New Alfa Romeo C43 makes its debut on track in Spain

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Alfa Romeo has become the first team to run its new car for the 2023 F1 season on track.

Valtteri Bottas in the Alfa Romeo C43
The team’s race drivers Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu took turns driving the C43 at the Circuit de Catalunya on Friday.

Alfa Romeo, which is run by Sauber, launched its latest car at its base in Hinwil, Switzerland on Tuesday. However the machine presented by drivers Bottas and Zhou was a model of the design. The team also issued renderings of its 2023 car.

The real C43 has now appeared for the first time at the track which will host the Spanish Grand Prix in June. Alfa Romeo will continue running at the track tomorrow, with reserve driver Theo Pourchaire also getting a chance to drive.

All teams are permitted to conduct a limited amount of running with their current cars outside of races and designated test sessions. Their running is limited to no more than 100 kilometres, which is 21 laps of the Circuit de Catalunya.

Team representative Alessandro Alunni Bravi said the new car’s first run was “the final moment of a long process during which our car was thought, designed, created and assembled, and we take pride in the journey we have completed.

“It was made possible by the commitment, dedication and passion of everyone working in our HQ in Hinwil, and of our technical partners, first and foremost Ferrari. We know the challenges that lie ahead, but we are confident that, with this same attitude, this same hard work, we will be successful and make another step forward.”

The model of the C43 which was presented two days ago is being auctioned by the team. The current highest bid is £98,500.

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6 comments on “New Alfa Romeo C43 makes its debut on track in Spain”

  1. Spanish GP will be in June this year.

    1. @mc4ren The article mentions June & if only edit-corrected, then probably a force of habit, given how long Spanish GP has been in May (excluding the one-off August appearance in 2020).

  2. So far the only team to show a 2023 car and put wheels on the track. Impressive. But it remains to be seen whether initial gains of 2022 can be repeated.

  3. It’s probably just the 2022 car with new livery.

    1. @gabf1 That’s how people might think, but an actual 2023-spec car in this case.

      1. @jerejj thank you. I shouldn’t have been so sceptical! 😉

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