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Ferrari took a “tough decision” to change sidepod design – Vasseur

2023 Spanish Grand Prix

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Ferrari team principal Frederic Vasseur says the team made a tough decision to overhaul the design of its sidepods.

The team introduced an overhaul of its bodywork for this weekend’s race at the Circuit de Catalunya. Its sidepod design, which was previously a distinctive feature of the SF-23, has been brought into line with those seen on rivals’ cars.

Ferrari won two of the first three races under the new technical regulations introduced last year, using its previous bodywork design. Vasseur said giving up on it wasn’t easy, but they believe the new concept has more potential for improvement.

“For us it’s the opportunity to open a new door for the development for the future,” he said. “It was quite promising, it meant that we committed on this way. Let’s see what the next weeks will bring to us. I think it was a tough decision, but it was a decision”

Ferrari’s distinctive sidepods are no more
The team expects to see some gains from the change right away, but further improvements will take longer to arrive.

“From this upgrade we are expecting a step forward,” said Vasseur. “Not a huge one but a step forward also to open some doors for the future in terms of development.

“We will have other upgrades coming on the next couple of races. It’s an opportunity also to take another direction but even with this one we’re expecting to go a step forward.”

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Carlos Sainz Jnr ran the new parts in the first practice session today. His team mate Charles Leclerc will have them this afternoon as Ferrari perform a back-to-back test of the new and old bodywork.

Ferrari only gained a limited understanding of the changes based on the first hour of running, said Vasseur. “The first feeling is good but it was a very intense session for everybody,” he said.

“We had to test the proto[type] tyres and we did three or four small runs with a couple of laps. Let’s have a look on everything and we’ll see over the weekend what is the situation.”

Pictures: New Ferrari bodywork

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2023 Spanish Grand Prix

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5 comments on “Ferrari took a “tough decision” to change sidepod design – Vasseur”

  1. It should never be tough to get rid of an underperforming solution and replace it with one with a better track record.

    But Ferrari aren’t alone in their reluctance and can claim to have been fooled by their early success in 2022 when they let themselves be blinded by an apparently sizeable weight advantage.

    1. Thats not how it works lol

    2. Sure– It’s only money, and that’s an unlimited resource.

      …. wait. Never mind.

  2. Let’s hope their aero deparment doesn’t follow their strategy team errors.

  3. Electroball76
    3rd June 2023, 10:11

    The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.
    Or in the taco.

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