Alfa Romeo C43 launch show car, 2023

Pictures: Alfa Romeo puts its 2023 F1 car launch model up for auction

2023 F1 season

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Alfa Romeo are auctioning off the C43 they unveiled at their launch event on Tuesday, with current bids sitting at over £80,000

The car is a model of the chassis which will be raced this season by Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu. It is being sold by the team through Formula 1’s own F1 Authentics platform.

The model, which is a show car and not designed to be driveable, is in Alfa Romeo’s 2023 livery featuring their new sponsors and more prominent use of unpainted carbon fibre. Alfa Romeo says that the car depicts its true C43 it will race this season, in launch-specification.

Offered on F1 Authentics, the car features a steering wheel with functioning screen as well as working rain lights. The winning bidder will also receive the race suits and race boots worn by Bottas and Zhou for the launch, signed by the drivers.

Currently, the winning bid sits at £83,000 with the auction due to close at 3pm GMT on Tuesday 21st February.

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2023 Alfa Romeo C43 launch car

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2023 F1 season

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7 comments on “Pictures: Alfa Romeo puts its 2023 F1 car launch model up for auction”

  1. Whatever gets the tills ringing I guess! Reminds me of Jordan with a million 191’s driven by Schumacher…

    1. Is it for charity? Or are they actually doing it for the cash? Seems an odd one. I guess its probably of little value to them after the launch so they think they might as well make a few bucks of it. It’s not the greatest look for an F1 team or their sponsors if they’re just doing it to make money out of it.

      1. Plus whoever buys it may use it for unscrupulous reasons which would harm their corporate partners profile. If I was Williams I’d buy it and have some fun…

  2. Although a launch car, I’m assuming that the aero surfaces have been changed significantly enough so that if a rival team bought it they couldn’t analyse it and gain any ideas. Can’t remember seeing this type of thing before

    1. It will be nothing like their actual 2023 car. It’s their 2023 car in name only, not much different to any launch so far.

  3. I like the idea.
    It is only a model anyway so why not sell it off to someone who is a fan?
    And split the money 50/50 with charity if that keeps the moaners quiet.

  4. I say we all chip in.

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