Haas 2023 livery: Nico Hulkenberg's car

Haas present “modernised” livery reflecting new title sponsor

2023 F1 season

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Haas have unveiled the livery for their Ferrari-powered VF-23 in digital renders of the car that show the scale of new title sponsor MoneyGram’s presence.

MoneyGram’s logo will appear on the front wing, just behind the front wheels and also on either side of the engine cover, and the new red, black and white colour scheme is an extension of the MoneyGram branding. Several of the sponsors Haas attracted during the 2022 season now have an increased presence on the car too.

The livery reveal also highlighted the loss of 1&1, a sponsor who personally backed the team’s former driver Mick Schumacher.

Haas, who are going into their eighth season in Formula 1, will reveal the real VF-23 closer to the start of the season. Testing is due to begin in Bahrain in three weeks’ time.

Kevin Magnussen is going into his sixth season at the team. He is joined by Nico Hulkenberg, who makes a full-time return to F1 after previously being Aston Martin’s reserve driver. World Endurance Championship racer Pietro Fittipaldi will continue to be Haas’s reserve driver.

Haas 2023 livery
Magnussen has number 20, Hulkenberg 27
“It’s exciting to see our first livery unveiled together as MoneyGram Haas F1 Team,” said team chairman Gene Haas.

“We head into a new season buoyed by some strong team performances last year and a return to points paying finishes. The aim for the 2023 season is naturally to do that more consistently and with Kevin and Nico I certainly believe we’ve got an experienced driver pairing more than capable of delivering those points on a Sunday.”

Haas is the first team to host a 2023 launch event. “I obviously share everyone’s enthusiasm around the livery unveil, not least as it’s a checkpoint in the pre-season calendar which means we’re another step closer to doing the thing we actually want to be doing – and that’s go racing,” said team principal Guenther Steiner.

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“I like the livery, it’s undoubtedly a more elevated and modernised look which is fitting as we move into a new era alongside MoneyGram as our title partner. It’s an exciting time of year for F1 and it’s great that we’re first out the gate to showcase our livery but our attention is firmly on getting the VF-23 on-track and preparing for the season ahead.

“We really have something to build on following last year’s performances. The whole organisation has been working hard to reach this point and obviously in Kevin and Nico we have two proven points-scoring talents locked in behind the wheel. I can’t wait to get started.”

The VF-23 will make its first on-track appearance in a shakedown run at Silverstone on 11th February. It has not been confirmed who will be at the wheel for the car’s first kilometres.

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43 comments on “Haas present “modernised” livery reflecting new title sponsor”

  1. I like it a lot. Looks fierce.

    I dunno, I like a classic black and white livery, always have.

    1. Never would I put sponsoring on a Haas front wing, visibility go around at first corner.

    2. It’s a bit meh to me. Anyway seems like a lot of paint. Wonder if the black will be non-painted sections as we saw last year to save weight.

    1. That was my first impression too.

    2. but Minardi was inspiring, though

  2. Reminds me of the late 80’s Havoline/Texaco sponsored Indycars:

    1. Yes, made me think of Newman-No Relation too!

    2. Yes when I 1st saw this I thought of 1993 Newman Haas that Mansell won the Indy title with. When they 1st entered F1 I always expected their livery to be like this.

  3. I guess you either like Haas’s liveries or you don’t as, with the exception of their Rich Energy livery and their illl-thought Russian flag on wheels, they tend to be very similar.

  4. petebaldwin (@)
    31st January 2023, 14:34

    Nice. You can’t really go wrong with a black and white livery with red accents.

  5. Cool livery

  6. Looks really good.. Been a while since we had a black and white car. Surely one of the front runners for the best looking car

  7. Nah. Mediocre. Think it cloud be great if they get rid of the white elements and make it monochrome Black and Red.

    1. No Clouds but could..

    2. A lot better than staying with tooling grey though. While it is not exactly stunning, it looks far better than most of their liveries so far.

  8. I never liked the old Haas liveries but this one gives me Tyrrell 020 vibes, so it’s alright.

    I just have to understand that Haas will never, ever have an inspiring livery. Dull it’s their motto when it comes to liveries… it also happens in NASCAR.

  9. That red round Moneygram logo wants to be a wheel cover.

    1. Good point, a bit of a missed opportunity there.

  10. It’s not ugly.

    So that’s a good thing.

  11. Seems rather white from up front, and black from the side. Will be interesting to see how it looks moving around a track.

    Pretty interesting that Haas can keep funding this operation with so few major sponsors.

  12. From Haas standards this livery is great

  13. It’s… a Haas

  14. Jack (@jackisthestig)
    31st January 2023, 16:21

    Palm Angels? I had a lot of them when I was a teenager

  15. Points deducted for the matte finish.

  16. They’ve been getting better. The
    old gray was just awful, but this is kind of cool.

  17. That Haas is looking pretty light on sponsors…

    @keithcollantine are we going to getting any new sponsor watch articles?

    1. @captainpie They have two different HAAS logos on the nose..

      1. @qeki And a “Haas Tooling” logo on the front wing endplate.

        Gene Haas is using the team as advertising for his machine tools business, so I suppose it makes sense he self-sponsors.

        1. Front wing endplate of a Haas is the optimal advertising platform – gets a lot of attention and tv coverage :oP

  18. Has there been any black cars which were fast?

    1. Yes. They were called… uhm…. Mercedes. Ever heard of them?

      1. Fast enough to win the 2021 World Championship, arguably.

    2. @qeki Lots. Lotus, Brabham, Mercedes

      1. @montreal95

        Mclaren Mercedes (98-99)

      2. I remember Brabham being, lotus being green and mercedes being silver but I totally forget black lives Mercedes.

  19. Well, not the best livery, that’s for sure, but it’s also not bad, it has some character , some ‘91 Tyrrell vibes, which is cool. I hope they produce a good car, so they can achieve lots of points with 2 consistent drivers.

  20. For a moment I was worried we’d get another RICH ENERGY moment, what with FTX and Binance having their recent issues, as crypto companies in general have had.

    I was quite happy to see that not only is MoneyGram not a sleazy crypto company, but their fees for money transfers are quite high, I suppose it means that they can actually afford to be a F1 sponsor.

  21. I’m wondering if we will be seeing increased usage of black in this years’ launch liveries. Several teams scaled back their colorful paint areas last year to save weight. If that is to continue this year, it might be a good idea to include it in the overall concept. Several looked like unfortunate compromises after the color-editing in 2022.

  22. Very smart livery from Haas

  23. Much better than the usual Haas liveries. Not stunning, but it’s at least purposeful and aggressive.

  24. I like it. I really do.

  25. Looks good from the side but it’s like they forgot that the view from the front exists. Could’ve done with a more aggressive design from that angle and it would’ve been ace.

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