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How has the replacement of three drivers changed the complexion of the Formula 1 field this year?

The F1 drivers of 2023 span 15 countries and have over 50 motorsport championship titles between them. Here’s how they break down in numbers.


Two of Formula 1’s most experienced drivers bowed out at the end of last season – Sebastian Vettel was one race shy of his 300th start and Daniel Ricciardo was another member of the double century club. With three newcomers making their debuts as full-time drivers, the class of 2023 is slightly less experienced on the whole than last year’s field.

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Unsurprisingly, it’s a slightly younger field as well, though not by much: The average age of the drivers at the season-opener will be 28.2 years, down just 0.2 from 12 months earlier.

This is partly because one of those three newcomers, Nyck de Vries, is already older than more than half the field, including the reigning two-times world champion. De Vries was passed over for promotion after winning the Formula 2 title four years ago, and Andretti IndyCar driver Colton Herta was AlphaTauri’s original choice for his seat, but he didn’t have enough superlicence points to move into F1.

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Grand prix wins

Vettel is the third most-successful F1 driver of all time in terms of wins, and the departure of fellow multiple grand prix winner Ricciardo means the total number of races won by the current grid is well down on this time last year, dropping from 232 to 193.

However, factor in that George Russell and Carlos Sainz Jnr were yet to score their first victories before the start of last season, and the total number of race-winning drivers on the grid is unchanged. Half of the 20 drivers have already taken grand prix victories, though that pair plus Alpine’s new duo are all one-time winners.

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Herta may not have got his break, but the United states of America still has its first full-time F1 driver in 16 years in the shape of Logan Sargeant. The USA is one of 15 different countries represented on the grid this year, only four of which have more than one driver. These are the UK (three), France, Spain and the Netherlands (two each).

Championships (all series)

Only two drivers in the 20-strong field haven’t won a championship above karting level and they both drive for the same team: Alexander Albon and his new Williams team mate Sargeant.

The other 18 drivers have amassed 54 titles between them across F1 and the junior categories of motorsport.

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Lewis HamiltonBritish Formula Renault2003
Formula 3 Euroseries2005
Formula 12008, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
Lando NorrisBritish Formula 42015
Eurocup Formula Renault 2.02016
Northern European Formula Renault2016
Toyota Racing Series2016
Formula 3 European Championship2017
Fernando AlonsoEuro Open by Nissan1999
Formula 12005, 2006
World Endurance Championship2018-19
Nico HulkenbergGerman Formula BMW2005
A1 Grand Prix2007
Formula 3 Euroseries2008
Nyck de VriesFormula Renault 2.0 Eurocup2014
Formula Renault 2.0 ALPS2014
Formula 22019
Formula E2021
Valtteri BottasFormula Renault 2.0 Eurocup2008
Formula Renault NEC2008
Lance StrollItalian Formula 42014
Toyota Racing Series2015
Formula 3 European Championship2016
Oscar PiastriFormula Renault Eurocup2019
Formula 32020
Formula 22021
George RussellBRDC British Formula 42014
Formula 22018
Max VerstappenFormula 12021, 2022
Charles LeclercGP32016
Formula 22017
Carlos Sainz JnrFormula Renault NEC2011
Formula Renault 3.52014
Pierre GaslyEurocup Formula Renault 2.02013
Esteban OconFormula 3 European Championship2014
Kevin MagnussenDanish Formula Ford2008
Formula Renault 3.52013
Sergio PerezBritish Formula 3 (National class)2007
Zhou GuanyuFormula Regional Asia (Asian Formula 3)2021
Yuki TsunodaJapanese Formula 42018

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Days since last win (all series)

For the first time in a career replete with success, Lewis Hamilton goes into a new F1 season seeking to end a victory drought which has lasted more than a year.

Others have to look back further for their most recent wins at any level. Notably the Aston Martin duo, Lance Stroll and new team mate Fernando Alonso, who haven’t taken a win in a the 2020s. Indeed, Alonso will mark the 10th anniversary of his last win in F1 this May.

But returning driver Nico Hulkenberg who has the longest win-less drought. Like Alonso, his most recent triumph came at the Le Mans 24 Hours, in his case with Porsche.

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20 comments on “Who are they all up against? The Formula 1 drivers of 2023 in stats”

  1. Jonathan Parkin
    23rd January 2023, 12:39

    The most surprising thing about this list is Max apparently not winning a title after karts until he won his first F1 championship

    1. Tommy Scragend
      23rd January 2023, 13:07

      Verstappen only raced in junior formulae for one season between leaving karts and entering F1. He finished 3rd in the European F3 championship.

    2. Yes, I was so shocked!

      Great article. So interesting!

    3. I’m still of the opinion Vestappen was moved into F1 too fast. A lot of other great drivers had similar karting stats to him and came into junior series’ with a bang so why did he get accelerated so quickly?
      It’s worth noting I don’t doubt him as a driver, I just don’t see a good reason for him to entirely jump the junior series’.

      1. I had the same opinion when he appeared but, would he have beaten Hamilton without those pre matured years? I really don’t think so.

        1. Why not? He could have been better with a year or two in junior formula.

    4. Yes – not winning anything might be good preparation for being Williams drivers, but they’re in good company.

  2. These are cool stats! I could only find 19 drivers on the world map until I realized that Monaco is too small to see on a world map.

  3. Alonso coming up on a decade since his last win is crazy and makes me feel really old.

    1. Thinking Bottas is one of the most experienced driver on the grid cannot fit in my head. He was just testing Williams..

  4. Surprising that Hamilton’s one winless year has him plummet almost halfway down that list of recent wins.

    That list is also just one more reason to be skeptical about Hülkenberg’s return; he didn’t win anything at all since that rather random (but fair enough!) Le Mans win, and this despite being out of F1 for quite a few seasons.

    1. @MichaelN He didn’t do any active racing in the last three seasons, which also explains his overall win drought in motorsport since the 2015 Le Mans 24h victory.

      1. Exactly. It’s one thing to be out of F1, but Hülkenberg basically did nothing else apart from a one-off Indycar test that didn’t lead to anything. Experience seems vastly overrated by teams, to the point that even someone like Hülkenberg, who has been out of F1 for years, is still given preference over young talent that has done quite well in F2 or Indycar.

    2. Yes!! I was stupefied to realise that, for a man whose career went win less for the very first time in 15 years, he is actually behind Zhou in the figures!! Gosh, didn’t see that coming at all.

      1. es!! I was stupefied to realise that, for a man whose career went win less for the very first time in 15 years, he is actually behind Zhou in the figures!! Gosh, didn’t see that coming at all.

        I think you may need to see a clinical specialist – your short term memory is shot. :)

        There’s 6 (six) bar charts there, (3) three of them chart the numerical stats on the wins, and Hamilton tops all of those.
        The one you remembered (the last) is the gap since the last win

        1. Whoa, my bad, it is a typo! Since I specifically mentioned Zhou, it would suffice to simply mention the odd phrasing instead of gaslighting, but thanks anyway!

    3. That list is also just one more reason to be skeptical about Hülkenberg’s return; he didn’t win anything at all since that rather random (but fair enough!) Le Mans win, and this despite being out of F1 for quite a few seasons.

      You have to consider that the aim of using Hulkenberg (and Magnussen) is not to win many races with what they know is an under-developed car.
      It’s to improve the driving standard for both cars and collect feedback on the pro’s and cons of what they have and build on that.
      An inexperienced driver like Schumacher couldn’t do that for them so they were on minimal useful feedback in 21, with a big improvement in 22 with the fortuitous loss of Mazepin and replacement with Magnussen.
      That clued them up about how lacking the feedback was.

      A driver has to earn his way, either in results, in feedback for development, or a big bucket of cash.

  5. Regarding countries, while Albon might compete with a Thai license, he’s otherwise British by technicality, having been born & raised in England, so while he’s Anglo-Thai, I’ve always considered him a Brit more alongside Hamilton, Russell, Norris, & co.
    As for race wins, among this year’s 20 full-time drivers, Norris & Piastri definitely have the best chance of becoming the next new winner based on machinery that will likely again be upper midfield level.

  6. Imagine if Fernando and Lewis retired at the end of this year and Max has another dominant season he will be the only one with more than 10 wins on the entire grid for 2024!

  7. Piastri junior career is very impressive. But so was Hulkenberg.

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