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Charles Leclerc has endured a frustrating start to the 2023 season so far and his Canadian Grand Prix qualifying was little better, being eliminated from Q2.

So what words of comfort did team principal Frederic Vasseur and racing director Laurent Mekies have to offer their driver on the pit wall?

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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Caption Competition

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36 comments on “Caption Competition 217: Comforting Charles”

  1. See, Charles, this is how you warm up the rears.

  2. See, Charles, this is how you warm up the rears in the rain.

  3. Maybe one day you’ll get a seat at the big table…

  4. Okay, okay…. here’s your Ferrari logo back. But your not getting your shell logo until you start getting better results.

  5. Charles: At this rate, we’ll be overtaken by Toro Rosso in the standings!

    Laurent: Amen.

  6. So they did less stops than any other team in Le Mans and that’s how they won the race.

  7. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
    24th June 2023, 10:21

    “Sorry we have ruined this race weekend for you with a poor strategy Charles, we will look into it, do a full investigation and improve as a team”

    “ But we haven’t started FP1 yet guys?”

  8. “I’m fed up of people saying that we’re clueless about how to run this team. That isn’t true, is it, Carlos?”

    1. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
      24th June 2023, 12:35


  9. “Charles, you are still the Number 1 driver. Don’t worry about starting so far down the field, lots of things can happen in the race. Maybe we can even arrange it so Carlos finishes ahead of you.”

  10. Neil (@neilosjames)
    24th June 2023, 11:06

    “I said we’re extending your contract, not terminating it… wait, you’re still crying…”

  11. ” Oh, Laurent and Frederic, there could be any other possible explanation for our troubles. I mean, obviously the issue must be in the pasta, right ?

  12. Derek Edwards
    24th June 2023, 11:17

    Sorry, Charles, we don’t know how to react to a partially wet surface.

  13. Ferrari is anyone’s dreams, they would all love being at your place!

  14. “Are you happy with the strategy, kwestion”

    1. Excellent

  15. “And then, and then, Carlos blindfolded meeeee, and I trusted hiiiiim, and then he pinched my nooooose, and then all the people on Racefans started to make fun of meeeee”

  16. “It’s OK Charles, the predictions championship isn’t working anyway”

  17. “We won’t kick you when you’re down” says Laurent as he surreptitiously slaps a “KICK ME” sign on Charles’ back.

  18. – Come on Charles, cheer up! I also miss those Sauber days…

  19. Better “sad in red” than “last in blue”

  20. MB (@muralibhats)
    24th June 2023, 15:17

    Kimi was faster than you

  21. Ferrari management’s talking out of its AWS.

  22. Whose Alesi?!

  23. charles it’s just like riding a bike. have your ever had a bike?

  24. The strategy computer says it’s 80% sure the car needs a driver – what do you think?

  25. Don’t worry, we’ll try to find a way to avoid messing up your strategy.

  26. Paul (@frankjaeger)
    24th June 2023, 20:23

    Charles, we’ve ordered you a taxi to get you home from the circuit as we can’t afford you crashing another Ferrari!

  27. Quick, cover up the Ferrari badge!

  28. I can’t find my car!
    I can’t find my car!

    Relax all telemetry and timing sheets show you’re in third!

    Fantastic!!! Now keep off the radio and let me bring it home.

  29. “We’ll tell you a secret: we don’t know what Mission Winnow is either.”

    [a little tweak…we can lose the fist one]

  30. “Hi Charles, AWS need someone to deliver a package downtown. Its a 2 stop strategy, the battery is fully charged and you get to choose the tyres for the van”

  31. Fred – “Sorry Charles, we accidentally put on of the mechanics in the car when we were lining up on the grid… But this won’t happen again. We’ve analysed the problem.”

    1. *put one

  32. Electroball76
    26th June 2023, 18:40

    You choking on Red Bull again?
    Maybe stick to drinking Evian!

  33. Now, Charles, always remember: We’re Ferrari. We have a long history, a long sense of tradition, and long memories too. Remember that race where you said over the radio that you would not be this team’s fool?

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