Zhou explains why he was caught speeding in the pits four times in one session

2023 Monaco Grand Prix

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Zhou Guanyu has explained the reason why he collected four pit lane speeding penalties in yesterday’s one-hour final practice session.

He was found to have broken the 60kph pit lane speed limit on four occasions – registering 63kph, 62.5kph, 61kph and 60.2kph – during the session.

Zhou explained he had misheard a radio message from his team after an earlier offence. “After the first or second one, I think I had a misunderstanding with the team radio,” Zhou said in response to a question from RaceFans.

“I thought they told me to release the pit limiter earlier. But rather than that I think was the opposite way round. So that’s where I went wrong.”

Zhou’s race engineer Joern Becker warned him halfway through the final practice session to “remember speed limit – you were releasing too early.”

The Alfa Romeo driver’s errors incurred a total of €800 (£695) in fines for his team. Unusually another driver, Logan Sargeant, also incurred multiple speeding penalties in the same session, collecting €300 in fines.

Lewis Hamilton also transgressed during final practice, hitting 65.5kph which led to a €600 fine for Mercedes. His team mate was fined for the same reason the day before.

However Yuki Tsunoda committed a more serious transgression on Friday. The AlphaTauri driver was given a formal warning after failing to activate his pit lane speed limiter and hitting 76.2kph in the pits.

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2023 Monaco Grand Prix

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    3 comments on “Zhou explains why he was caught speeding in the pits four times in one session”

    1. RandomMallard
      28th May 2023, 9:09

      Is it just me, or does it feel like there have been an unusually high number of pit lane speeding offences this weekend? I know Monaco has a lower speed limit than most other circuits, but still, it seems like many drivers have broken the limit this weekend, far more than normal.

    2. How do you break the limit 4 times in one session and not aquire a single penalty point?

      1. I luv chicken
        28th May 2023, 11:45

        It’s obvious, that we now need FIA mandated speedometers, installed on the cars. You know, the analog ones, circular, under glass, like on a late 40s Mercury,
        or even like a 1970’s Chevy, that goes across the whole cockpit, with a flaming red needle, to indicate speed.

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