Lawson demos 2011 RB7 at Mount Panorama

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In the round-up: Red Bull junior and reserve driver Liam Lawson demonstrated a 2011 Red Bull RB7 F1 car around the Mount Panorama circuit at Bathurst ahead of the Bathurst 12 Hours

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Lawson demos 2011 RB7 at Mount Panorama

Red Bull junior and reserve driver Liam Lawson demonstrated a 2011 Red Bull RB7 F1 car around the Mount Panorama circuit at Bathurst ahead of the Bathurst 12 Hours event.

Lawson, who came third in last year’s Formula 2 championship and drove in three Friday practice runs for Red Bull and AlphaTauri, drove the car that took Sebastian Vettel to his second world championship title and Red Bull’s second consecutive constructors’ championship. Lawson completed multiple laps in the V8-powered car prior to the pole position shootout for the race.

Ericsson quickest as IndyCar test concludes

Reigning Indianapolis 500 champion Marcus Ericsson ended the second and final day quickest in IndyCar’s sole pre-season test at The Thermal Club circuit in California.

Ericsson set the overall fastest time of the test with a 1’38.422, a tenth of a second quicker than Christian Lundgaard with Kyle Kirkwood third-fastest.

Marcus Armstrong was again the fastest rookie in the field, going fifth-fastest ahead of reigning champion Will Power. The season will begin in St. Petersburg on Sunday 5th March.

Ngatoa wins on FROC return

Kaleb Ngatoa took victory in the first of three races at Hampton Park in the Formula Regional Oceania Championship leading up to the New Zealand Grand Prix.

Ngatoa, who came second in the series formerly known as the Toyota Racing Series in 2021, took the lead from pole sitter Laurens van Hoepen at the start, leading all 20 laps to win the race. Van Hoepen finished second, while Callum Hedge claimed the final podium place to take the lead of the championship from Charlie Wurz, who finished eighth.

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Comment of the day

With Ferrari hiring Frederic Vasseur as new team principal, MichaelN is confident the team have got the right person for the job…

I think people discount Vasseur because his last couple of years at Sauber have been fairly low key. But he has a strong record in motorsport and, perhaps crucially, has business savvy that should serve him well when it comes to managing a big operation like the Scuderia.

Whether or not Vasseur can put the right people in the right place to make Ferrari win a title remains to be seen, but one thing has become certain since 2018: the gamble on giving Binotto the full control he so vocally desired did not produce the promised results.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Tom Watson and Ian Hayward!

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  • 10 comments on “Lawson demos 2011 RB7 at Mount Panorama”

    1. The sound of that engine at Mt. Panorama sends shivers up my spine. I remember the first F1 race I attended, a street race, and the sound of the NA engines echoing off the buildings as I neared the track made me start running to get there sooner. We’re missing a big part of F1 now, IMHO, the thrill of hearing those engines doing impossible revs and wondering how it was even possible they could run like that. I certainly wouldn’t mind having V10’s revving to 18,000 rpm again…….

      1. Agreed. Just the sound of the those engines is/was such a huge part of F1. Hearing them screaming round a track in person is just something else.

        1. Also, great F1 commentary by Chad Neylon and Garth Tander there. Maybe Crofty could take a leaf out of their book?

        2. These older V8 cars get a better reception doing a short demo on their own than the current ones do in a race with 20 cars.

      2. Much better way to launch a livery than whatever Red Bull were doing in New York.

        1. Is there a livery difference between this car and the new one?
          Maybe this was the reveal, and they just had the media party in New York…

          1. Someone in an anorak can answer that. But I’m not sure what Bybit were up to in 2011, and that year’s car didn’t have Oracle down the side.

    2. Zhou’s tweet image seems familiar, so it must be from about or nearly a year ago.

    3. On conrad straight. the sound that RB11 makes heading towards the camera vs the sound just when it reaches level with the camera’s position is an amazing contrast.

    4. That Formula Ford story sounds more about protecting drivers who compete in it ‘year-in-and-year-out’ from young big spending hotshots with no long-term aspirations to to hang about in FF than anything to do with ‘safety’. Not necessarily a bad thing. For long-term sustainability the further you can be from the F1 ladder the better.

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