Pirelli tyres, Bahrain International Circuit, 2023

Extended practice sessions at Japanese and Mexican GPs for 2024 tyre tests

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In the round-up: Pirelli motorsport director Mario Isola has confirmed teams will test prototype tyre compounds for 2024 during this year’s Japanese and Mexican Grand Prix weekends

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Pirelli to hold 2024 tyre tests during Japan and Mexico weekends

Last year, Pirelli were permitted to schedule two tyre tests during second practice sessions at the Japanese and United States grand prix weekends. The sessions were extended from 60 minutes to 90 and the teams were bound to run to a tyre programme set by Pirelli in both. Following heavy rain at Suzuka, the test intended for that weekend was postponed to the Mexican Grand Prix.

Speaking to media including RaceFans during the Bahrain test, Isola confirmed they would conduct two more tests in 2023.

“In-event testing will be in Mexico and Japan with the same format that you saw last year,” he said. “It’s a good opportunity to finalise the compounds.”

Pirelli will also conduct an extensive in-season tyre testing programme with teams through the year. “We have all the teams involved and we have a total of 35 days,” Isola confirmed.

Gasly expecting some “lonely races” if Alpine retain fourth place

Pierre Gasly expects some “lonely races” as Alpine strive to close the gap between the midfield and the top three teams.

Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes dominated last year’s championship, taking 65 out of 66 podium places in the season. After joining Alpine, who finished fourth in 2022, Gasly says he expects some “lonely races” as the team tries to catch the leaders.

“Clearly the target is to focus on the top three,” he said. “We don’t really want to look back, but then we can never exclude all the teams.

“Aston Martin looked pretty decent during this test. I think there are a couple of other teams which looked pretty strong. But I think the main target definitely is to close that gap with the top three. If it means we have some lonely races, then that will be the case. But if it means that we get a better chance to score a top five or a podium at times, then that will be also more exciting.”

Sargeant “pretty lucky” to have three home races in rookie season

Williams rookie Logan Sargeant says it is “pretty cool” that he will race three times in his native United States during his rookie Formula 1 campaign.

There will be three grands prix held in the US this season, the Miami Grand Prix, the United States Grand Prix and the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix in November. The Florida-born driver says he is looking forward to the opportunity to race in America.

“I think it makes me pretty lucky, that’s for sure,” Sargeant said. “I think it’s just a great opportunity to have family and friends at the race, to be able to feel that home energy and home atmosphere. I’ve never raced at home, so that’s going to be a pretty cool opportunity. I want to make them three of my best.”

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Comment of the day

With Aston Martin confirming that reserve driver Felipe Drugovich will be asked to replace Lance Stroll this weekend if Stroll is not fit to race, @red-andy believes the team has made the right choice…

Quite right too, it is always disappointing when teams employ young drivers in reserve roles and then don’t allow them to race if the opportunity presents itself.

I always think back to 2013 or so when Lotus had the opportunity to field the reigning GP2 champion for a couple of races at the end of the season because Kimi was injured… but they went for Heikki Kovalainen instead, with predictable results.
Red Andy

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Hedgey, Kolon, Verstappen and Andae23!

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9 comments on “Extended practice sessions at Japanese and Mexican GPs for 2024 tyre tests”

  1. In raising the ‘anti dilution’ fee they have effectively ensured that no privateer/independent team will be able to enter as I can’t see anybody been able to pay that on top of what is already required to get the facilities sorted, Hire the staff & build & run 2 cars with spares.

    Even the strongest Liberty supporters have to admit that the direction they have gone in terms of seeing teams as franchises and essentially blocking new entry’s isn’t a positive for the sport. The bank balances of Liberty & existing teams maybe, But there is no positive to this for the sport as a whole.

    1. The real kicker will be when a manufacturer approaches F1 and requests they waive the fee for their entry (of course they won’t be able to unless they want a lawsuit on their hands from prior applicants)

  2. I can’t wait to read a tell-all about this Andretti F1 saga. It’s ironic with F1 so desperate for the attention of the American market they are doing everything in their power to keep out arguably the largest name in US Motorsport

    1. That is one way to do Indianapolis 2005 all over again.

  3. $600m to be allowed an entry into F1 – and that’s just the franchise fee.
    F1 just became a $1Billion+ investment (subject to peer approval).

    Congratulations Liberty – your Concorde Agreement has now officially killed F1 in terms of being even remotely related to its original concept.
    It has become 100% business now. Sporting integrity is long gone.

    I expect that if Andretti/GM actually did cough up this incredible extortion fee, comments from existing teams and F1 would then be completely positive in every possible way, and completely disregard the flaming hoops they’d have made Andretti jump through along the way.
    “We are always glad to have more competition in F1.”
    “We are happy to see F1 expanding.”
    “This will definitely help us continue to grow.”
    “We wanted them here all along.”

  4. As the Japanese GP got replaced by the Mexico City GP, ironically, a similar situation could arise again, but with the Japanese GP getting replaced by the US GP.

    Same general view as the COTD. The reserve driver role exists for a reason, so teams should always use that whenever a need for substitution arises rather than look outside first.

  5. Coventry Climax
    27th February 2023, 12:28

    “ape town” vs “Cape Town” that’s not a typo you can afford to make these days.

    1. Well spotted (and not corrected by the author nearly 18 hours later…)

  6. At this point, I can’t believe that F1 / Liberty isn’t in violation of some form of anti-trust law.

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