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Home podium ‘possible but tough’ says Stroll

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In the round-up: Lance Stroll plays downs his prospects of scoring a podium on home ground this weekend.

In brief

Mercedes’ pace could dictate Aston Martin’s chance of Canadian GP podium

Stroll said Aston Martin’s performance in the Spanish Grand Prix has left him doubtful over the possibility of getting his first podium finish of the season on home ground in Canada this weekend.

“I thought it would be possible when we settled into third [in Spain] but we just didn’t have the pace,” he said after finishing sixth at Circuit de Catalunya.

“If we put it all together and have a good pace, it’s possible. If Mercedes does what they did again, and Ferrari and Red Bull, it will be tough. So we have to definitely work on some stuff and come back stronger.”

The recently-updated Mercedes finished second and third in a Safety Car-free race in Spain, having started from fourth and 12th respectively.

Daly losing drive shows sport can be “brutal” – Hunter-Reay

Conor Daly’s mid-season ousting from the Ed Carpenter Racing IndyCar team shows the sport can be “brutal”, says the driver who is replacing him.

Ryan Hunter-Reay, who lost his last full-time drive at Andretti to Romain Grosjean at the end of 2021, said “I wanted to call Conor about it but there’s an area where you just need to cool off. I remember right after my situation happened, it’s not necessarily the scenario I would have liked to happen right after. I’ll approach that in the right way.”

“Conor is a friend,” Hunter-Reay continued. “Honestly, I think he’s a great driver and I honestly think he’ll be back at some point and I just hope that that is soon.

“This sport is brutal. Like I said, my career has been a journey. I have been on every different end of it, whether it’s at Indy being bumped in, bumped out, on the front row winning the race. Then you look at my career and the whole thing has just been a journey from team to team to team, like I said, having been on either side of it.”

Conor Daly, Carpenter, IndyCar, Detroit, 2023
Daly drove his last race for Carpenter in Detroit
Hunter-Reay said he was surprised to be called up by Carpenter’s team, but understands their decision. “These were huge considerations in the process of deciding on all this, and really when it came down to it, the team was at a position where in order for it to be in a place where it potentially would like to be in the off-season of ’23-’24, these things had to happen now.

“But I was surprised. It wasn’t something that I was pursuing.”

Imola trophies auctioned for charity

F1 is continuing its fundraising efforts for those impacted by last month’s floods in Italy that led to the cancellation of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.

“F1 Authentics – the UK based sports memorabilia specialist – joined forces with F1, Pirelli, Ferrari Trento, Automobile Club d’Italia and Formula Imola recently to raise money for the Emilia-Romagna Region’s Agency for Territorial Safety and Civil Protection,” announced the owner of F1 Authentics today.

“The campaign involved a collection of extremely exclusive memorabilia auctions, hosted on the F1 Authentics platform, including the Pirelli Pole Position Award trophy and all four Podium trophies – all of which would have been awarded at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix – as well as an official Ferrari Trento bottle of sparkling wine. All of these items were also signed by all 20 F1 drivers, with the podium trophies also boasting autographs from team principals too.”

Auctioning of the items closed on 6th June, and led to £247,171 being raised for the Emilia-Romagna Region’s Agency for Territorial Safety and Civil Protection.

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Comment of the day

The official video game for the 2023 F1 season is already out, and RaceFans reviewed it yesterday. This year’s edition of the franchise promised improved gameplay and a new version of the Braking Point story mode. It’s very in-depth, but would utilising real F1 rivalries to drop gamers into be more effective than creating fictional drivers to go up against?

I would love if, instead of being fictional, Braking Point could be replaying iconic years. Re-play the 1992 championship with those cars and drivers etc, and you get to pick who you drive as. Or 1988, or ’89, or 2007, or ’08, or 2005. They could pick one season for the game and that’s what it would be, using other years in subsequent releases. Instead of spending all their time developing fictional characters that no one cares about, they could work on the physics and graphics of iconic cars and tracks. I would probably buy the game just for that feature.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Sudhakar, Sankarjune14, Tifoso1989, Winterwarmer and Mashiat!

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17 comments on “Home podium ‘possible but tough’ says Stroll”

  1. Nice Tweet by Martin Brundle.

    1. I thought that too – and look at some of the names in that list as well – quite remarkable.

      1. Nice to see that Gerhard Burger finally broke out of the midfield standings :)

  2. Would be harder than you may think for Codemasters or any other publisher to recreate classic seasons, rivalries etc.. in an official F1 game because the games license doesn’t include classic content.

    To get classic content you have to do individual deals with teams, drivers and circuits (If you want classic circuits) because F1 doesn’t own the rights to drivers names/likeness and also don’t own the IP for older car models, team names or any branding that may be on it. Same with circuits.

    The game licence only includes what F1 can license at that time and the licence for parts of that content has an end date which is why older titles are no longer available for digital purchase.

    The F1 2013 classic edition DLC content for example was pulled from sale after i think only 3 or so years because of an expired circuit license.

    You see other older racing games leave digital storefronts for similar licensing reasons.

    1. This is very interesting, thanks for sharing. I haven’t done sim racing in a long time but back then it was the community modders who filled these gaps. Unpaid enthusiasts usually did a better job than the actual game company.

      Obviously the companies couldn’t do tobacco sponsorship or tons of different racing series because of sponsorship, as you outlined. But it was fun as heck racing almost any series I wanted with accurate liveries, car shapes, and even tracks.

      Modders even replicated my local track that I raced thousands of laps on. I doubt it’s even in any officially licensed game. It’s too bad game companies can’t harness the power of enthusiasts! They really increased the enjoy-ability of racing games!

      1. Look at Trackmania, yes it’s an arcade game but some people spend some crazy time building maps with interesting and varied concepts. Other community based games also show what can be achieve and the number of hours put by players far surpass what any studio can afford.

        I definitely support a plate-forme that would focus on developing a decent map editor and then let the community have a go to recreate legends, or new fantasy tracks and there will be some for all tastes.

      2. You hit the nail on the head! Sponsorship deals are the key point of this problem.
        Picture it: JPS Lotus, Marlboro McLaren, B&H Jordan, Rothmans Williams, Mild Strike, Lucky Seven, Gauloises and Gitanes. The billboard is the car.
        My intuition is that tracks are more important than cars or series or sponsors, but this is still being disputed in the trenches.

    2. @gt-racer True, although some more recent games starting from F1 2017, had classic cars, which I guess got eventually dropped for the same reason.

    3. Shame they couldn’t put some real-world scenarios from this year’s season as DLC later in the year though. As a kid, I enjoyed playing F1 World Grand Prix where you would recreate moments from the 1997 season, e.g. Hill in the Arrows vs Villeneuve in the closing laps of the Hungarian GP.

  3. Indeed, but if something happens to the teams ahead, finishing in the top three would be easier for him.
    More likely only in more unusual circumstances, though, so probably no home podium finish.

    Good & funny Canadian GP-specific memory.
    No wonder Kimi never did track walks except for that one-off exception to fill unplanned spare time.

    Replaying iconic seasons is something I’d be okay with as a feature, but I don’t find that something I’d definitely want an official game to have. I’m generally happy with the present ones.

  4. Alonso appears to need to drive at a pretty high level to get these podiums, especially in these last few races it’s definitely not something that just happens because there’s no competition at that level. So I think it’s indeed not all that likely for Stroll to get a podium, but who knows, with the right shenanigans he might find himself in p3 at the end of the race, it’s not impossible.

    1. But i think Mercedes isn’t so strong as in Barcalona so it’s possible for Alonso for Lance maybe when he is completly fit i saw he is still wearing tape on his pols he could jump Alonso.

  5. Thank you for the birthday wishes !

  6. Stroll? Canada podium?
    Only if he can stop all of the other drivers who always seem to cause “investigations” when ever they’re near him!!!!
    Bless his Dad’s deep pockets!

    1. Stroll’s problem is that, even if AM is the 2nd car on any given circuit, he now has a teammate who under normal circumstances will always outperform him. And AM being the 2nd car isn’t a given.

      So 4th is simply his maximum, unless something bad happens to either of the Redbulls or Alonso. I do not think he can reach the podium on pure merit this season.

  7. “Anywhere podium is possible, but tough” says Stroll.

  8. I, for one, believe him.

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