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Ferrari hires Esports expert as revenue officer for its racing activities

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Ferrari has announced another change in a senior position within the company with the arrival of Lorenzo Giorgetti as chief racing revenue officer.

Giorgetti will report to CEO Benedetto Vigna, and arrives at the team while continuing to be part of the Global Esports Federation’s board. Prior to that he was the chief commercial officer at Italian football club AC Milan and worked at the RCS Media Group leading the commercial management of its sports portfolio.

He joins Ferrari seven years after the company was publicly listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

“With his experience and leadership, Ferrari will further develop long-term collaborations with our sponsors across all sport activities, including the emerging Esports world, and with our passionate global fan community,” said Vigna.

Ferrari’s racing activities have also expanded for 2023, with the F1 and GT racing programmes now joined by an entry into the World Endurance Championship with a newly designed hypercar prototype.

Giorgetti said joining Ferrari was a “true honour” for him “and I do it with an equal sense of excitement and responsibility.

“Excitement at the great opportunities we can develop together with our esteemed sponsors and fans. And with a profound sense of responsibility towards the history and heritage of Ferrari and to everyone around the world for whom Ferrari is such a unique passion.”

He is not the only new name in a senior position at Ferrari for 2023, as Frederic Vasseur has joined as team principal of the brand’s Formula 1 team.

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2 comments on “Ferrari hires Esports expert as revenue officer for its racing activities”

  1. My first thoughts were what have they failed now

    1. Bit odd. There is no other team with Ferrari’s long record of being competitive (they’ve only ever finished worse than 4th once in the last 40 years, and 4th just six times). Even in the now nine year long turbo-hybrid era, they’ve finished 2nd five times.

      For whatever reason Ferrari finishing 2nd is a bad result, but McLaren’s once in a decade win is enough to make them perennial ‘up and comers’. And never mind the failure of Renault’s own teams since 2005.

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