Caption Competition 211: Ricciardo’s back and something’s afoot

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Daniel Ricciardo returned to the Formula 1 paddock at his home race last weekend for the first time since leaving McLaren at the end of last year.

He’s on test and occasional reserve duties for Red Bull this year having returned to the team he left at the end of 2018.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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46 comments on “Caption Competition 211: Ricciardo’s back and something’s afoot”

  1. Jaime Engstrom
    8th April 2023, 9:25

    All hail the Shoey!!

  2. Ricciardo stopped for shoey security check.

    1. Brundle, still frothing for shoeys, has Daniel and the Red Bull crew working like a shooey assembly.

      1. Shoey pitstop crew?

    2. I really liked yours though.

  3. RedBull was worried Ricciardo wouldn’t keep his feet on the ground on his return

  4. Derek Edwards
    8th April 2023, 10:11

    Red Bull’s budget cap fine meant getting by on a shoestring.

  5. Ricciardo still manages to clock a sub 2 second change of boots.

  6. Red Bull has found a new way to practice pit stops to stay within the cost cap.

  7. RandomMallard
    8th April 2023, 11:06

    The Lord of the Bulls: Return of the King

  8. A searching for the new cup for coffee.

  9. Something’s wrong with the shoe laces. I could come up with more creative ideas for some other images.

  10. Wait, guys, there’s still some champagne in here!

  11. Two years and McLaren couldn’t work out why Daniel was struggling. 5 minutes and Red Bull fixed the problem. Welcome home!

  12. Shoeies we’re so much more fun when I was driving.

  13. Try these Air Neweys, they have more downforce.

    1. I Like it.

  14. Electroball76
    8th April 2023, 14:30

    As an F1 superstar, Dan was constantly mobbed by groupies whenever he stepped outside.

  15. “But we have always done this for Master Verstappen sir.”

  16. Random alcohol tests of F1 drivers has gone too far I tell you!

  17. daniel is back guys we have tie his shoes up now.

  18. That’s why red bull is over budget because the have professional shoe tie boys.

  19. Sergey Martyn
    8th April 2023, 18:25

    Pretty soon he joined the club of ex-racers who can’t even tie their own shoelaces.
    I hope he can still put on his own underpants by himself…

  20. RedBull found a new way to smuggle drinks in the paddock without breaking the cap.

  21. Don’t tie the laces too tight mate. I may have to take them off to drink from ma boots!

  22. Australian people needs velcro shoes so they don’t fall into the sky.

  23. Red Bull went all out to prove to the world’s media that Danny Ric really did have a spring in his step after rejoining them.

  24. Red Bull’s Maundy Thursday Foot Washing ceremony was a low key affair, but Daniel was sure he was one of the ones who should have been washing feet.

  25. Daniel insisted on a clause in his contract that the team needs to demonstrate that they are ready to perform a pitstop at all times.

  26. Chris Coppulotta
    9th April 2023, 1:22

    “Zak, it’s Daniel. Sorry, mate. They found the tiny cameras.”

    1. Nice :)

  27. Hey, I was told that their was no strings attached to the deal!

  28. Ricciardo makes sure no one can accuse him of lacing his drinks

  29. This is my brake foot.

  30. Many were hoping the budget breach penalty would leave Red Bull with their hands tied. But it turns out Red Bull had put plenty of practise into untying themselves.

  31. Richard Hill
    9th April 2023, 18:15

    ‘Too tight?! Don’t worry Daniel you won’t be needing to take them off quickly for shoey’s anytime soon’

  32. Retired and prepping for the retirement home where they dress you, daily!

  33. “Thanks guys for checking the tongue on my shoes, Christian warned me that sometimes it becomes loose”.

  34. Shortly after this picture was taken, Daniel veered into some unsuspecting photographers. It was found that the left shoe man had not fastened it properly.

  35. Dean Stewart
    10th April 2023, 9:53

    Pit stops were a little different for Daniel in 2023…

  36. Horner in the background ……….”there, steel wires for laces, and manacles round your ankles and we are free from the chance of you ever making us drink your foot juice”

  37. Perez denied any concerns about his current form while using his mob connections to get Ricciardo measured up for some concrete shoes.

  38. Shoe tiers:
    WE’RE NOT WORTHY!!!!!!!!!
    WE’RE NOT WORTHY!!!!!!!!!
    WE’RE NOT WORTHY!!!!!!!!!
    WE’RE NOT WORTHY!!!!!!!!!


    Shoe tiers: EXTREME CLOSE UP, PLEASE!!!

    Riccardo: Looks good to me!!

  39. We need to change these so you can give Checo the boot.

  40. You see, double knot. He’s on the lash tonight and who knows what could happen

  41. “Redbull gives you wings” … “Riccardo we must put these wings on your ankles, wait one minute.”

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