Verstappen predicts F1 cars will take 270kph final corner flat-out in 2024

2023 Spanish Grand Prix

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Formula 1 cars will be able to take the final corner at the Circuit de Catalunya without lifting next year, pole-winner Max Verstappen predicted.

Drivers are tackling the right-hander at speeds of up to 270kph this year following the decision not to use the slow chicane before it. However the driver who set the fastest-ever lap of the Catalunya circuit yesterday said they’re not able to go in without lifting yet.

“Unfortunately, the last corner wasn’t flat for me,” he admitted. “Never really got to try it.”

Verstappen did not complete his final run in Q3 as he was already guaranteed pole position by that stage.

“Maybe I would have tried on the last lap, who knows?” he said. “It sometimes just comes up when you get into the corner, you’re like ‘maybe it’s flat’.”

Rain on Saturday meant track conditions did not reach their peak. Verstappen said “I think FP2 was quite close.”

“Unfortunately we can’t try that tomorrow. Well, I mean, we can try it but then you won’t make the corner.

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“Over time cars are improving so I think next year, if we come back, then probably it’s flat.”

Lance Stroll, Aston Martin, Circuit de Catalunya, 2023
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Despite Red Bull’s formidable advantage at the track – had he completed his final qualifying run, Verstappen would likely have taken pole position by more than half a second – he does not believe the change to the final corner especially suited their car.

“It’s only one corner,” he said. “The other corner is flat-out for everyone. I don’t think it hurts us.

“For the tyre wear, in general it’s high so even if we would have had the other layout, I don’t think it would have been very, very different in terms of looking after your tyres. But we know that we are normally good on tyre deg and hopefully we can show that again.”

Another driver who came close to tackling the corner flat-out was Lance Stroll, whose data trace showed he reached 92% throttle in his Aston Martin.

“Close,” he said afterwards, “but I think had a little ass nerve that was kind of pulling my right foot off the pedal a little bit.”

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