Pictures: Alpine reveal A523 in regular livery and pink colours for first three races

2023 F1 season

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Alpine has revealed its new car for the 2023 Formula 1 season at an event at the Printworks in London.

As last year, the team has presented its car in both a regular Alpine livery and a pink colour scheme based on that of title sponsor BWT. The team will use the pink livery for the first three races of the season.

It will be raced by Esteban Ocon, who is going into his fourth season with the team, and Pierre Gasly, who joins from AlphaTauri.

The Renault-owned brand moved up to fourth place in the constructors championship last year, but was unable to repeat the victory Ocon scored at the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2021. It faces a stiff challenge to close the gap to the teams which finished ahead of it last year, as third-placed Mercedes scored almost three times as many points.

Alpine A523 pink livery, 2023
Alpine will start the season in pink again…
Renault CEO Luca de Meo said he is “optimistic” the team will continue to make gains during 2023. “We did progress the first two seasons,” he said. “I see that the team is coming together always stronger. So I hope that kind of trend will continue.

“Our ambition is to move closer to the top. We are here for the long-term. We are here to create top team. We are here to create a solid team.

“I have the feeling that, speaking to Laurent [Rossi, team CEO], to Otmar [Szafnauer, team principal], to Pat [Fry, chassis technical director], to everybody, that they are getting stronger and stronger together. I think they had a good time during the winter and they could work without a lot of issues.”

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He said the team’s goal is to “get closer to the top guys” in 2023. “We had a certain distance last year, I think it was what, 250 points, something like this.

Alpine A523 regular livery, 2023
…and switch to familiar colours for the rest of the year
“The gap is large, so we have room for for improvement. That’s our ambition. And maybe Esteban and Pierre get us a couple of podiums that will make our Sunday even more joyful.”

The A523 has already completed its first laps at Silverstone earlier this week. Ocon said the chance to drive the car already was a “little bonus.”

“It has been obviously sensational to be driving again,” he said. “All these hours of work from everyone from Viry to Enstone, thousands of people working to deliver this car. It’s just been great to just let it go out the garage, put full throttle for the first time. That gave me, obviously, the smile.”

Gasly said he was “extremely excited” to see the first Alpine car he will race. “What a beautiful, beautiful car.

“It’s a new beginning for me, the start of a new journey and I must say I’m extremely motivated and just cannot wait to hit the track.”

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Pictures: 2023 Alpine A523

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16 comments on “Pictures: Alpine reveal A523 in regular livery and pink colours for first three races”

  1. This car has such a beautiful classic look from the side view. Mmm.

  2. Gavin Campbell
    16th February 2023, 20:46

    That is either a terrible render or they are trying to hide a lot of detail around their side pods.

    I mean it’s a render just do a basic shape or even just stick last years on. Strange!!

    1. Real car was pictured on the filming day in Monday and it looks more an evolution of last year

      1. petebaldwin (@)
        17th February 2023, 10:25

        It looks much more interesting in those shots. The studio pictures seem to really dumb it down somehow.

  3. Copy/paste and give it some different colours ( with exception of the top 3 teams)

  4. All that heavy paint? They’ve got no chance!
    It is a lovely shape with the long nose, one of those cars that looks fast standing still. Would have looked great in the original all-blue Alpine colours.

  5. Both Alpine’s liveries look great. Top 3 liveries for me, in no particular order, are Alpine, Mercedes, McLaren.

  6. I prefer the pink version, much like last year.

  7. Cars are looking depressingly similar this year….. Mercedes sidepods been the exception.

    Seems like they have all basically found the best direction to go under these horribly restrictive regulations and that it’s going to basically end up looking like a spec series.

    1. I honestly don’t understand how you can say that. There are different design philosophies all over the field and cars differ much more from each other than the previous generation of F1 cars did. Already look at the side pods of the top general top 3… all three completely different.

  8. So one more event than last season for the pink-dominant alternative livery.
    Surprisingly, they didn’t use this design in Melbourne last season already.

  9. The BWT pink just doesn’t do it for me

    1. Same! There are so many shades of pink that look great on race cars, just not this one

  10. I like that Alpine has a realistic goal — a podium or two. Nice to see a team that’s not over-ambitious.

  11. It’s a very good looking car in my opinion. Very clean lines. One of the best this year. I hope it goes as well as it looks.

  12. Let’s see if Alonsos luck continues like it has been for past 15 years or was it the right time to move on from alpine

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