Alfa Romeo C43 launch show car, 2023

Caption Competition 207: Rear view

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Alfa Romeo became the fourth F1 team to show off their livery for their 2023 season on Tuesday, the final year the team will run in Alfa Romeo’s colours.

But what was this individual doing when the car was unveiled at their Hinwil factory?

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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32 comments on “Caption Competition 207: Rear view”

  1. Alfa’s inflatable model was no less real than any of the other launch cars

  2. Bottas is not impressed with the new method of entering the cockpit for this years Alfa….

  3. The birth of a new Alpha!

  4. The return of the blown diffuser!

    1. 👏 Bravo!

    2. Love it

  5. Alfa’s Employee of the Month shows the sun really does shine out of his…Haas.

  6. “Oooh, lemme sniff dat metal, smoke and fire spitting ass! Mmyhm!”

  7. Now I can see the spanner in the works

  8. This wing tastes like licorice.

  9. Inside it, you can see the Ferrari F1-75

  10. Mark misunderstood the task.
    But he got the first taste of that car..

  11. Smell of the success.

  12. Red car and head up the rear-end… Seems legit.

  13. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
    11th February 2023, 18:49

    Nice rim

  14. I love ya coochie

  15. is this the back seat or the front seat?

  16. Novel air intake location catches out curious passer-by

  17. The team were paranoid they’d missed some “Made In Germany” stickers for FIA to find at scrutineering.

  18. Audi get stuck in there?

  19. “I can see the head!”

  20. Suck Dude, suck. Blow is just a figure of speech.

  21. Andreas Seidl despairs as it turns out the Alfa Romeo mechanics don’t even know which end of the car the nose should be placed.

  22. A rare sight of a proctologist in it’s natural habitat.

  23. The question of whether the car unveiled is last year’s car with a new lick of paint was finally solved.

  24. There was no time before the official launch to extricate the Alfa engineer that had superglued his nose the the rear of the car.

  25. Hmm guys … you are sure this is the auction car, because I can see the engine from here!

  26. The crouched guy, thinking while blowing: “For next year’s launch, for God’s sake, please bring the inflator pump. I understand cost cutting but this is too much. Damn these inflatable car launch models! Wish I had taken up Haas’s offer…'”

  27. This picture could easily have been very disturbing if a couple of minutes had elapsed before the picture was taken !

  28. One individual took the first part of the team’s name quite literally to prove his loyalty.

  29. Chocolate. They said the exhaust smells like chocolate. I don’t smell anything.


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