Perez sure Ricciardo will be “massive help” and not a threat to his seat

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Sergio Perez says he is pleased to see Daniel Ricciardo arrive at Red Bull as the team’s reserve driver – and does not see the return of one of his predecessors as a threat to his place at the team.

Red Bull’s line-up for the next two seasons is already confirmed, with Perez signed through to 2024 and his team mate Max Verstappen to 2028. Ricciardo, who is returning to the team after four years with rival outfits, is one of several reserve drivers they have contracted for this year.

“I think we are very fortunate to have Daniel,” said Perez. “The level of experience that he has, and to be able to have him back at the factory with the engineers, he really knows when we are talking about the car, he would really understand what we’re talking about.

“I think it’s great to have someone like him around, and especially on weekends he will be a massive help.”

Perez won three grands prix over his first two seasons at Red Bull – as Ricciardo did. He brushed off any concern that the team’s former driver would be a future threat to his race seat.

“No, when you are at Red Bull Racing, you’re going to perform at your best,” he said. “It doesn’t matter if Daniel is here or not. Red Bull can take pretty much any driver they want in the grid.”

Verstappen also sees the value of Ricciardo‘s return to Red Bull. Ricciardo raced for the team from 2014 to 2018, taking a total of seven victories during that time.

“He’s always been a professional and a super-nice guy to work with as well,” said Verstappen. “As a team mate, from my side, as well, but I think also for the whole team also back at the factory, for the people working at the simulator rely on his experience.

“He’s raced in F1 for a very long time, he’s a race-winner, so we’re very happy to have him on board, that’s for sure.”

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2023 F1 season

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10 comments on “Perez sure Ricciardo will be “massive help” and not a threat to his seat”

  1. Few pay drivers ever could be as relaxed as Checo that their benefactors will pay on time.

  2. I’m sure this is going to be the lingering story throughout the season, the one the media are eager to highlight every time Perez puts a foot wrong or when Ricciardo speaks about the ventures and possibilities within his RB contract.

  3. This is such a useless PR statement by Perez. None of it is meant honestly, it’s just what he is suppose to say, nothing more unfortunately.

    This puts Perez in a much harder position than he was – the presence of Ricciardo will not only pose a threat to Perez in terms of his performance, but even more so in terms of his servitude towards the team as Verstappen’s helper.

    1. the presence of Ricciardo will not only pose a threat to Perez

      You are completely misunderstanding Checo’s position in the team.

    2. Ricciardo almost feels like a negotiation weapon that Horner acquired in case Perez refuses to let Max by. Perez should be more subservient next season for sure.

  4. Yeh…



    However you look at it DR was a serious threat to MV and I imagine that if his boss at the time when they had a ridiculous coming together in Azerbaijan had his mind on anything other than a one driver team, even treated that ridiculously infantile move as it was played out, and not done the whole and obviously hurtful (50.50) stunt, he would still be there giving MV a far harder time than Checo is either capable of or even wishes to. And getting far bigger points.

    For the championship bit they care little for.

  5. Perez sure Ricciardo will be “massive help” and not a threat to his seat

    LOL! Yeah, and that guy talking to your wife isn’t trying to hit on her either!

  6. It all depends whether Ricciardo finds his mojo back, doesn’t it? Perez is the better driver right now, but he would be no match to a Ricciardo in the first stage of his career.

    It is a bit early to talk about a F1 return. His mental recovery might take longer than a year. He will need to rebuild himself from the ground up. The familiarity of the Red Bull environment will be of great help to him. Both parties want this to work out. If he does come back (which is not a given), I hope we will be treated by a joyous third stage of his career. We all want to see that all conquering smile back, don’t we?!

    1. We all want to see that all conquering smile back, don’t we?!

      Please get a room.

  7. Tictoc tictoc tictoc

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