Hamilton confident Domenicali won’t “get rid” of classic Formula 1 venues

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In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton is confident Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali won’t cut classic venues from the schedule to make way for more new races.

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‘I’ll always prefer old tracks’ – Hamilton

The addition of new races such as the Miami Grand Prix last year and forthcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix has put some long-established events under pressure. However Hamilton believes F1 is largely getting the balance right between old venues and new ones.

“I like the direction, personally, that it’s going,” he told media including RaceFans. “I like the change that we’re seeing. It’s exciting coming to different parts of the world and different circuits.

“We’ve been on all the other continents, I’m hoping we get to go to Africa soon and that will be an amazing experience for the whole circus to experience the culture there. It’s a challenge from an engineer and a driver’s perspective, go to these new places.”

Spa doesn’t have an F1 deal for 2024 yet
The seven-times world champion says he still has a soft spot for older tracks and expects those in charge will keep them on the schedule.

“Of course I love all the older circuits and I will always prefer the older circuits. Maybe in 20 years, 30 years’ time, some kid will see [Miami] as a historic circuit but this is new for us. But all the old classics like Hungary and Silverstone and the Zandvoort circuit and Monza, they will always be special.

“I think it’s important that we continue to have those in the DNA of Formula 1. And as far as I’m aware, Stefano is not planning to get rid of ones like that. It’s good to have a balance of the two.”

Pourchaire ends F2 test on top

Formula 2 championship leader Theo Pourchaire headed the last of three days of testing at the Circuit de Catalunya. The Sauber junior driver headed the times with a lap of 1’23.943, which put him six-tenths of a second of ART team mate Victor Martins.

Pourchaire caused the first of three red flags with a spin earlier in the day. Ralph Boschung and Ayumu Iwasa caused the other two, while rain prevented drivers from improving their times in the afternoon.

USF2000 trio escape injury as car is launched

Three USF2000 drivers had a lucky escapes in yesterday’s opening race on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course. Max Garcia was launched over the rear of Max Taylor’s car approaching turn seven and landed on Elliot Cox. Garcia then made heavy contact with the barrier. He emerged from his car unhurt, while Taylor and Cox drove back to the pits.

Verstappen tackles virtual Nordschleife

Max Verstappen will be part of Team Redline’s effort in the iRacing Nürburgring 24 Hours today, alongside Diogo Pinto and Ole Steinbraten. The virtual race takes place on the 20.7 kilometre Nurburgring Nordschleife.

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Comment of the day

Three years to judge whether a rookie driver is to scratch is too long for some:

I do so not agree with this. They either perform on par at the end of their first season or they should leave immediately. I am fed up with all these mediocre drivers. This is supposed to be the pinnacle of Motorsport. School time is over.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Stephen, Mclarengal, Quinn and Dbradock!

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34 comments on “Hamilton confident Domenicali won’t “get rid” of classic Formula 1 venues”

  1. Tell us, Sir* Lewis, is the current Kyalami circuit better or worse than all the old classics like Hungary?
    * worthless Boris knighthood, for reflected glory

    1. Tell us non-Sir bullfrog, do you believe drivers read your comments here?

    2. Better than Miami.

  2. As much as I’d like to agree with Hamilton, I suspect that the reality is that the classic tracks would be dropped in a heartbeat if some other “track” certified for F1 puts up a much larger amount of cash.

    I’d have thought that Liberty had made that pretty clear by now.

    1. Alan S Thomson
      13th May 2023, 1:01

      They haven’t learned a thing from NASCAR. They sacrificed the historic tracks for new ones. They haven’t recovered since.

      1. Maybe they want to do it. In the american way. First there is a big hype we will get everything better but after a while you will see “true colors”

      2. The peak of Liberty era was when they became the owners of F1. Whose next? Moto GP? I hope not WEC as it lives the new golden age right now.

    2. See he didn’t even mention spa or monaco, especially with the spa discussions lately he himself is not convinced domenicali wouldn’t drop spa, and there’s hardly a more classic track than that.

    3. Seems very clear indeed. Rather a when than an if scenario.

    4. Harold Wilson
      14th May 2023, 10:58

      Agreed. If Lewis said that, (which I an inclined to doubt) then he had his reality blinkers on when he gave that interview. Liberty media is interested in only 1 thing and we all know what that is. Nothing else matters, NOTHING.

  3. Chris Horton
    13th May 2023, 1:50

    Miami is a boring soulless circuit.

    We do not want a calendar full of concrete block and catch fence lined street circuits.

  4. Coventry Climax
    13th May 2023, 2:19

    Hamilton confident his team makes no mistakes.

    1. Its time for a new formula 1 without the american barf. Sonwe can start racing again instead of running a circus

      1. That would be very nice indeed. Complex for sure. I feel it needs to start with a new governing body next to FIA (better would be ‘replacing FIA’) to have a chance. And that seems undoable politically. Then there is the financial balance which is needed. Would need large capital from purist race lovers who are less interested in large profits but would be happy with a cost neutral set up. Seems far fetched to fund such personalities.

        1. fund=find

      2. Coventry Climax
        13th May 2023, 21:11

        God, I’d love that.
        Talking about circus. Since Trump the saying goes: If you get a clown to rule things, don’t be surprised it ends up being a circus.
        Back in the days, if you’d want respect, you’d need to earn it’. That implies putting in the effort, the work, money even. These days, and the americans for a little longer already, people expect respect to come with the money and effort they take out of things, instead of put in.
        Call me old-fashioned, and I’ll say; No, vintage!

  5. I shudder to think of anyone at any point thinking of the Miami “circuit” as historic. Historic in the same way that Hefty trash bags are historic.

  6. F1 Will die in 10 years if they have tracks like jeddah, miami vegas baku..

    Already its a snoozefest.. atleast there was some competition down the order. (merc or rbr at front ,i really don’t care). They are making so that no car can even pass with street circuits..

    1. Coventry Climax
      13th May 2023, 21:13

      10 years? Optimist!

    2. It’s nearly dead to me.

  7. It’s out with the old and in with the new, whether you like it or not. Tracks or former 3xWDC makes no difference. Miami chamozzle with track and Jackie Stewart is clear evidence. ( Hey! this area is for ceeeelebriteees and racing car people.).
    Old people and old tracks are not wanted (too high maintenance).
    When the new that replace ,rather than compliment them have left , that’s OK, they’ll get new news. These people are well acquainted with the “there’s a sucker born every minute” mantra.
    When that finally falls over they’ll cash out at a profit, and leave the carcass of F1 to be lovingly restored by the dedicated.
    I have the greatest respect for those who keep superceded cars and tracks in pristine and ahem racing condition under the Vintage and Historical umbrella (Display / demonstration only boys NO RACING hehe yeah right.)
    I hope F1 doesn’t join them.

  8. Unfortunately, compromises are necessary, which would inevitably mean classics getting dropped.

    Fast Six is an interesting alternative to Top Six.

    Mayrton makes a good point. F1, as the top circuit-racing series, indeed shouldn’t be a school anymore.

    1. I don’t see how that is a compromise, it sounds quite the opposite.

      1. @Dex
        I tried to mean compromises in classic circuits getting dropped in favor of new temporary/destination city circuits, etc.

  9. I find it interesting that Hungary is considered a classic, when I strongly remember in the 90s and early 00s it being frequently derided as one of the weaker circuits. I guess the changes for 2003 were partly the reason for this change of attitude.
    For the record, I do like Hungary and want it to stay.

    1. I find it interesting that Hungary is considered a classic, when I strongly remember in the 90s and early 00s it being frequently derided as one of the weaker circuits.

      Isn’t the change in view a major indictment of the quality of the street circuits?
      Relative to a set of Tesco car-park loops, then Hungary can be outstanding. I also quite like Hungary, so you aren’t alone.

    2. It’s from the late 80’s. Hardly classic.

  10. We’ve been on all the other continents

    Well that’s just untrue .
    Lewis himself has recently visited Antarctica but I’m certain F1 has never raced there.

    1. As one who visit Antartica i would love to see if they could make a F1 track there and race it must be done in the right season or it will be bloody cold! (-40-80C) instead of just cold (-20-30 C)

      The drivers will not complain about it’s too hot :)

  11. Criticizing Liberty is a bit too easy. All that money raised in fees isn’t going into making fancy YouTube thumbnails or podcasts; a lot of is being paid out to the teams, and they love all this money from these new venues. Some of them barely bother with high profile sponsors, so good is the guaranteed payout they get.

    If they had to pick between racing in Miami and Las Vegas for money, or Belgium and Italy for the glory they’ll go with the first every single time.

    1. Coventry Climax
      14th May 2023, 0:45

      Which is why there is no element of sport anymore and it’s just a business model. Very american.

      1. And was F1 under Bernie not a business model? I agree with MichaelN. Liberty is an easy target, but the reality is that Bernie was just as eager to go racing in Las Vegas and willing to ditch Spa — because he did both. The only difference between F1 under Bernie and Liberty is that Liberty understands the US market and modern media better, and has unlocked the US capital and eyeballs that Bernie and the teams and manufacturers sought for so long. To the extent that Liberty have Americanised the sport, it is only because doing so has given the teams and OEMs what they want.

        1. Agreed. Looking at F1 now, and that driver intro in Miami, I cringe to think what else could be in the offing down the line. I have gone out of my way to watch, albeit recorded, as I work nights, every single race for almost 10 years. I have only recorded the 1st race of this season and not even watched. I check the results of course, and dip in when the races are on, but my interest seems to be waining, and no, its not because Lewis is not winning.

  12. There are barely any classics to get rid of. Monza, Monaco, Spa and Silverstone? They simply took blood money and extended the seasons and will continue to do so preserving the 4 remaining classics.

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