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New F1 23 multiplayer mode takes cues from FIFA’s Ultimate Team


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EA Sports has unveiled a new multiplayer-focused mode to F1 23 called F1 World, which resembles the Ultimate Team modes in its FIFA (EAFC), Madden and NHL franchises.

In its second developer deep dive into the upcoming latest iteration of Codemasters’ long-running official F1 game, EA explored the new F1 World mode, which will encompass the bulk of online multiplayer gameplay in the new game.

Building on the ‘F1 Life’ feature introduced in F1 22, F1 World will offer a progression based competitive mode where players will build their ‘Tech Level’ through competing in online races and completing events and challenges in the game. As players grow their Tech Level, the performance of their cars in racing will also improve, with further challenges being unlocked. The mode will offer daily, weekly and seasonal events for players to complete and will include single player challenges involving F1 and F2 cars, supercars and time trials, as well as multiplayer races online.

Players will be able to upgrade the performance of their F1 World Car through Car Parts and Team Member upgrades. Team Member upgrades will allow players to boost aspects of performance through hiring team principals, strategists and sponsors through a contract system similar to Ultimate Team in FIFA (EAFC) or Madden. Car Parts upgrades will improve the performance of player cars on track.

EA Sports has detailed that all upgrades to F1 World cars will be unlockable through gameplay and unlocked through the returning Podium Pass feature. Players can purchase boosts to their XP by using PitCoin but will not be able to purchase individual upgrades or packs of upgrades directly through microtransactions.

F1 World players will also have the ability to grind for performance boosts by earning Resources which can be applied to Blueprints to craft upgrades with. The game will also include a new Compendium – a virtual sticker album where players will unlock stickers based on F1 figures across history as rewards for completing challenges.

Aside from F1 World, there are also further changes to multiplayer. A revised superlicence system is intended to reward clean drivers and punish ‘rammers’, while a new ranking system will see players separated into divisions with weekly promotions and relegations based on performance, similar to FIFA (EAFC) and WRC Generations.

F1 23 will be released on Friday 16th June on PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and on PC via Steam, Epic Games Store and EA App.

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    6 comments on “New F1 23 multiplayer mode takes cues from FIFA’s Ultimate Team”

    1. Where is my microwave, my carpet or my canvas to my room? F1 game without those is like racing cars without a bad driver. A negative effect.

    2. I never play in multiplayer mode anyway, so indifferent to me.

    3. Hmm, I haven’t read it all but the initial impression is that you’ll be useless online unless you play an ungodly amount of grinding or more or less pay to have a better performing car. There better just be good old fashioned multiplayer without all that where every car has the same performance otherwise it’s a total joke.

      1. RandomMallard
        23rd May 2023, 10:56

        @davidhunter13 In one of the few pieces of good news from yesterday’s press release:

        Whilst Series and Solo & Multiplayer Events use the F1® World car, the entirely overhauled Ranked mode relies on equal performance vehicles to allow pure driving ability to take center stage.

        There is at least still something for the people who enjoy racing in their racing games as opposed to being forced into an unnecessary distraction mode.

        Not quite sure how I feel about the division system, although if it keeps you matched with drivers of your own ability and safety record then I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad development. We’ll have to see though…

        1. As long as I can still set up an online season/league with my mates and equal performance cars the rest is fluff.

    4. Tim (@tsgoodchild)
      23rd May 2023, 8:56

      Maybe its an age thing, but I cannot get excited about another iteration of an F1 game coming around. The £65 asking price is not exactly helping…with the fall out from F122 and I deleted that off my PS5 months ago, I might wait for a reduction of price and the umpteen updates to come through first. I’ll enjoy my summer outside I think.

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