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Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly are preparing for their first season as team mates together at Alpine in 2023.

But what were the pair doing when the team snapped this photo before the launch of their new car on Thursday? Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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49 comments on “Caption Competition 208: Sitting around”

  1. Laura Anderson
    18th February 2023, 9:06

    Waiting for the season to begin…

  2. Ocon: I’m telling you Pierre, this is a French team, we are French, if we sit here and strike they will have to pay us what Hamilton gets paid, they have no choice!
    Gasly: hey is that Mike Schumacher going into the office?

  3. okalpineyouwin
    18th February 2023, 9:35

    betting how many races Alpine will use the stunning “pink” livery

  4. Alpine’s new break recovery system being put through its paces in the wind tunnel.

    1. @effwon I won’t even bother coming up with one now. If this doesn’t win, I don’t know what will! Super caption :)

  5. Go and sit on the naughty step and only come back when you can behave like grown ups

  6. “Why on earth we french say sit in two different words

    1. @qeki I know everything in Caption Competition is supposed to be light-hearted anyway, but I assume your indirect reference concerns French numbers from 70 to 99.

      1. @jerejj For me almost every french word sounds like gibberish

        1. @qeki Okay, the same for me sometimes, although I generally struggle more with pronunciation.

  7. It only took one race for a call to the principal’s office

  8. Even when not moving Esteban somehow manages to collide with his team mate.

  9. Geesh, this pink’s embarrassing……..

    1. I was going to say “If we must…” but awkward encapsulates it better.

  10. Simulators have come so far as F1 teams push the limits on accuracy. Here, Alpine’s drivers are simulating a double DNF.

  11. Surrounded by all the people who give a damn about their rivalry…

  12. Esteban and Pierre could feel their enthusiasm for the new season quickly draining away.

  13. If it was an air raid siren and nobody else is down here…
    Yeah I know we could be the last two people in the world.

  14. Facing an uncertain future in F1, the Alpine drivers decided to practice living in the gutter for a while.

  15. Waiting for a bus?

  16. Alpine’s 2023 drivers take time out in the room previously used to store Fernando Alonso’s ego.

  17.’s pink isn’t it

  18. Ocon and Gasly waiting for a ride after their 6th clash.

  19. Elbow me again and I will break your arm!

  20. Alpine have launched an appeal after a break-in to their trophy room. Gendarmes are looking for a large blue carpet.

  21. Though budget cap-friendly, Alpine’s new toilet facilities left much to be desired.

  22. Pierre and Esteban discussing who should get the first drive in the Alpine A523.

  23. Ocon, “So, what do you think of this latest compost toilet initiative?” Gasly, ” I’m ok with that, it’s the fans new open all areas access that worries me.”

  24. Ocon:I spy with my little eye something beginning with P…
    Gasly: Pirelli?
    Ocon: No
    Gasly: Pierre?
    Ocon: No
    Gasly : Please tell me it’s not Pink ..
    Ocon : your turn …..

  25. So when does this 100 race plan end?

  26. Alpine’s drivers in the French team’s new, state of the art, labor strike simulator.

  27. PG: “Tell me about that Singapore DNF again”.
    EO: “…and then you sit down like that and wait for the train to come. It only works when the retirement comes at a street circuit”.

  28. Alpine makes it’s drivers sit on the bare floor in preparation for RAWE CHEEK

  29. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
    19th February 2023, 14:12

    You started it

    1. Brilliant, you should win with that. :)

  30. EO: You know what camarade, no matter what they say, it’s the same car as last year. I don’t know if I can pull it for another year. There are no funds left for aero / engine fixes this year. Only hope is that Andretti buys us out.
    PG: I should have taken hint why Alonso left. All the discussions that I have seen ever since joining have been related to the car color only.

  31. This is the last time you are side by side with me this season. From now on, you will be staring at my fog light!

  32. Draw us like your French girls!

  33. “No, I won’t let you off, you can both stay there in the silly corner until you agree to be nice to each other, or I’ll give your cars to any other French Driver who smiles”.

  34. Yeah, Alonso took all the furnitures…

  35. We are going to be replaced by women next season.

  36. Pushing your teammate off the track or just spreading your legs into his space? Rule #1: Never miss the chance to express your dominance!

  37. Their relationship was pretty much in the gutter at this point

  38. It seems that no matter how still Esteban is, he always manages to bump into his teammate.

  39. What preseason testing will look like in 2024.

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