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Monaco “a good opportunity” for Ferrari to fight for win – Vasseur

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In the round-up: Ferrari team principal Frederic Vasseur says this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix marks a good opportunity for Ferrari to fight for a victory

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Monaco “a good opportunity” for Ferrari to fight for win – Vasseur

Despite sitting in fourth place in the constructors’ championship after five rounds of the 2023 season with just a single podium finish for Charles Leclerc in Baku, Vasseur believes Ferrari’s strength in qualifying could pay dividends in Monaco this weekend.

“From the beginning [of the season], I think we were always in a position to fight for pole position,” said Vasseur. “And when you start from the first row in Monaco, you can expect to win – or at least you have the chance to do it.

“For sure it’s a good opportunity for us, now let’s see what’s happens tomorrow and Saturday, before the race on Sunday.”

Aston Martin moving into new factory

Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack says he is in the process of moving into the team’s multi-million pound new factory build at their headquarters at Silverstone, which is in the process of being completed over 2023.

“I moved out of the factory yesterday and I move into the new one on Monday,” Krack explained. “So I got my box with all my stuff in and on Monday it will be in the new factory.

“Obviously for people like me, it’s easy – I just have an office – but for the whole production side, the move has already started earlier and it will go also for longer. Then you have your test equipment and your test facilities that have to move. So there is a masterplan in place that has been followed so far and the move has started and is going over the next, I would say, two or three weeks. And we are all super-excited to be in this fantastic facility.”

Stanek hit with grid penalty for Boschung clash

Formula 2 driver Roman Stanek will drop three places on the grid for tomorrow’s sprint race after Monaco Grand Prix stewards deemed him responsible for crashing into Ralph Boschung at Anthony Noghes in yesterday’s practice session.

The stewards determined that the Trident driver “turned in for the corner without allowing the room that car 25 [Boschung] was owed” and was wholly responsible for the collision. He was handed a three-place grid penalty from where he qualifies for Saturday’s sprint race and given two penalty points.

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Comment of the day

With both Lewis Hamilton and Frederic Vasseur both dismissing reports that they were discussing a potential Hamilton move to Ferrari, @david-br is disappointed that the link up does not appear to be on the cards…

Sigh. Sounds like it won’t happen, though why Lewis would sign before seeing how the next, say, third or even half of a season pans out with the attempts to redesign the car, I don’t know. A shame if he doesn’t leave as I think this is the last window for Hamilton to make this move, or any move to another front-running team, while still at a peak. Presuming a multi-year contract with Mercedes. A straight swap of Leclerc and Hamilton would have been ideal and fascinating.
David BR

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Happy birthday to Lustigson and Zazeems!

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4 comments on “Monaco “a good opportunity” for Ferrari to fight for win – Vasseur”

  1. Ferrari’s chances would be better if they didn’t have a lead driver that cannot keep the car out of the barriers.

    1. @proesterchen Or had a more efficient strategic team.

  2. Yes, but everything needs to be perfect, as last season’s race shows starting on pole position or even front-row alone is insufficient, & knowing Ferrari, I’m more skeptical than hopeful they’d convert a pole into a victory this time around either.

    The Williams article explains the general street or temporary circuit trend well.
    Accessibility & being in the center of things are indeed the biggest factors.

    8 News Now: The same story with all new temporary circuits when before inaugural event.

    Re the Quadrant video: The last grid positions are in a corner rather than a straight line, which is unusual for any circuit.
    I assume that the sharp-ish final corner is why the S/F straight won’t feature an activation zone.
    I guess that monorail bridge facing T9 is why the original sweeping continuous fast T6 configuration changed into a slow-ish T7-9 corner combination because that bridge limits the available runoff space.
    The track has a good flowing high-speed tempo, a la Jeddah Corniche Circuit anyway, so no biggie.
    That roughly 2 km long Strip straight seems & feels never-ending.
    I wish this concrete barrier at T15 were further away from the track edge, unless the runoff extent is also problematic.
    Overall, I’m looking forward to this track’s debut & definitely, an instant favorite driving-wise.

    I’m yet to see the world feed footage in action, so I’ll find out when FP1 begins or within the first few minutes.

    COTD is spot-on.

    1. As always 🙄🙄🙄

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