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Slight risk of rain forecast in cloudy Monaco Grand Prix weekend

2023 Monaco Grand Prix weather

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After the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix was called off as a result of the horrific flooding that struck the region after sustained rain in May, everyone in the Formula 1 paddock could be forgiven for hoping for a dry weekend in Monaco.

There is a slight chance of rain affecting each of the three days of running this weekend – however, the risk appears at this early stage to be about as great as they faced during the last round of the championship in Miami.

With no more running on Thursdays, as had been tradition for decades, drivers will get to sample the notoriously tight and twisty street circuit for the first time on Friday. The weather is expected to be partially cloudy with temperatures in the low 20s for both practice sessions. Friday also offers the highest risk of rain over the weekend, with a 40% chance of showers at some point during the day.

On Saturday, conditions are expected to remain largely the same, with a reduced chance of rain possibly hitting the principality in the afternoon, when the most crucial qualifying session of the season will take place.

Race day on Sunday is expected to be the warmest of the three days of track action, but there still remains a small 20% chance of rain affecting the race that cannot be fully dismissed. A similar risk was expected at the Miami Grand Prix earlier in the month, but drivers avoided any rain during any of the sessions in Florida.

This was one of few races last year to begin in wet conditions after a rain shower moments before the scheduled start time. The start was delayed as a result, partly because the race director was concerned no running had taken place in wet conditions earlier in the weekend. A subsequent heavier downpour then caused further disruption.

The race eventually began behind the Safety Car and the Monte Carlo streets dried out over time, allowing Sergio Perez to jump to the lead of the race through the pit cycle.

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2023 Monaco Grand Prix

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5 comments on “Slight risk of rain forecast in cloudy Monaco Grand Prix weekend”

  1. playstation361
    22nd May 2023, 12:46

    The revival of more interest would be developed in F1 if we see upgrades go through from top competitors satisfactory as per our expectations.

  2. While rain in Monaco always increases the chance for excitement, a dry race can also feature decently exciting racing, as, for example, the 2018 & ’19 races demonstrated with lead battles until the end.
    Even with the rain, one should be careful what to wish for, given FIA’s general over-cautiousness with heavier rain conditions.
    Ultimately, having dry weather is most important for a qualifying day because of ultimate lap times.

    1. And ice is cold…

  3. I prefer rain, both in quali and race, though I don’t mind monaco, even in the dry, it has the unique aspect where quali is paramount and strategy is more important than anywhere else in the race.

    1. Oh, and I’m expecting a slight risk of rain to equal no rain ofc, since even when there’s a decent chance it often doesn’t materialise.

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