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While the FIA’s regulations for Formula 1 outline that there can only be a maximum of 24 grands prix on the 2023 F1 calendar, they also dictate that only circuits with Grade One certification can be permitted to host them.

Unsurprisingly, there are very strict guidelines that all circuits must meet in order to obtain Grade One status. Covering minimum and maximum track lengths and widths, safety features, race control facilities, pit lane specifications and more, only the circuits with the highest level of standards – and often the biggest budgets – will have the ability to stage F1 races.

With that, there are fewer than 50 venues that meet the criteria to host Formula 1. While most of them have already held grands prix, there are some interesting examples that have yet to.

Among these are more recently completed tracks such as Kuwait’s Motor Town circuit – one of the newest circuits on the Grade One list which is increasingly being visited by international championships and junior single-seater categories. Surprisingly, Ferrari’s own test track at Fiorano is certified as Grade One, although as a designed test track, it’s almost impossible to fathom a grand prix ever being held there.

Start, Interlagos, 2022
Interlagos deserves to be on every F1 calendar
But which circuits would feature on your fantasy Formula 1 calendar? RaceFans has compiled a list of every circuit that has achieved Grade One status over the last five years – although some would need their status renewed before they would be permitted to host F1 – and you can select your ideal roster of up to a maximum of 24 circuits.

To keep things simple, circuits are listed by venue alone. Which some circuits such as Paul Ricard or Sakhir have multiple Grade One layouts, each track is listed once. Similarly, due to actions taken by the FIA following the Russian military invasion of Ukraine last year, the three Grade One tracks of the Russian Federation – Sochi Autodrome, Moscow Raceway and Igora Park Drive – are absent from this list.

While Las Vegas has yet to be completed and will been to be certified before it can host the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix in November, the near-certainty that F1’s most ambitious race event will go ahead means that it is also included in the options.

I say

To start off with a fantasy calendar, it would be remiss not to include the all-time classics – Spa-Francorchamps, Silverstone, Monza, Suzuka, Interlagos. While many may scoff, the sheer heritage of the Monaco Grand Prix means that Monte Carlo circuit earns one of the 24 slots – even if it would struggle to ever qualify as a Grade One track if proposed today.

There are some lesser-used circuits that also deserve a place on the calendar. The Algarve circuit more than proved itself with two rounds in 2020 and 2021, while a return to Fuji would be fascinating to see with its monster pit straight and in spite of its fiddly final sector.

While not the best circuit for overtaking, Magny-Cours deserves a return to the calendar to host the French Grand Prix as a far more exciting track than Paul Ricard. Hockenheim has also provided drama in recent years and a return to Germany would be welcomed by many.

As wildcards, it would be fascinating to see Formula 1 race as all-new venues. Top of that list may be Kuwait Motor Town, an intriguing anti-clockwise circuit that appears to be faster and far more imaginative than a cookie-cutter track like Qatar’s Losail circuit, which F1 will return to later this season.

Oh, and until a solution is found to rid the Circuit de Catalunya of its abysmal final chicane, swap the Spanish Grand Prix to one of the nations other circuits, such as Jerez or the underrated Aragon circuit.

You say

Which FIA Grade One certified circuits would you have on the Formula 1 calendar? (Max 24)

  • Las Vegas Street Circuit - USA (1%)
  • Miami International Circuit - USA (0%)
  • Circuit of the Americas (Austin) - USA (4%)
  • Silverstone - United Kingdom (5%)
  • Istanbul Park - Turkey (4%)
  • Buriram International Circuit - Thailand (1%)
  • MotorLand Aragon - Spain (1%)
  • Jerez - Spain (1%)
  • Circuit Ricardo Tormo (Valencia) - Spain (0%)
  • Circuit de Catalunya (Barcelona) - Spain (1%)
  • Marina Bay Street Circuit - Singapore (3%)
  • Jeddah Corniche Circuit - Saudi Arabia (1%)
  • Losail International Circuit - Qatar (0%)
  • Autodromo Internacional do Algarve - Portugal (3%)
  • Autódromo Fernanda Pires da Silva (Estoril) - Portugal (1%)
  • Zandvoort - Netherlands (3%)
  • Circuit de Monaco - Monaco (4%)
  • Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez (Mexico City) - Mexico (2%)
  • Kuwait Motor Town - Kuwait (0%)
  • Korea international Circuit (Yeongam) - South Korea (1%)
  • Suzuka - Japan (5%)
  • Fuji Speedway - Japan (1%)
  • Fiorano - Italy (0%)
  • Autodromo Nazionale Monza - Italy (5%)
  • Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari (Imola) - Italy (3%)
  • Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello - Italy (3%)
  • Buddh International Circuit - India (1%)
  • Hungaroring (Budapest) - Hungary (4%)
  • Nurburgring - Germany (3%)
  • Hockenheim - Germany (3%)
  • Circuit Paul Ricard - France (0%)
  • Circuit de Nevers (Magny Cours) - France (2%)
  • Dubai Autodrome - Dubai (0%)
  • Shanghai International Circuit - China (2%)
  • Circuit de Gilles Villeneuve (Montreal) - Canada (5%)
  • Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace (Interlagos) - Brazil (5%)
  • Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps - Belgium (5%)
  • Sakhir International Circuit - Bahrain (3%)
  • Baku City Circuit - Azerbaijan (3%)
  • Red Bull Ring - Austria (4%)
  • Albert Park (Melbourne) - Australia (4%)
  • Yas Marina - Abu Dhabi (1%)

Total Voters: 178

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69 comments on “Which F1 tracks would feature on your 2023 calendar?”

  1. Notable absences with recent Grand Prix for me:

    Paul Ricard

    1. From the absent ones from the current calendar i would add:
      -Magny Cours
      -Malaysia as well, although I couldn’t find it on the list

      From the recent street circuits,the only one that i kinda liked was Miami,so i would keep it under the condition that they changed their sector 3.

      Ideally i would like a 22 race calendar,with the German races altering per year(as it used to be in the 00’s) and the same happening with Mugello and Magny Cours.

      1. Sepang no longer has Grade 1 status.
        Certification renewal is too expensive for them at the moment.

        1. Ah i see. If they ever wanted to return to the Formula 1 grid it wouldn’t be that harsh,as the circuit and the facilities are fulfilling the requirements for a grate 1 circuit and they wouldn’t have any obstacles in regaining their grate 1status (bar the financial cost)

          1. Regaining Grade 1 status is easy and relatively inexpensive – the problem is that the ONLY series that requires it is F1.
            They can’t afford F1 – making getting their Grade 1 certification back rather pointless.

          2. Malaysia could probably pay the F1 fee just fine if they wanted to, but F1’s insistence on putting them late in the year for 2016 and 2017 put them near the Singapore F1 race and the Malaysia MotoGP race at the same track, and made it hard to attract a crowd. Thus making all the extra costs involved for the ‘privilege’ of hosting an F1 race basically not worth the hassle.

    2. Sorry @proesterchen,this wasn’t supposed to be a reply to your comment

  2. All of them except for Monaco, Zandvoort, Catalunya, Imola, Hungary and Abu Dhabi.

    1. The only one of these you are correct to exclude is Abu Dhabi. All of the others very much belong on the F1 calendar

  3. This is one where the poll results really need to be changed to be a percentage of total voters rather than of total votes. Is it possible to do this?

    My answers were probably quite boring but tracks I would love to have on this fantasy calendar that aren’t grade one circuits are Brands Hatch and Anderstorp. And the French Grand Prix would be held on public roads as it was up to the 1960s with Reims-Gueux, Rouen-Les-Essarts and Clermont-Ferrand.

    1. Totally agree

    2. Was my first thought when i saw the results pop up. Seeing the percentage of people that voted for each circuit and then ordering them in order of popularity would make for much better reading of the stats.

      1. edit: they are ordered from most to least popular actually, which does help a fair bit.

  4. Re posting my initial comment as i accidentally posted it as a reply to a comment

    From the absent ones from the current calendar i would add:
    -Magny Cours
    -Malaysia as well, although I couldn’t find it on the list

    From the recent street circuits,the only one that i kinda liked was Miami,so i would keep it under the condition that they changed their sector 3.

    Ideally i would like a 22 race calendar,with the German races altering per year(as it used to be in the 00’s) and the same happening with Mugello and Magny Cours.

  5. Vietnams circuit not included?

    1. Vietnam’s circuit doesn’t exist

      1. It does exist. Hosted its first race recently. But in F1 terms it doesn’t and won’t exist in the forseeable future

        1. It doesn’t have any FIA grade certification (that I’m aware of).

          1. Correct, the Hanoi circuit does not feature on the current list of FIA tracks published in December 2022.

  6. It will be interesting to check the result again once more people vote.

  7. My heart still hurts for the old Hockenheim…

    1. @venedikov It’s funny how part of the reason they modified it was because having a circuit that was mostly straights was deemed boring given how most modern circuits feel like they are mostly very long straights.

      I loved the old Hockenheim because it was different, It offered different challenges & had a very unique character.

      The revised Hockenheim isn’t a bad circuit or anything but it feels like a lot of the other modern circuits & doesn’t really have much character that helps it stand out above them.

      1. @stefmeister it does seem to be one of those circuits which is more fondly remembered by fans who mainly watched the races there, rather than those who raced there.

        If you look at what the drivers said about it, most of them found it a boring circuit to race at, and quite a few fans who went to the circuit itself also commented negatively about the experience of being there. The attitude from the teams, the drivers and the press seems to have been indifferent at best, and at worst a sense that the race was something to be endured.

        The old circuit seemed to largely make its reputation off being an “engine breaker” circuit during the 1990s and the start of the 2000s – when you ask a number of fans about what they remember from the races held there, that generally seems to be the most common point raised. Would the circuit be liked anywhere near as much if the races held there had the significantly lower rates of attrition that we have today?

        It also has to be said that the complaints went quite a bit beyond just “the circuit is boring” – the redevelopment was driven by other factors. For example, as the famous trackside invasion a few years before the circuit was decommissioned showed, it was quite difficult to maintain security around the entire perimeter of the circuit.

        Access to the furthest regions of the track were also famously poor, with access for emergency vehicles being a particular problem (with some parts of the circuit where the only access for vehicles was from the track itself). That did raise concerns about the response time in the event of a medical emergency, and even the more banal exercise of recovering a broken down vehicle could sometimes be problematic if the track was still live.

        Of course, the same restrictions on construction that resulted in the old circuit being demolished also made it significantly harder to construct new access roads for the old circuit.

        1. The perimeter was pretty lax. I was hitchhiking through that area and by chance got dropped off a couple miles from the circuit. It was easy to pop over the fence out on the ostkurve end of the circuit. Of course it wasn’t an F1 weekend, but the fencing was the same. It was cool to see that bit of the track. Climb up in the camera towers and watch some GT cars testing. The fact that the fencing is in a forest I guess was the part that made it less defensible. I’ve tried to climb into other circuits, but it is much harder as there is no cover usually.

          1. Someone call the police. Self-confessed trespasser here.

        2. some racing fan
          22nd January 2023, 19:07

          it does seem to be one of those circuits which is more fondly remembered by fans who mainly watched the races there, rather than those who raced there.

          That was the appeal of the old Hockenheim. No other circuit on the F1 calendar other than maybe Monza was like that.

  8. Isle of Man TT Mountain Course and Essex Speedway!

    no other tracks are required

  9. Interesting that Sepang isnt on there whilst Yeongham in South Korea is.. Is that just because South Korea’s hasnt expired yet? how long do these licenses last?

    1. Three years, as per Appendix O of the FIA Code.

  10. Let’s add some tracks not mentioned before:
    – Bathurst
    – Laguna Seca
    – the Rio de Janeiro Grand Prix, speeding through Copacabana beach and along the tunnels onto Botafogo beach

    1. Excellent suggestions!

      And now we are getting creative, how about three laps of the Targa Florio and a very long Grand Prix on the Mille Miglia?

    2. If you’re gong to add none grade one circuits, please include Road America.

  11. Shocking list when you realise I would only race on (/select) the top 6! But I guess a bit in line with the level of F1 drivers. Also here I feel only the top 5 or 6 are worth watching. All others are there because someone more talented didn’t have the backing/funding.

  12. French GP should be at Magny Cours. Who cares if it’s in the countryside? What’s wrong with a bit of peace and quiet once in a while? Variety is welcome. It’s also unfortunately the only good French circuit at the moment. Others are either unsuitable to F1 or plain rubbish. Same for Spain. With or without the chicane at Barcelona, Aragon is the only good current Spanish circuit. I’d also put in all 3 real Italian circuits(apart from the crazy notion of a GP at Fiorano). They’re all brilliant in their own way. Yes I know Italy is not the USA so it’ll never happen outside of a crazy pandemic year. Shanghai is also missed a very underrated track. Both the German tracks are definitely in the top 24 based on quality as are Algarve and Istanbul.

    Surprised however than neither Sepang nor Kyalami hold a grade A license. It’s probably a purely procedural matter of applying for a license and inspection.

    Anyway 16 out of my 24 picks are on the calendar: Albert Park, Red Bull Ring, Baku, Sakhir, Spa,Imola, Zandvoort, Monza, Hungaroring, Monaco, Austin, Interlagos, Singapore, Suzuka, Montreal, Silverstone

    8 are not: Shanghai,Magny Cours, Mugello, Nurburgring, Hockenheim,Algarve, Istanbul,Aragon replacing Vegas, Miami, Mexico City, Jeddah, Losail, Yas Marina, Barcelona

    1. Fiorano having a full Grade 1 license is indeed rather amusing. This is probably a bit of a ‘fix’ because the F1 regulations require a Grade 1 or 1T for the testing of ‘previous cars’ (TPC) and ‘mule cars’ (TMC), which Ferrari obviously wants to do at Fiorano.

      1. Yeah I think you’re right about testing requirements being the reason for the Fiorano grading

    2. I think Kyalami was redeveloped explicitly for Grade 2, so some changes should be required to make it qualify for Grade 1.

      Given the location of the circuit and its surroundings, the only way it gets Grade 1 and holds a Grand Prix is through a bunch of political decisions and with everyone at the FIA and their insurers holding their breath from a liability standpoint.

      1. @proesterchen Really? I didn’t know that. More dangerous than Interlagos surroundings even?

        1. I don’t know about the security situation in Kyalami, I was talking about the circuit basically being surrounded by developments on most sides, making any significant changes to layout or run-off areas very hard to imagine.

          Now, this is just my feeling looking at the satellite pictures of the track, but there are several corners that don’t have the sort of run-offs you’d want for an F1 car.

          So my comment strictly referenced the potential liabilities arising from licensing today’s Kyalami as Grade 1 anyways and holding a Grand Prix there for political reasons. (cause quite frankly, there’s no there there otherwise, no oil-rich dictatorships or current nuclear ambitions to smooth over with a nice sportswashing event)

    3. RandomMallard
      22nd January 2023, 12:12


      My understanding is that Sepang is essentially ready to hold a license, but just hasn’t had any need to renew it over recent years since the F1 left Malaysia.

      With regards to Kyalami, what I’ve heard (though I’m not completely certain, it sounds reasonable) is that since the track rebuild in 2015-16, the actual circuit itself is either at Grade 1 level, or very close to it with only very minor modifications needed. I believe the main thing holding it back from Grade 1 at the moment is the track facilities, although with the funding F1 could bring, I expect these could be brought up to standards pretty quickly and easily if needed.

    4. Yeah, I completely agree that only decent French track is Magny Cours. Also with you on Sepang and Shanghai, would love to see all three of them back on the calendar. The size of the current F1 cars is too much for most of the old school circuits.

  13. The tracks aren’t that important, most cars can race on any track just fine. It’s the F1 cars that are the main obstacle to better racing. However, I’d consider Silverstone, Spa-Francorchamps, Interlagos and Suzuka as must-haves on any F1 calendar.

    Just out of personal preference, I’d add Magny-Cours and Sepang, and ditch Monaco and Texas. The Texas track is perhaps the only permanent F1-grade track in the US, but it’s a mixture of slow corners and lesser versions of corners that are done better elsewhere.

  14. Silverstone,
    Red Bull Ring,
    Magny Cours,

  15. RandomMallard
    22nd January 2023, 12:47

    My ideal calendar with all the current grade 1 circuits:

    1. Albert Park (rightful season opener)
    2. Bahrain (one of the Middle East circuits that can actually provide decent racing)
    3. Baku (an actually decent, recent street circuit)
    4. Imola (first race back in Europe)
    5. Portimao/Algarve (how this track doesn’t have a race normally is beyond me)
    6. Monaco (for tradition’s sake, not a great circuit)
    7. Montreal (I would love to group this with the rest of the American races but the weather just won’t allow it)
    8. Magny-Cours (proper French GP)
    9. Turkey (one of Tilke’s finest)
    10. Red Bull Ring (a great re-addition to the schedule imo)
    11. Silverstone (you can’t not have Silverstone)
    12. Hockenheim/Nurburgring (alternating for the German GP)
    13. Hungary (I’ve grown to like this track more over recent years personally)
    *Summer break*
    14. Spa (again, you can’t not go here, and it just belongs after the summer break)
    15. Zaandvoort (great to drive and watch, racing isn’t amazing but I like it enough)
    16. Monza (another irreplaceable classic)
    17. Singapore (another street circuit that I think is a decent race, and is pretty unique)
    18. Suzuka (once again, can’t not race here)
    19. Mexico (decent track, good atmosphere)
    20. COTA (another Tilke track that’s actually pretty good)
    21. Brazil (rightful finale)

    Honourable mentions: Sepang and Kyalami are both viable on this list if they (re)gained a grade 1 license, and I would also probably add Catalunya if they could achieve grade 1 status without the S3 chicane. Mugello would be good as well, I just think 3 races in Italy would be a bit excessive. Fuji is a good track as well, but is not enough to displace Suzuka.

    I think the 21 race seasons we had in 2016, 2018 and 2019 felt about the right length, once we started to get to 22 and above it just feels too long and too drawn out.

    1. RandomMallard
      22nd January 2023, 12:54

      Just realised I meant to put Turkey before France, just because it makes much more logistical sense. You could also move Baku later in the year to pair with Turkey if round 3 was too early for Azerbaijan.

      And actually thinking, Kuwait can go in the honourable mentions as well, it looks pretty decent and a nice fun track to try. And Aragon could also be on that honourable mentions list as well, especially if Barcelona can’t change S3.

      1. @RandomMallard
        The specific order would be irrelevant as Turkish GP would be a standalone event anyway in this fantasy schedule.

    2. I pretty much agree with you. Except that I have 20 and I don’t include Mexico. My only other difference from your list is to have a race in Spain at Jerez instead of Singapore. But I might have one too many in Europe to be fair.

  16. This is always an interesting conversation, mainly as if you asked the same people the same question 10 years ago I think some of the answers would be very different.

    Most of the discussion around tracks in the late 2000s was about how horrible the Tilkedromes were. Built to a specification rather than organically constructed homogeneously with the countryside. That view is now almost totally inverted – Turkey, Bahrain, China and Malaysia are well supported and offered great racing recently.

    I’ve always felt the Tilkedromes were the victim of being too similar or made changes to already great circuits like Hockenheim. Personally, I actually prefer the ‘new’ Hockenheim for modern cars. However history is repeating itself. I really hate these new street circuits and we’re getting them in incredible volume.

    Is Saudi Arabia that different from Miami, Vegas, Sochi or Baku? Obviously they are trying to cash in on the Singapore success but the racing is invariably average and I’ve never felt like I’ve learned much about the location, which is surely the objective they serve. I’m worried we’ll get 10 races on the calendar which are high speed around the houses and like the Tilkedromes we become accustomed to them.

    It’ll be no surprise none of them made my list; I’ve favoured the old school racetracks (or to use their other name – Tilkedromes).

    1. There are definitely trends in circuit building, just as with anything else. Tilke-fatigue was also caused by some of the lesser creations like Valencia, Yas Marina, Yeongam and Buddh. To the extent that he can be blamed (because he’s mostly just working to a brief) he never really replicated the high speed sections that make Silverstone, Spa-Francorchamps and Suzuka such favourites among fans and drivers alike.

    2. Malaysia are well supported and offered great racing recently.

      I will always look at the modern classic that was Sepang as proof positive that Tilke was very good at what he was doing even with his early F1 tracks in the late 90s.

      And then the clowns at Dromo came in and murdered it. (This is the company responsible for the gimmicky, not-fit-for-F1 Zandvoort, too.)

  17. Limited myself to a 16-race calendar, with one GP per country. Won’t try to list them all, but some notable disappearances from recent years are:

    Albert Park
    Mexico City

    And some I’d bring in:

    Fuji (in rotation with Suzuka. Feel a bit dirty saying it but I used to love Fuji, and still do on games, for reasons I’ll never quite know.)
    Mugello (in rotation with Monza. Feel a bit dirty relegating Monza too, but I love Mugello).

  18. I only voted for 17 circuits, nothing too surprising on that list. From the excluded ones:
    Istanbul Park – a touch overrated IMO
    Hungaroring – Very difficult to have good racing there
    Hockenheim – I’ve no idea why people have switched to loving this track after screeching about losing the old Hockenheim (also overrated) for decades
    Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez – Nothing impressive from this track after what, 8 years? The stadium section is neat but that’s about it
    Magny Cours – Anyone who wants this circuit back should volunteer for an immediate brain extraction if they already can’t remember the races there from the 2000s
    Abu Dhabi/Dubai/Losail/Jeddah – Bahrain is still the only good racetrack in that region somehow, despite the billions spent!

    1. Hockenheim – I’ve no idea why people have switched to loving this track after screeching about losing the old Hockenheim (also overrated) for decades

      Probably because while the original version was iconic, the new track did provide better racing.

    2. @ciaran Hockenheim is a decent race track these days. Turn 2, Turn 4, side-by-side through Turn 5 to Turn 6, a risky move into Turn 8 or even 12 offer opportunities for overtaking. Even in F1.

      It’s unfortunate that most F1 tracks have become so similar, which inevitably leads to the same teams doing well everywhere. The old Hockenheim stood out in that regard, but for pretty much every other race car on the planet the new track is far better, both as a challenge and for spectacle.

  19. I have voted for 20 and as I type, 16 of these are the top 16 i.e. (not in date order)

    Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace (Interlagos) – Brazil
    Silverstone – United Kingdom
    Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps – Belgium
    Circuit de Gilles Villeneuve (Montreal) – Canada
    Suzuka – Japan
    Autodromo Nazionale Monza – Italy
    Circuit of the Americas (Austin) – USA
    Red Bull Ring – Austria
    Albert Park (Melbourne) – Australia
    Istanbul Park – Turkey
    Hungaroring (Budapest) – Hungary
    Zandvoort – Netherlands
    Sakhir International Circuit – Bahrain
    Autodromo Internacional do Algarve – Portugal
    Circuit de Monaco – Monaco
    Hockenheim – Germany

    To these I have also voted for:
    Magny Cours

    The season should start in Australia and end in Brazil. I have one circuit in the middle east which is Bahrain. We don’t need 4 races there. Not all were easy decisions. So for example I think there should be race in Spain but I don’t think any of the circuits are that good. Similarly France, Magny Cours edges it over Paul Ricard.

  20. My choices went for the following:
    Albert Park
    Red Bull Ring
    Baku City Circuit
    Circuit Gilles Villeneuve
    Circuit Paul Ricard (with full mistral straight or sharp 90-degree chicane + slightest T1-2 option) – BTW, I disagree with the claim about Magny-Cours circuit being far better. Definitely worse for racing.
    Fuji Speedway (w/o the S3 chicane)
    Losail International Circuit
    Jeddah Corniche Circuit
    Marina Bay Street Circuit
    However, I prefer going by realism over fantasy & I’m okay with the present venues themselves.
    Still, I could happily live w/o Montmelo (although the S3 chicane will seemingly get bypassed from what I’ve seen), Monaco, Hungaroring, & Interlagos.
    I’m also perfectly okay with Circuit Paul Ricard’s loss & could even live w/o Spa, considering the likely drop after next season.

  21. Jonathan Parkin
    22nd January 2023, 14:22

    In order; Albert Park (old layout, with full painted lines), Sepang, Shanghai, Jerez, Monte Carlo (with the Bughatti statue and all painted lines), Paul Ricard (minus the 175 other layouts , plus grass and gravel instead of the day glo run offs), Montreal, Silverstone (pre 2010 layout), Nurburgring (pre 2002 layout), Hungaroring, Spa Francorchamps (pre 2001 layout), Monza (pre 2000 layout), Istanbul Park, Singapore (2010 layout and all painted lines), Yeongham (with all the skyscrapers and marina completed), Suzuka (1999 layout), Interlagos

  22. Good fun! I mustered 12 spots, more than enough for a decent calendar. Then, I gathered the ones I generally approve the layout, regardless of recent action: IMO, bad race in a good track means the problem is in the formula, not the circuit. Here we go:

    Winter Testing, all layouts: Sakhir International Circuit – Bahrain

    Rd. 1. Australia: Albert Park (I’d still tweak the final sector)
    Rd. 2. Monaco: Circuit de Monaco
    Rd. 3. Azerbaijan: Baku City Circuit
    Rd. 4. European: Autodromo Internacional do Algarve*
    Rd. 5. Austria: Red Bull Ring (I’d reactivate Westschleife)
    Rd. 6. Germany: Hockenheimring (I’d wipe out the Arena section)
    Rd. 7. Hungary: Hungaroring
    —| Summer Break |—
    Rd. 8. Belgium: Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
    Rd. 9. Italy: Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari (I’d take away Villeneuve Chicane)
    Rd. 10. Canada: Circuit de Gilles Villeneuve
    Rd. 11. Japan: Suzuka
    Rd. 12. Brazil: Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace (I’d bring back the classic pit entry)

    *taking turns with a decent British venue, Zandvoort, and maybe an upcoming decent French venue as well.

  23. some racing fan
    22nd January 2023, 19:02

    1. 🇺🇸 Miami (USA) (February 5) (57 laps)
    2. 🇿🇦 South Africa (Kyalami) (February 19) (68 laps)
    3. 🇦🇪 Abu Dhabi (March 5) (57 laps) (day-to-night)
    4. 🇧🇭 Bahrain (March 12) (57 laps)
    5. 🇸🇬 Singapore (March 26) (61 laps) (night)
    6. 🇯🇵 Japan (April 2) (53 laps) (China cancelled)
    7. 🇰🇷 Korea (Yeongam) (April 9) (77 laps)
    8. 🇺🇸 Las Vegas (USA) (April 22) (10pm) (night)
    9. 🇲🇽 Mexico (April 30) (71 laps)
    10. 🇪🇸 Spain (Aragon) (May 14) (58 laps)
    11. 🇹🇷 Turkey (May 21) (57 laps)
    12. 🇲🇨 Monaco (June 4) (80 laps)
    13. 🇨🇦 Canada (June 18) (70 laps)
    14. 🇺🇸 Indianapolis (USA) (June 25) (42 laps)
    15. 🇦🇹 Austria (July 9) (71 laps)
    16. 🇬🇧 Britain (July 16) (53 laps)
    17. 🇩🇪 Germany (Hockenheim) (July 30) (68 laps)
    18. 🇳🇱 Holland (August 6) (72 laps)
    19. 🇧🇪 Belgium (September 3) (44 laps)
    20. 🇫🇷 France (Le Mans Bugatti (new 5.6 mi circuit being built) (September 10) (34 laps)
    21. 🇦🇿 Azerbaijan (September 24) (52 laps)
    22. 🇮🇹 Italy (October 1) (53 laps)
    23. 🇧🇷 Brazil (October 15) (72 laps)
    24. 🇦🇷 Argentina (Rio Hondo) (62 laps) (October 22)
    25. 🇺🇸 USA (Austin) (November 5) (56 laps)
    26. 🇦🇺 Australia (November 19)

    1. some racing fan
      22nd January 2023, 19:09

      I just realized- the max is 24. Damn…

      1. 🇺🇸 Miami (USA) (February 5) (57 laps)
      2. 🇿🇦 South Africa (Kyalami) (February 19) (68 laps)
      3. 🇦🇪 Abu Dhabi (March 5) (57 laps) (day-to-night)
      4. 🇧🇭 Bahrain (March 12) (57 laps)
      5. 🇸🇬 Singapore (March 26) (61 laps) (night)
      6. 🇯🇵 Japan (April 9) (53 laps)
      7. 🇺🇸 Las Vegas (USA) (April 22) (10pm) (night)
      8. 🇲🇽 Mexico (April 30) (71 laps)
      9. 🇪🇸 Spain (Aragon) (May 14) (58 laps)
      10. 🇹🇷 Turkey (May 21) (57 laps)
      11. 🇲🇨 Monaco (June 4) (80 laps)
      12. 🇨🇦 Canada (June 18) (70 laps)
      13. 🇺🇸 Indianapolis (USA) (June 25) (42 laps)
      14. 🇦🇹 Austria (July 9) (71 laps)
      15. 🇬🇧 Britain (July 16) (53 laps)
      16. 🇩🇪 Germany (Hockenheim) (July 30) (68 laps)
      17. 🇳🇱 Holland (August 6) (72 laps)
      18. 🇧🇪 Belgium (September 3) (44 laps)
      19. 🇫🇷 France (Le Mans Bugatti (new 5.6 mi circuit being built) (September 10) (34 laps)
      20. 🇦🇿 Azerbaijan (September 24) (52 laps)
      21. 🇮🇹 Italy (October 1) (53 laps)
      22. 🇧🇷 Brazil (October 15) (72 laps)
      23. 🇺🇸 USA (Austin) (October 29) (56 laps)
      24. 🇦🇺 Australia (November 12)

    2. some racing fan
      22nd January 2023, 19:11

      13. 🇺🇸 Indianapolis (USA) (June 25) (42 laps) (new 4.6 mile circuit)

  24. Of the options available:

    Yas Marina – Albert Park – Baku – Spa – Interlagos – Montreal – Shanghai – Nurburgring – Hungaroring – Monza – Suzuka – Kuwait – Mexico City – Monaco – Algarve – Singapore – Aragon – Buriram – Silverstone and Austin.

    Not sure about the other 4 yet, though not likely to go for the other ones in the list….maybe Zandvoort as a back-up option if I don’t find 4 other nice ones. Also not sure about the order yet, might add that later.

  25. From the voteable list:

    Algarve, Austin, Baku, Buddh, Estoril
    Hungaroring, Interlagos, Istanbul Park, Jeddah, Magny Cours
    Melbourne, Mexico City, Monaco, Montreal, Monza
    Nurburgring, Portimão, Red Bull Ring, Sakhir (alternate years GP/Outer circuits), Silverstone
    Spa-Francorchamps, Suzuka, Valencia, Zandvoort

  26. 16 race fantasy calendar
    Watkins Glen
    Road America
    Istanbul Park
    Surfers Paradise (old layout ideally)

    Half the years Watkins Glen would be the opening round and the final two would be Kyalami and Interlagos.

    1. some racing fan
      24th January 2023, 10:12

      Fantasy list?

      1. Long Beach (opener)
      2. Buenos Aires (No. 15 extended)
      3. Interlagos
      4. Kyalami
      5. Dubai Autodrome/Losail (alternate)
      6. Singapore (new layout)
      7. Suzuka
      8. Daytona (24H circuit)
      9. Montjuic
      10. Monaco (revised)
      11. Istanbul/Budapest (alternate)
      12. Mosport
      13. Road America
      14. Osterreichring
      15. Zandvoort
      16. Brands Hatch
      17. Nordschleife
      18. KymiRing
      19. Spa
      20. Le Mans (new 5.4 mile circuit)
      21. Monza
      22. Watkins Glen
      23. Mexico City (modified layout)
      24. Laguna Seca
      25. Bathurst (closer)

  27. KymiRing missing?

  28. From this list?
    Red Bull Ring
    Magny Cours

  29. I wouldn’t have a fixed race calendar, I would prefer a fixed region calendar (broken up into the following 20 regions) where any (suitable) circuits within that region rotate hosting. The rules could be more stable and different cars may do well different years depending on the collaboration of circuits that are picked in their rotations. Any region without a circuit that can/wants to host can either be left raceless or a wildcard could be added. Yes I know this would make many of the ‘best’ circuits in Europe seen less often but a) that would make seeing it more special, b) it would help hosting fees, c) a range of various tracks in various altitudes and climates ALL over the world is fairer to the world wide audience than the Europeans having umpteen races a stones throw away (comparative to say the Americas or Africa) (this coming from an English person).

    Regions (in no particular order) [number after shows the number of ‘race-ready’ tracks currently in the region according to the list above]:

    Australasia (Australia, NZ, PNG, Philippines & Indonesia Etc.) [1]
    South Asia (Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand & Singapore) [2]
    East Asia (China, Mongolia, Koreas & Japan) [4]
    West Asia (India, Nepal & all the …stans) [1]
    Middle East (Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iran, Syria, Iraq & the countries between the red sea and Persian gulf) [8]
    North Europe (Scandinavia, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine & Russia) [0]
    Central Europe (Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Czechia, Austria, Slovakia) [4]
    South Europe (Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania & Moldova to Greece and all countries between) [5]
    West Europe (Iceland, UK, France (Inc. Monaco), Andorra, Spain & Portugal) [10]
    North Africa (Any African Nation predominantly in the northern Hemisphere) [0]
    South Africa (Any African Nation predominantly in the southern Hemisphere) [0]
    Canada (Canada and Alaska) [1]
    East USA (Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi and East) [1]
    Mid USA (Anything between the above and below) [1]
    West USA (Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona and West) [1]
    Central America (Mexico down to Panama and Caribbean) [1]
    Upper South America (Peru and countries above except Brazil) [0]
    Brazil (Brazil) [1]
    Lower South America (Bolivia and countries below except Brazil) [0]
    Wild Card

  30. -Magny Cours
    -Brands Hatch

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