Race start, Circuit de Catalunya, 2023

Rate the race: 2023 Spanish Grand Prix

2023 Spanish Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Spanish Grand Prix.

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What were the best and worst moments of the race? What was the main thing you’ll remember about it? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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29 comments on “Rate the race: 2023 Spanish Grand Prix”

  1. An okay race, although difficult to judge whether the different lap end made overtaking easier.

  2. 7/10. A decent race overall. Go sweaty George!

  3. 2/10 Can’t even call it a race. It was a tedious, pointless procession. Move this GP to Madrid already.

    1. notagrumpyfan
      4th June 2023, 16:45

      It was a tedious, pointless procession.

      ?? It was far from a procession!
      There were quite a few overtakes, and many didn’t even seem to need DRS.

      The good thing, if you want to see it, is that 2-3 stops and tyre strategies created fights throughout the field.

      1. Exactly, DRS wasn’t necessary but was enabled anyway. Made very overtake a snoozefest.

        1. @paeschli Yes, some passes were relatively easy-looking but I reckon that was more down to car & tyre advantages than DRS effectiveness per se or the high-speed penultimate corner.
          Circuit de Catalunya is, after all, still among the least overtaking-friendly circuits in F1.

  4. Barely a 4

  5. 7 or 8 for the race – went for 8 because the track change and aero regulations really worked today to provide some proper racing. 0 points for the stewards for the absurd penalty for Tsunoda.

  6. Make Formula 1 exciting again. Terrible slog of a race & I’m mostly a Max supporter. Monaco just proves Bernie was right about putting trackside sprinklers in place to spice things up.

  7. Hopefully Mercedes can carry this forward because Ferrari and Aston have proved there absolutely nowhere close to RedBull.

    Interesting that when Verstappen was pushing to set his fastest lap that Hamilton’s attempt was 0.3 slower a lap later. That’s much closer than they have been. The Mercedes race car looks a comfortable second now.

    6/10 race. Nothing great but slightly above average.

  8. It was…. decent?

  9. BLS (@brightlampshade)
    4th June 2023, 15:42

    Better than normal, I’ll give it that.
    Max’s domination will skew the result but behind him there was a fair amount going on throughout.

  10. Dullest GP from the calendar, consistently.

  11. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    4th June 2023, 15:52

    It was okay. Not terrible, not good.

    Did not agree with the penalty for Tsunoda, though.

  12. Given it a 5, mainly because Mercedes seem to have upped their game considerably and grabbed the podium by effort rather than fluke.
    Hope for the future burns in my soul like a …. well, like something hot …. basically ….

  13. Meh. Gave it a 4.

  14. 5/10
    Nothing spectacular. But the decision to remove the chicane was probably for the good. There are two things that I would really like to know – what is written in Alonso’s contract regarding Stroll & what exactly happens in the Ferrari pre-race and post race briefs.

    1. @pinakghosh I think Alonso’s contract just has an image of a slice of bread, a pot of butter, and an arrow indicating which side the butter is spread.

  15. Tsunoda’s penalty is a complete joke. Totally inconsistent stewarding yet again.

    Time to go to the F1 archive to remind myself that F1 used to be good.

    1. Sound suggestion. I was thinking the same. Which race would you opt for?

  16. I’ve had a 10/10 nap from about lap 12 to 46.

  17. From the highlights that looked really dull (unless one is a fan of the DRS).

    Did the Spanish one-off steward remind his colleagues that you can’t just run others off? Surprised – in a good way – to see a penalty for Tsunoda. One wonders why he didn’t defend so much against Pérez in that same corner.

  18. Really dreadful. This will be the last race i watch this season. I might go watch some vintage F1 instead (pre-DRS). Proper racing.

    1. You should be watching IndyCar then ;) Last night’s Detroit GP was great, as they all are.

  19. Terribly boring, I really am trying my best to still enjoy F1 because it’s my life’s passion, but currently it’s really testing me!! The cars used to be so agile and nimble like wasps buzzing around a hive but now they just seem like doddering old men trying to read a bus timetable. Not sure how much longer I can keep giving my time to it.

  20. Quite eventful, as Spanish GPs go, some very nice battles for lower positions. Gave it an 8.

  21. 6. Doesn’t Racing Suck. So many uncontested passes into turn one, and two tiresome overexcited commentators spouting about every one of them. I want to watch F1 that’s like football, not basketball. Mansell and Senna, or, fair play, Alonso and Ocon – that gets the Crapto.com Overtake Award, that took cojones.

    1. Enjoyed your comments more than the race. Commentators, and let’s see if PER in the RB with DRS can get by this Williams. LOL.

    2. “He’s gaining and gaining and gaining and gaining but not gaining quite enough on this particular occasion…”

      Yeah, Crofty, we know. It wasn’t even close!

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