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Movie crews won’t disrupt paddock, Leclerc insists

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In the round-up: Charles Leclerc insists that having Brad Pitt and Lewis Hamilton’s movie production crew in the paddock will not be a distraction for him or his fellow drivers.

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Movie crews won’t disrupt paddock, Leclerc insists

A film production crew, Dawn Apollo Films – set up by Lewis Hamilton – will be filming on location in the F1 paddock across the rest of the 2023 season as part of a movie about Formula 1 starring Brad Pitt.

Asked by RaceFans whether having the filming crews around the paddock would be a distraction to drivers and teams, Leclerc replied: “No, I don’t think it is.”

“In the end, one more camera or one less camera, I don’t think we realise it that much,” Leclerc continued.

“I think it’s amazing for the sport, though, I think it’s great. It gives us a really big visibility, big reach to people that might not know or might not be interested so much into Formula 1 just for them to understand it in a better way, in a more lucrative way and with the movie I think is the best possible way. So no or at least for me, it won’t add any pressure, but I don’t think for anybody, as we are getting used to having cameras around.”

Reports elsewhere suggesting Pitt will be driving an F1 car in official session as part of filming plans are not correct – the actor will instead be driving either a modified F2 or F3 car which will be driven only outside of official track activity.

Hamilton to run pride flag on Miami helmet

Lewis Hamilton says he will race with a pride flag on his helmet once again this weekend in Miami in support of the LGBTQ+ community in the midst of a ongoing statewide suppression of their rights.

The Floridian state legislature has passed a series of bills and laws to target rights of LGBTQ people in the state. Asked by RaceFans if questions should be asked about whether it was appropriate to be racing in Miami, which is in Florida, Hamilton said it was “not for me to decide something like that.”

“I have read about some of the decisions that have been made in government here, and I do not agree with it and I do not support it,” Hamilton continued. “And I really do continue to stand with the LGBTQ community. I continue to wear the rainbow flag on my helmet this weekend. And I just really want to continue to support the community here and let them know that I stand with them. And I hope that they continue to fight against it.

“It’s not the people of Miami that are making these decisions it’s the people in government, and that’s the issue. I think all I can do, this sport is going to be here whether I am or not. So while I’m here I’m just going to try and continue to be supportive and just by being here and having them on my helmet, hopefully that speaks volumes.”

Sargeant excited for first car race on home soil

Williams rookie Logan Sargeant says he is looking forward to racing in the United States for the first time in cars.

The Florida-native left the USA in his karting days to compete in Europe. While competing in Formula 4, Formula Renault, FIA F3 and Formula 2, Sargeant never raced in his home nation until this weekend’s Miami Grand Prix.

“It’s amazing to be here,” said Sargeant. “I’ve probably had about a thousand ticket requests at this point – no, maybe a hundred.

“It’s going to be nice to actually take part in my first ever car race in America – that will be pretty cool. Just to see the American fans, our friends and family here. The atmosphere I know is always good in America – the American fans put out. So I’m excited to have that home atmosphere for the first time and really just enjoy every part of the weekend.”

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With Pastor Maldonado being announced as a team mate players can sign to their MyTeam in the upcoming F1 23 game, @qeki wants to recreate the grand prix winner’s finest hour…

Red flags, totally new F1 World and now Maldonado. Can we finally create our own 2012 Spanish GP and burn the whole Williams garage down?

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Sush Meerkat, Daniel Dumlao and Aimal!

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23 comments on “Movie crews won’t disrupt paddock, Leclerc insists”

  1. It’ll be interesting to see of the FIA regard Hamilton’s helmet as a political statement.

    1. It definitely is, whatever FIA decides. My question is why do it here? Why not in Saudi Arabia where their right is even more severe than the US? More and more I feel what Hamilton does apart from racing is just for show. Look at what Seb has done during his time in the sport. Now that speaks volumes.

      1. Because even Hamilton has to deal with personal risk. It’s nice to want things, but Saudi Arabia would have no issue doing anything from grounding Lewis’ plane from leaving or just straight up killing and dismembering someone in another country because they’re critical of them. So yeah, no helmet in Saudi Arabia, and everyone knows why.

        1. @sjaakfoo I mean if the Saudis tried anything funny on Lewis for that is akin to killing any sports event in their country in future. All these investment on sports from these middle east countries is to increase their PR with the west or potential outside investors for life after oil or else they might end up in bad situation if their monarchs dont dole out the goodies.

          1. A dispute with WWE led to them grounding a plane full of wrestlers who then missed the next TV show.

            And nothing happened.

      2. It strikes me as very over the top. Florida’s law everyone freaked about last year stopped young school kids from learning LGBTQ stuff under under 8 years old. If you looked around the F1 calendar I’d bet you’d find gay folks in Miami are among the least oppressed.

        1. There has been many more oppressive laws passed by the Florida state legislature at the best of DeSanits, e.g. extending this age rule about LGBTQ being mentioned in schools upwards and virtually banning drag performances for some reason. I suggest you catch-up on the news.

          The LGBTQ community is being very much targeted. Not to mention some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the U.S. and banning books. Very Nazi Germany.

          All I can say is well done Lewis Hamilton!!!

          1. Well said.

          2. DeSantis and the Florida legislature are more concerned that someone talking about their LGBTQ+ lifestyle may “turn” kids gay (which I hope we can all agree is complete fiction that is peddled only by the intellectually deprived) than they are about the guns literally killing those same kids. It is pure Kafkaesque dystopia.

          3. @g-funk I wish, even just here people still manage to downplay common decency and acceptance as “politics” and “it’s not that bad, all they want is people to not talk about it with kids” as if it’s not actively emotionally harming LGBTQ kids that their identity is made into a taboo not to be talked about like we’re living in the 1950s.

            Good on Lewis for doing this, is the only proper response here, one would think. But alas.

          4. @sjaakfoo It’s actually worse than the 1950s. A teacher in Florida was recently fired for teaching 6th-grade students about Michaelangelo’s David because the parents thought it was “pornographic”. This is some regressive, dark-ages level thinking we are dealing with here. All it does is harm kids and make them less prepared to live in the modern world, interacting with people whose backgrounds may not align 100% with their own.

            I only wish more drivers than Lewis would join him in these displays of solidarity with communities under attack by right-wing extremists.

          5. Again, the drag show thing just prohibits performances where children are attending. I guess I don’t get why doing a sexualized show for kids is the hill the LGBTQ community wants to fight over. The gay community in Miami has much more rights than other places F1 has raced like Jeddah, Bahrain, China, Turkey, Hungary or Russia.

        2. GREAT for Lewis! I hope that he can weather the (possible) storm. He’s bigger than U.S. Steel.

      3. It definitely is

        Being against discrimination is a political statement?

        My question is why do it here? Why not in Saudi Arabia


      4. “Why do it here?” Because Florida needs to be held accountable for it’s government’s terrible decisions, it will stand as an example to other places with the same policies.

      5. Alianora La Canta (@alianora-la-canta)
        5th May 2023, 22:54

        Possibly due to several other FIA regulations having been explicitly or implicitly reversed since Saudi Arabia, thus making resistance to this regulation start to look feasible.

  2. Good news & Pitt driving in an official session without a super license was never going to happen in the first place, so people shouldn’t have got misled by reports.

    Hopefully, everyone can stay safe in Emilia-Romagna.

    Nice helmet design & cute image by Piastri.

    Herta’s joke is good, though, & perhaps even TOTY-worthy.

  3. Nice little dig from Colton.

  4. Thanks for the COTD @willwood

  5. Unicron (@unicron2002)
    5th May 2023, 9:39

    The ‘on this day’ event has totally depressed me… can it really be 20 hears ago that I went to Brands Hatch as a 20 year old to watch Champcar?!

    It was the first time I had been to Brands Hatch and it view me away… however the race sent me to sleep. Not a classic, and that’s putting it mildly.

  6. Dave Hunt
    5th May 2023, 9:45

    I was just thinking the same thing. As a 30 yr old going to Brands the sound of the Champ Cars were amazing but it wasn’t the best idea to host the race on the short circuit only. A good experience though.

  7. Charles – you are in the USA – it doesn’t matter if the film crews disrupt you – just don’t get in their way.

  8. Replacing fossil-fuels with synthetic-fuels is more environmental than replacing every vehicle on the road with an EV equivalent at enormous resource cost.

    The most environmentally friendly thing we can do is keep our old bangers in service for as long as possible and run them on carbon-neutral fuel.

    But of course then we’re not buying/consuming new shiny things so we can’t have that. Will somebody please think of the economy!

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