(L to R): Kevin Magnussen, Haas; Alex Albon, Williams; Baku Street Circuit, 2022

Main DRS zone shortened for Azerbaijan Grand Prix

2023 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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The DRS zone on the longest straight at the Baku City Circuit has been shortened for this weekend’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Drivers were previously able to activate DRS 347 metres after turn 20, the final corner on the track. For this year’s event the activation point has been moved 100 metres closer to the start-finish line, reducing the total distance where DRS can be used.

The track’s other DRS zone, which begins at the exit of turn two, is unchanged, as are the detection points for the zones

Before the season began, the FIA announced it would adjust the DRS zones used at the first five venues on the calendar. Not all these changes have been done to reduce the availability of DRS, which some expected might take place in the second year after F1 revised its technical regulations to aid overtaking.

Another DRS zone was shortened at the Bahrain International Circuit. But in Melbourne an extra DRS zone was used in the race for the first time, and in Jeddah an activation zone was repositioned.

A further change to the DRS rules will be tested for the first time this weekend. While drivers may only use DRS two laps after the start or a Safety Car period in the grand prix, activation will be permitted one lap earlier in Saturday’s sprint race.

Baku City Circuit track map, 2021
Baku City Circuit track map

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2023 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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  • 3 comments on “Main DRS zone shortened for Azerbaijan Grand Prix”

    1. Makes sense, good move. There’s a good chance you wouldn’t even need a DRS zone on this track at all.

      1. You certainly don’t need it for the s/f straight – if you include the final flat out curves, you have approx. 2km of ‘straight’! That’s plentiful, even for these ground effect cars.

        The 1st DRS zone however is a really nice addition – it keeps cars close together and potentially opens up an overtake where you wouldn’t usually have one (which, for me, is the best use of DRS).

    2. Shortening Baku’s S/F straight activation zone length is at least more justifiable than the 8-meter reduction in Bahrain, given no easy-looking passes have happened at BIC’s equivalent straight (& the same with Miami Autodrome in its inaugural & so far only race).
      Baku City Circuit has featured them occasionally, similar to Montreal’s back straight & to a lesser extent, Interlagos’ S/F section, albeit nowhere near as much as Kemmel straight.
      I didn’t expect as much as 100 meters, though.

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