that Nyck signed, so it’s almost impossible to speculate. It might help a bit being a lawyer with an understanding of the dutch legal system (which I’m not). But someone has turned down a lot of money in the belief they’ll win in court, no good lawyer would advise doing such a thing unless there is more than a 60% chance of winning.

      I doubt Nyck is too bothered. He is in F1, I don’t think these things count towards the cost cap and he is Red Bull property now. When he signed with Marko, I think such things become RB’s problem. And they have a cheque book with lots of zeros.

      I can’t remember what the figures were when I learnt teams entry fees is dependant on points scored the previous season, but Max needlessly scoring wins and points in the later part of last season would be far more expensive than bailing Nyck out if he loses.

  3. The DeVries -story is missing the important bit: The suit is for 50% of his F1 earnings. HALF.

    1. If that’s what he gave away for a 250k € loan, that’s what he gave away for a 250k € loan.

  4. Thanks for the COTD @willwood
    Wasn’t expecting for my 5th

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