Las Vegas Strip Circuit in F1 23 screenshot, 2023

Codemasters reveal first images of Las Vegas and Losail circuits in F1 23


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Codemasters have revealed the first images from the forthcoming new edition of the official Formula 1 game, F1 23.

Two circuits on the 2023 F1 calendar which have not previously appeared in the game can be seen in the images.

These are the Las Vegas Strip Circuit, which is due to host its first race in November, and Losail International Circuit, which F1 will race at in October. That Qatari venue previously held a round of the world championship two years ago, but the track did not feature in F1 2021 as the race was announced two months after the game went on sale.

In addition to all 23 circuits the world championship will visit this year, F1 23 features three other venues the series has raced at in recent seasons: Autodromo do Algarve in Portugal, Paul Ricard in France and Shanghai International Circuit in China.

Codemasters have also revealed further details of the major gameplay changes for the latest update of the F1 game franchise. These include revisions to the drive-ability of the vehicles and enhancements for players using gamepads, plus a new 35% race distance option and modelling of red flags.

F1 23 is slated to arrive on June 16th for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X, S and One, and PC on Steam, Epic Games Store and the EA App.

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5 comments on “Codemasters reveal first images of Las Vegas and Losail circuits in F1 23”

  1. The amount of content was never the problem with this game. It’s the implementation. Since they don’t even admit the existence of those issues (from bad physics, silly AI, strange balancing of many game elements to extremely inconsistent difficulty across different tracks which is game-breaking for someone like me and performance issues caused by anti-piracy software implementation and so on). If I saw a screenshot of them mentioning at working on those issues, or at least having any desire to make them less painful, after people complaining for many YEARS, perhaps I’d buy the game. It would be at least worth considering, as arcady as it is, sadly. I think they should sell the license to someone else, but for some reason this is actually a successful concept. Kids will buy anything… At least I’ll suffer through these two races only once a year, without repeating it in a video game.

  2. Ok good stuff, now make the AI and racing better!

    1. Oh and the wet to dry/ dry to wet grip transition batter. I don’t want to be able to drive fast in the wet on slicks.

  3. I’m interested to see if the modelling of red flags will be less erratic than real life?

  4. Codemaster seems to know already that Mercedes is switching to the RB aero phylosophy later this year!

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