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New deal keeps Austrian Grand Prix on F1 calendar until 2027

2024 F1 season

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The Austrian Grand Prix’s contract to appear in the Formula 1 world championship has been renewed, keeping the race on the calendar until the 2027 season.

The existing contract expires after this year’s race in July. A new deal has been agreed between F1 and the race’s promoter Projekt Spielberg to cover the next four seasons, keeping the race at the Red Bull Ring.

Austria’s grand prix started off as a non-championship F1 race in 1962, held on Zeltweg Airfield, then joined the calendar in 1970 once it had switched to the Osterreichring. The race disappeared from F1 in 1988, and was not revived until 1997 when it returned to the redesigned and renamed A1-Ring.

It only stayed on the F1 calendar for seven seasons before another decade-long absence and another name change for the circuit. F1 headed back to the Styrian Alps in 2014, with the track now named after its current owner Red Bull.

“The Austrian GP brings together the perfect mix of a challenging track, high-speed racing, and a beautiful venue for our fans, so I am delighted that we will be coming back to the Red Bull Ring until at least 2027 under this new agreement,” said F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali.

He also paid tribute to Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz. His death last year led to a nervous winter for many of the sports companies owned by the brand as a new management strategy for its business portfolio was formulated.

“As we celebrate the 10th year since our return to Spielberg, I would like to thank everyone involved in this renewal, especially the promoter and Red Bull,” Domenicali continued. “I want to pay tribute to Dietrich Mateschitz for the love, passion, and vision he brought to F1 that has ensured the continued success of the event and the huge enthusiasm for our sport in Austria and around the world.”

Projekt Spielberg’s general manager Erich Wolf added: ““We are proud of the special partnership we have with F1, and we are absolutely delighted to be welcoming the top class of motorsport to the Red Bull Ring for a further four years.

“In signing this contract extension, F1 has made a strong commitment to Austria, Styria and the Murtal region. As we enter the tenth year of our partnership with F1, we want to celebrate this milestone with all the great fans of the sport and to thank them for their loyalty and the tremendous atmosphere they help to generate. Everyone is invited to experience another great race weekend at Spielberg in 2023.”

The full 2024 F1 calendar is yet to be confirmed.

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5 comments on “New deal keeps Austrian Grand Prix on F1 calendar until 2027”

  1. Never under threat.

  2. Too bad they no longer use the long österreichring layout.

    1. That would be interesting but there isn’t a complete track following that alignment. Some of the old asphalt is there on the south end but it’s not in condition for racing, has no safety improvements, and it’s being used for track access and materials storage. It was considered dangerous when it was last used back in 1985. The portions of the osterreichring wised by the RBR were all realigned. None of those turns are the same as they were before the A1-ring was built.

      1. *used by the RBR

  3. playstation361
    16th March 2023, 14:38

    Partiality. Clearly shows where FIA is heading. I personally think FIA is only getting more brand oriented.

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