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First pictures: New Williams FW45 makes its debut

2023 F1 season

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Williams have revealed their FW45 car with which they will compete in the 2023 Formula 1 world championship for the first time.

The team shared images of its car ahead of a shakedown run at Silverstone on Monday. Williams had previously unveiled its livery one week ago, including the announcement of a new long-term sponsorship from Gulf.

The new car features enlarged mirrors as per the new regulations and a raised floor as part of the FIA’s measures to reduce the aerodynamic porpoising many teams experienced with the ground effect cars last year.

Drivers Alexander Albon and rookie Logan Sargeant will both get behind the wheel of the FW45 during the shakedown run, in which they will be limited to a total of 17 laps of running. The car, like its rivals, will first run at representative speed for the first time during the sole pre-season test in Bahrain later this month.

Pictures: 2023 Williams FW45

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7 comments on “First pictures: New Williams FW45 makes its debut”

  1. I’m glad they’ve retained at least some of last year’s nose curvature, although I’d need to see it in a frontal view first as well.
    The noses on the cars these days are super thin! With how huge the front wing is, it’s becoming kinda grotesque.

  2. Look like the Dorilton people couldn’t quite get themselves to just copy the Red Bull, so they also put in a Ferrari sidewall.

    Let’s see how long that survives testing.

  3. That’s my first (and only) impression as well. That’s a sign that they really have no strategy or (at least somewhat) clear direction to take. I’m far from an expert, but my impression is that they will probably do even worse than last year, relative to competition. Too bad.

    1. Let’s wait the test. It’s to early to make any conclusion unless you have windtunnel and the suspension rig in your head, at least…

  4. They’ve unveiled a computerised image. This is all so disinteresting.

  5. That Duracell airbox tickles me 😄

    The change in floor height is quite significant by the looks of it. That will be a major change in the aerodynamics across all the cars. Might lead to some surprises in changes in performance between 2022 and 2023…

  6. I really don’t understand why the teams don’t just show the real new car, in daylight, as they’re going to be tested. It’s too late in the build sequence for ‘secrets’ to be revealed and have other teams duplicate them, especially as no one knows how things will work. Teams, take pictures of the cars on their shakedown laps and publish them! You’ll get way more publicity that way.

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