Crypto betting firm Stake join Alfa Romeo as former sponsor Orlen moves to AlphaTauri

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Alfa Romeo has announced a crypto betting firm as its new co-title sponsor in place of Orlen, which has transferred its backing to rivals AlphaTauri.

The announcement of Alfa Romeo’s new title sponsor sees their partnership with Orlen come to an end after three years. It also appears to spell an end to Robert Kubica’s tenure as reserve driver.

The Sauber-run team’s new title sponsor is Stake, an online casino and betting company which has heavy cryptocurrency integration. Stake has invested in sports sponsorships across the sporting world, including English Premier League club Everton, the UFC, boxing and the hip-hop artist Drake.

However Stake has attracted controversy over its marketing practices. Popular streaming site Twitch banned it and other gambling sites last October.

New Alfa Romeo team representative Alessandro Alunni Bravi hailed the announcement of the new title sponsorship as the “start of a new era” for the team.

“Formula 1 has seen a huge increase in interest over the last few years and the arrival of brands such as Stake are representative of the massive exposure our sport can offer,” Alunni Bravi said. “We are excited to join such a portfolio of sports and entertainment brands and we’re looking forward to the activation programme that Stake will unveil for our fans.”

Kubica appeared as a substitute for the team twice
Polish oil and gas company Orlen has been a partner of Alfa Romeo since 2020, bringing Orlen-supported driver Kubica to the team. Orlen will join AlphaTauri on a “multi-year” partnership as the team’s “principal partner”, with the company’s logo featured prominently on the team’s new AT04.

AlphaTauri team principal Franz Tost welcomed Orlen joining the team ahead of their official launch of the AT04 in New York City next month.

“I’m pleased to be starting the 2023 season with such positive news for the team,” said Tost.

“Orlen are one of the leading oil and gas companies in Central Europe and this partnership will allow them to further increase their brand awareness, through the global platforms we offer as a team. I’m looking forward to seeing their logo featured on our new car at the launch in New York City next month and also how this partnership progresses over the coming years.”

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22 comments on “Crypto betting firm Stake join Alfa Romeo as former sponsor Orlen moves to AlphaTauri”

  1. an online casino and betting company which has heavy cryptocurrency integration

    I’m sure Audi love the connection.

  2. Crypto? Make sure the sponsorship is paid in advance.

    1. @juan-fanger
      No problem. They can still pay it using investors’ money.

      1. That would be a positive sign @tifoso1989, it would mean they haven’t yet siphoned off most of that!

        1. @bascb
          Haha :) I see what you did there…

  3. Bring back tobaco

    1. *tobacco, or ever tomacco

      1. I’m gonna go lie down

  4. @moshambles

    or ever tomacco

    and its slogan:
    “Tastes like grandma!”

  5. The picture of Kubica and Mazepin makes me nostalgic for adorable sponsors like Uralkali.

  6. a crypto betting firm

    But smoking and alcohol are still too terrible.

    Last time I checked, gambling was a sin….

    1. Last time I checked, “sin” was a religious category.

  7. An Australian company, based in Curacao, whose main business is effectively banned in the US and UK.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    1. Stake can’t do business in Australia either. Take a read of the link below from F1sauber.

      1. Thanks. I just scratched the surface doing a few minutes research and alarm bells started ringing (playing the FTX anthem).
        These sort of companies exist only to monetise an addiction/habit, in the same way as cigarette companies, drinks companies and cocaine dealers do. It is only a matter of time before their promotion gets restricted like the other examples given.
        For odds on when this will happen, please consult your local online gambling dealer.

        1. Thanks @mrfill I gave them my credit card number but when I went to place a bet the site was down
          I may have given them the wrong number because I checked with what I was sure was my number, my balance was zero! .not tens of thousands available .

  8. Certainly not what you would expect from a Swiss sport team. Interesting the background on Stake, see the info from the Australian newspaper, no much to be proud of as a Sauber fan!!!

    1. Thanks for the article, really worth a read. I can’t believe this sort of sponsor upholds the ‘ethics’ of the FIA. A team must be pretty desperate for sponsors to add this one. At least Stake have money, unlike Rich Energy….

  9. Crypto and gambling combined, for those who like to double the risk.

  10. At least in the golden age of tobacco advertising, Philip Morris and the others sponsored young drivers in the racing ladder. Crypto? Ponzi schemes ready to fail very soon.

  11. Nice association, crypto is the future, don’t miss the rocket!

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