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First pictures: Russell reports “smooth day” after Mercedes W14’s track debut

2023 F1 season

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Mercedes’ new W14 chassis has run for the first time following its launch earlier today at Silverstone.

George Russell was the first of the team’s drivers to sample their new machine for the 2023 season.

The team conducted the first run of its new car last year in difficult circumstances due to strong winds at the circuit. Conditions were more favourable at Silverstone today, where Aston Martin also ran their new car for the first time.

Speaking to media including RaceFans afterwards, Russell said the run had gone well. “It’s been a smooth day, but it’s so difficult to say. Last year we came away from that shakedown not with too many thoughts to be honest, we were so compromised by weather.

“But you’ve got to take the results from today [with] a pinch of salt and make sure there’s no major scares and just make sure the car’s running today in Bahrain. That’s going to be the true test. As much as we want to get out of a day like today it’s kind of meaningless in that regard.”

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  1. So are we all blowing up on bahrain then

  2. George was smiling talking about the car’s performance.

    That’s promising.

    1. That was he doing last year too you can beter waituntill after the tests if he is still smilling.

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