Race start, Miami International Autodrome, 2023

Vote for your 2023 Miami Grand Prix Driver of the Weekend

2023 Miami Grand Prix

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Which Formula 1 driver made the most of the Miami Grand Prix weekend?

It’s time to give your verdict on which driver did the best with the equipment at their disposal over the last three days.

Review how each driver got on below and vote for who impressed you the most at Miami International Autodrome.

Driver performance summary

DriverQ stageQ positionQ gap to team mateGP grid positionGP result
Max VerstappenQ39-0.514s91
Sergio PerezQ31+0.514s12
Charles LeclercQ27+0.512s77
Carlos Sainz JnrQ23-0.512s35
Lewis HamiltonQ113+0.232s136
George RussellQ26-0.232s64
Esteban OconQ28+0.149s89
Pierre GaslyQ25-0.149s58
Lando NorrisQ116-0.090s1617
Oscar PiastriQ119+0.090s1919
Valtteri BottasQ310-0.527s1013
Zhou GuanyuQ214+0.527s1416
Lance StrollQ118+0.297s1812
Fernando AlonsoQ22-0.297s23
Kevin MagnussenQ24-0.230s410
Nico HulkenbergQ212+0.230s1215
Nyck de VriesQ115-0.104s1518
Yuki TsunodaQ117+0.104s1711
Alexander AlbonQ211-0.343s1114
Logan SargeantQ120+0.343s2020

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Vote for your driver of the weekend

Which driver do you think did the best job throughout the race weekend?

Who got the most out of their car in qualifying and the race? Who put their team mate in the shade?

Cast your vote below and explain why you chose the driver you picked in the comments.

Who was the best driver of the 2023 Miami Grand Prix weekend?

  • No opinion (1%)
  • Logan Sargeant (0%)
  • Alexander Albon (0%)
  • Yuki Tsunoda (1%)
  • Nyck de Vries (0%)
  • Kevin Magnussen (8%)
  • Nico Hulkenberg (0%)
  • Fernando Alonso (36%)
  • Lance Stroll (0%)
  • Guanyu Zhou (0%)
  • Valtteri Bottas (0%)
  • Oscar Piastri (0%)
  • Lando Norris (0%)
  • Pierre Gasly (4%)
  • Esteban Ocon (0%)
  • George Russell (3%)
  • Lewis Hamilton (9%)
  • Carlos Sainz Jnr (0%)
  • Charles Leclerc (0%)
  • Sergio Perez (2%)
  • Max Verstappen (36%)

Total Voters: 128

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26 comments on “Vote for your 2023 Miami Grand Prix Driver of the Weekend”

  1. Surely has to be Alonso. Got more than the maximum result in qualy and brought it home for a safe podium. Max was unstoppable in the race but fluffed qualy. Sergio really should be winning races from pole when his teammate in the same car is so far down the order.

    1. Agreed. Maximised what was possible in both quali and the race

    2. @tommy-c Verstappen was badly affected by Leclerc fluffing qualifying, and Wittich being too slow to red flag the session, leaving not enough time for anyone who hadn’t completed a flying lap to get one done (even though there were 95 seconds remaining, with an outlap possible in that time).

      1. Ultimately yes, but he failed to bank a lap early and it cost him badly. Always a risk.

  2. Was there to war h it. Can only be Max. Except for one mishap in Q3 he was perfect the whole weekend. We sat in corner 6-7-8 and in the race he was the only one who kept his line, smooth around, all laps.

    1. … to watch it…..
      (Is there an edit button?)

      1. Yes, I too voted for Max as the Driver of the Weekend. I’m pleased for Fernando, he got onto the Podium again.
        No, there’s no edit button, so you need to proof read what you’ve written before you post it.

  3. Gasly for me, strong results in both quali and the race, beating Ocon in both, at a time when Alpine desperately needed a result.

    1. Yeah, I also voted for Gasly @geemac. Did a really good quali and race, even though it seems he lost some places to cars that had a bit more fuel at hand to get by towards the end. Well executed and badly needed this.

  4. Verstappen for me, just because of how he made Perez look like a mediocre driver (which he is not). Gaining on Perez with 20 lap older tyres after overtaking 8 drivers was quite impressive.

    1. Perez is a mediocre driver, and always has been. In fact he’s not a “has been”, he’s a “never was, and never will be”

  5. DOTD is definitely VER, but the overall DOTW honor goes to ALO for maximizing both qualifying & race.

    1. +1 And i could add Gasly too

    2. Agree. Max had a great Sunday but his mech advantage is so great that missing Q3 seems like a minor inconvenience. ALO on the other hand needed to do everything perfect both in Saturday and Sunday to make the podium. And he did.

  6. Max was on it whole other level this weekend, didnt get a chance to put on a pole lap but he made up for it with unbelievable race pace, destroyed his team mate while doing so who started on pole.

  7. Voted for Max despite his mistake in qualifying. The red flag was an externality that he could do nothing about. It felt like he had come to this weekend to let his team and the wider audience know that its time to get off the Street King hype train and that is exactly what he delivered in all sessions except in the Q3 run.

    1. Well, he did botch his first Q3 attempt which would probably have put him on pole seeing how dominant he was in practice. P9 was caused by himself, but he made up for it with a brilliant race.

      1. @chrischrill Ironically, I suspect that if Verstappen hadn’t aborted his first attempt, as he didn’t feel it met his standards, he wouldn’t have started 9th. His P9 start was caused by Leclerc messing up (again), and the Race Director deciding not to restart the session, even though 95 seconds is sufficient time to get an out lap complete to start a flying lap.

        1. Well, Verstappen did not abort the lap so much as he went off track pushing.

  8. The race? Verstappen or Hamilton.
    Qualifying? Magnussen
    The weekend? Gasly maybe. Alonso maybe? They both got the absolute maximum out of both Q and R. I’ll give it to the Frenchman for this round.

    1. Surely George was better than Lewis, even on race day, no?

      1. I’m sorry for the faithful brigade but I reckon they’ll never watch another win. And Max looks set to trounce the stats.

        Not El Chueco’s % stats anyway, those I reckon will remain in top for as long as F1 exists.

      2. Over the weekend, Russell was definitely the stronger of the two. Lewis had a great race, beating others who matched his strategy, but was only possible because he was beaten by Russell in qualifying.

  9. Verstappen, despite the q3 mistake. If Leclerc hadn’t gone off, fairly certain to have secure poled by a margin. But really he was impressively fast all weekend and determined to crush any Perez bid for the title with an emphatic show of their difference on a flowing circuit where car balance matters far more. And he did that spectacularly by passing through the field unscathed from 9th (easy bit) on hard tyres and then adding to the stint with impressive Perez-matching pace even when against the latter on new hard tyres. Perez looked deflated after with no excuses to hide behind.

  10. Went for Alonso, but Gasly and Russel had a good week-end too.
    Verstappen made a mistake when it counted – and he admitted it himself. Pérez dropped the ball in the race. The Haas is not as bad as some make it, so Magnussen P4 is not that surprising (he would have slipped down the order had the session finished properly).

  11. Hamilton 9%, Russell 3%.


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