Hamilton expands his support team after split from Cullen

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Lewis Hamilton has revealed the changes made to his inner circle after recently separating from long-term physiotherapist Angela Cullen, with two people now sharing the role.

Cullen became the Mercedes driver’s physio in 2016 and was frequently seen by Hamilton’s side before their unexpected split in March this year. Hamilton said he is now working with a larger group of people to optimise his physical performance.

“I have a slightly different set-up,” he said. “[That] role’s shared between two individuals, the rest of my team is the same.

“The set-up that I have right now is a great one with one of the guys Stevo [Stephen Lord, formerly his race team co-ordinator], that’s been with me since my first race at McLaren.

Hamilton and Cullen worked together for seven years
“He followed me here when I moved from McLaren as my gearbox engineer, and then he’s moved on to several different roles and he’s helping me right now.”

Hamilton has three other people supporting him and working on his training programme. However he continues to stay in touch with Cullen.

“Ange and I were talking just the other day, we stay in contact quite consistently. As I said before, we’re always going to be in each other’s lives, always looking for the next fun adventure whether it be skydiving or whether it be climbing Mount Everest together at some stage probably, who knows and just continuing to support each other in our journeys.”

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The seven-times world champion is in the longest win-less streak of his career, having not scored a victory since the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. During the run-up to the Miami Grand Prix Hamilton shared a social media post from NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo, which said: “You work towards a goal. It’s not failure; it’s steps to success”.

Hamilton said the post resonated with him as he strives to return Mercedes to winning ways.

“I think is it inspiring how he spoke,” Hamilton said. “I would say from my whole career, I’ve seen that viewpoint from certain individuals and I think I could understand the frustration.

“All of us are trying to do the best with what we have and we can’t always win. Last race [Baku] I came from 10th and I got back to sixth, that’s not a failure, that’s just the steps in order to get to where you have to be. You have to go through a whole bunch of lessons which can be painful.

“But, I thought it was just really great and articulate how he put it, and that’s why I reposted it.”

Hamilton is currently fourth in the Formula 1 championship with just one podium finish this season, which he scored in Melbourne.

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10 comments on “Hamilton expands his support team after split from Cullen”

  1. Bring on the radio transcripts from the Miami race. Let’s see if they helped Checo at all.

    1. “Is Max struggling?”
      -“no, he’s just managing”


    2. Apart from this being completely out of context, you’re pretty delusional if you think they could have done something from the pitlane to let Perez win, apart from keeping Max at the pit stop for 30 seconds.

      Perez should – and probably that’s exactly what he does – assume that Max is always pushing to win. There is no other credible scenario. Even if he has half car, he pushes to win. So the only available option for Checo is to push as much as he can.

      There are tracks where he can manage to win – after all, he’s been crowned King of the Streets – and others where there’s simply no way for him to beat Max if the latter doesn’t have a problem on his car.

      He’ll have several other occasions to win races but I’m pretty sure he knows exactly where he stands compared to his teammate in terms of WDC.

  2. Coventry Climax
    10th May 2023, 12:30

    Surely there’s something going on out there that’s more newsworthy than who makes up someones support team?
    It was embarrassing enough to see someone carrying all his stuff while submissively running after Hamilton who’s on a scooter-roller.
    Is this the Fake Liberty/FlatNix effect or what?

    1. I think it says far more about the people who react in fascinating ways to very small pieces of news about one specific driver!

    2. “It was embarrassing enough … ” Oh, so true, that.

    3. Obviously interesting enough for some to comment

  3. Reminds me of when Elvis, remember him, started wearing a cape. After that he was never the same.

  4. Not a win, not a whiff of a podium even. Just gossip.

    Hey, I like that.

  5. No one wondering how large is the entourage that George Russel travels with.?
    Must be sizeable if he is (more than) keeping up with SLH.
    Now …. back to the LH channel for current and breaking news ….. inquiring minds need to know.

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