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Haas “fighting a problem all weekend” on Hulkenberg’s car

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In the round-up: Nico Hulkenberg says he was eliminated from Q1 in qualifying as a result of him and his Haas team fighting a problem with his car across the weekend.

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Haas “fighting a problem all weekend” on Hulkenberg’s car

Hulkenberg was eliminated in 18th place in the opening qualifying session for the Monaco Grand Prix, milliseconds behind Haas team mate Kevin Magnussen.

While not disclosing the nature of the issue, Hulkenberg claimed his car’s performance has been affected by something that has plagued him across the opening two days of running.

“We’ve been fighting a problem all weekend and didn’t really manage to get on top of it,” Hulkenberg explained. “We’ve played a lot with the set-up, but we’ve just moved the problem around. And I feel at the end of the day the package probably isn’t competitive enough here. And that’s why we were out with both cars in Q1.”

Stroll avoids sanction

Lance Stroll was spared another blow on an unhappy Saturday for the Aston Martin driver when the stewards decided not to penalise him for failing to stop at the weigh bridge during qualifying. “The stewards are satisfied that the team followed the procedure in bringing the car back to the weigh bridge without working on the car and take no further action,” they announced. Stroll will start today’s race from 14th place.

Correa penalised for Cordeel clash

Juan Manuel Correa has been hit with a post-race time penalty for yesterday’s Formula 2 sprint race after the stewards deemed him responsible for the collision between him and Amaury Cordeel at Mirabeau.

The pair were fighting over 12th place on lap 23 when Correa attempted a move into the slow right hander, making contact with the Virtuosi driver and sending him into the barriers. After deeming Correa entirely at fault for the clash, the stewards handed the Van Amersfoort driver a ten second post-race time penalty which dropped Correa from 11th in the race results to 16th.

PHM trio ordered to start from pits

All three PHM Racing by Charouz drivers will start today’s Formula 3 race from the pit lane after the teams was found to have exceeded the maximum limit on the number of personnel working on Piotr Wisnicki’s car yesterday. The team manager admitted an addition person not named on the Operational Staff List had scanned Wisnicki’s tyres to measure them after the sprint race.

“Having considered the matter extensively, the stewards determined that the actions of the Megaride representative were a serious breach of the Operational Staff regulations which are designed to be a key cost limiting component for the entire series,” the stewards noted. “These additional personnel released existing team members to perform other functions. The severe penalty was assessed in view of that seriousness.”

Wisnicki was due to start the race 25th, while team mates Sophia Floersch and Roberto Faria occupied the back row of the grid.

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After a thrilling qualifying session in Monaco – one of the most maligned circuits on the calendar among fans – @dot_com was left thoroughly entertained…

That was a great qualifying session. I’m probably in the minority here but I would take Monaco over most of the current tracks on the calendar, even if Sundays can be a little dull. Seeing F1 cars round those streets is something we have to keep.

Happy birthday!

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  1. The problem with Hulkenburg’s car is that Hulkenburg sucks. Always has and age isn’t helping it. The Haas driver line up has been terrible since inception.

    1. Hulkenburg?

  2. The Motorsport UK article is weird & so are Appendix 1: Visual Examples images.

    COTD: Indeed, couldn’t be more spot-on.

  3. It appears there is less than a universal understanding of where the limit of the track lies.

    No kidding…
    Motorsport UK’s description of track limits differs from that of the FIA – who explicitly state that kerbs are outside of the white lines and, therefore, outside of track limits.
    It’s even explained in detail in the FIA’s circuit design literature.

    It’s no wonder there’s so much misunderstanding when even a professional motorsport’s own administrators can’t read, understand and accept the rules properly.

    As for CotD – For a time trial, Monaco can indeed put on a decent show.
    For a typical positional race, however – it consistently disappoints. Massively.

  4. The seemingly almost done Haas/Alfa deal beginning 2024 holds more interest.

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