Red Bull RB19 Miami Grand Prix livery, 2023

Red Bull reveal fan-designed livery changes for Miami Grand Prix

2023 Miami Grand Prix

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Red Bull has revealed the revised livery it will use for this weekend’s Miami Grand Prix.

The team has added three stripes in purple, pink and blue to the RB19’s flanks for this weekend’s race. The changes were designed by Martina Andriano, a graphic design student and fan of the team who won a competition to customise their look for the event.

The Miami Grand Prix is the first of three American rounds on the 2023 F1 calendar. Red Bull will use liveries created by fans at each US event.

Andriano’s winning entry was selected from thousands by Red Bull team principal Christian Horner and representatives of their sponsors.

“The Make Your Mark initiative is great, to give our fans the opportunity to influence our design at the three USA races is something you just don’t see other teams doing,” said Horner.

“The design keeps the ethos of who we are but introduces Miami to the RB19 as well,” he added. “We are definitely going to stand out when you see that car on track.”

Following this weekend’s race at the Miami International Autodrome, F1’s other US rounds will take place at the Circuit of the Americas in October and a new street circuit in Las Vegas the month after.

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Pictures: Red Bull’s Miami Grand Prix livery

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24 comments on “Red Bull reveal fan-designed livery changes for Miami Grand Prix”

  1. I hope the hint of the trans flag in that livery is on purpose

    1. or a mere coincidence ?

    2. MaddMe (@)
      4th May 2023, 8:57

      @bascb My thoughts too.

    3. I hope the hint of german flag is not on purpose.

    4. Of equal importance is the soft/medium compound tyres. First stint they identify as softs, second stint they identify as mediums. The requirements for using two compounds is met. Tyres can’t advocate for themselves so I’ve (or ORBR) have.

    5. @bascb Don’t say that. Governor DeSantis will not be happy! The event will probably be cancelled next year.

  2. The blue-purple-pink combination is the only difference from the standard livery.

    1. couldntstopmyself
      4th May 2023, 8:01

      As is stated in the article!

      Sometimes it feels that you just comment for the sake of commenting, rather than sharing something with us.

      1. shouldhavestpopedyourself

        1. couldntstopmyself
          4th May 2023, 8:35

          As stated in my handle!
          I couldn’t ;)

        2. Raymond Pang
          4th May 2023, 11:48

          Should have St Poped Yourself?

      2. @couldntstopmyself I just wanted to point out & to be honest, I didn’t even bother reading the article because the images are enough.

        1. @couldntstopmyself Hear, hear

          @jerejj At last you admit it 👏. Took long enough, but this day will be remembered 100 years from now

  3. “something you just don’t see other teams doing”

    McLaren definitely did something similar with up-and-coming artists last year, but Horner can be forgiven for not noticing it… unfortunately it’s hard to notice that Macca is on the grid these days.

  4. If you keep the CamoBull, DisruptoBull, ChevronBull and WingsforLife livery in mind, this new livery is an underwhelming anticlimax.

    RB used to make bold statements with their special liveries.

  5. So “just add 3 stripes” was enough to win this competition…. I should have entered.

    1. well, off course it should not be too different from the normal corporate livery, right @geemac, that might confuse people. But is feels good to pretend this is a huge change and something unprecedented (see also that tweet above about the McLaren livery last year, not to mention the helmets of many many drivers etc)

  6. Amazing. Much more same than before

  7. That’s so underwhelming. They showed some of the other entries on instagram the other day and they were miles better, even if all of them didn’t feel like “special liveries” more like “livery tweaks”

  8. The stripes on their own are pretty cool but those two liveries do not go together. I think this is easily RBs worst. Surely you’d at least choose something that compliments the existing livery? I guess it is Miami and the entire event is garish, so… it fits.

  9. Guess I’m the only one who kinda likes it then… :-)

  10. Looks like it’s going to be hard to spot the differences at all front a front-on view of the car.

  11. Not wildly impressed to be honest. If that was the best work by a graphic design student then the standard is pretty low.

    1. I think they selected this one was it weights not much more then normal.

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